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  • First midwife appointment is normally just filling out your green notes so will ask a lot of background information about yourself and your partner also family background information they will check your weight and height blood pressure etc and may even check a wee sample for any water infections 😊 X I have mine on the 15th Feb 

  • I've got my midwife apt this Wednesday at 3pm 😊

  •  imageHi everyone congrats on your BFPS!! I took these thred test today all BFPS 10 days late for my period, I'm having a little bit of anxiety now though as had MC just over 2yrs ago at 8wks. I've been gletting orangey discharge (sorry for tmi) after I go for a wee, is this normal or should I be worried? Xx

  • Hi all, I'm expecting for the first time. Just found out a couple of days ago after trying for 7 months. My younger sister had a miscarriage last weekend so im struggling to be excited. Feeling so nervous and stressed and don't want to tell anyone including my sister until I get by that 12 week stage. I also don't think right now would be the best time to tell her anyway no matter what stage :( x

  • Hi Courthxxx, welcome to MFM and congratulations on those lovely BFPs! Sorry to hear of your loss though. It can be so hard to relax into pregnancy having suffered a msc, and you're not alone feeling like that. Wishing you a super sticky bean. 

    Hi PugMum and congratulations to you too. We're sorry to hear about your sister, and that it puts you in a bit of a pickle. Have you told your mum yet? We would like to wish you a happy and healthy 9months ahead. 

  • HI all

    I got my BFP yesterday but I jut don't really feel anything. I'm going to do a digital test tomorrow to just reassure myself. I called the docs to make an appointment to be told the midwife will just call me sometime next week. 

    I just keep staring at the line on the test. It all feels surreal. 

  • Hi MrsWoody, congratulations on your BFP! It can be so hard to believe you're actually pregnant until you see that baby on your first scan, but don't worry, there's loads of time for pregnancy symptoms to kick in. 

  • What symptoms is everyone experiencing ? 

    I keep feeling sick once I've had a meal or before I go sleep 😔

  • TTC for 2 years. Had a MC last year after my first IUI. Got a positive last week and confirmed 2/4/17 with beta of 424. Going back tomorrow to check again. Really hope this baby sticks. It will be our first. We are both 33 and my Edd is 10-13-17

  • Hi ladies, so after having 3 BFPs last night I did another test this morning with another BFP... I've come home from work today and Ive bled a little when I went to the toilet no tummy pains just the blood what should I do? 😔

  • Morning courthxxx, from what ive read a little bit of bleeding is common, apparently sometimes it's called an implantation bleed (depending on how far along you are). I don't have any personal experience but my advice would always be to speak to your doctor or midwife if you're worried. Hope all is ok xx

  • Ill be 6 weeks on Friday (DD 6th Oct) and other than the cramping that seems to be stopping i've have no symptoms except for today i've started sweating. (I never ever sweat) has anyone else experienced this in this or previous pregnancies? xx

  • Hello Ladies, I am out of this group now as I have just lost our little bean at just over 4 weeks so very early. Good luck to all of you with your pregnancies. Wishing you all the best. 

  • Sorry to hear that SLFirsttimer :( xx

    Violetsmummy - ive not been sweating but I'm sure I've been getting hotter than usual, evidenced by argues over the temperature in the office at work! Also, ironically after me answering a question about spotting/bleeding earlier I've had really light pink spotting today. all advice is to make an appointment, but I already have my appointment for Friday so don't know if it's worth seeing earlier? 

  • Hg1987 i called 111 last night and they said by what I explained it is normal and quite common I called my doctors today aswell and they told me to take it easy today if I get pains or more blood to assume it's another MC but it's been on and off... im making an appointment with the midwife this week as 111 think I'm about 5 1/2wks. I feel a little more at ease now ☺️ 

    SLFirstTimer, that's awful news! So sorry to hear that ❤️

  • Thanks for posting, I was considering calling but I think I'll see how I get on and if it stops then I'll just mention it on Friday. 

    Glad you feel more at ease too! :)

  • Congratulations to all!! I got my bfp yesterday and am so excited!! How are you all feeling?? 👶🏼

  • Yes very exhausted!! Think that was what made me test with a slight sticky feeling and tender girls!!

  • Hi every one congratulations to you all!

    Got a bfp yesterday but scared as had a missed miscarriage in sept. Found out at my 12 week scan baby had passed away at 8w. Terrified of the same thing happening again! Already have 2 Beautiful sons x

  • I've been having bad cramps and some blood now for a couple of days been booked in for and emergency scan at the EPU tomorrow morning but I don't feel it will be good news 😔 After my last pregnancy experience having the MC I'm awful scared and anxious don't even know what to do with myself 😩 

    Congratulations to everyone hope everything goes well for you all ❤️

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