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  • Hi Emmachou, welcome to MFM and congratulations! That early pregnancy exhaustion can really knock you out, not to mention the sore boobs - I remember that well! 

    Hi Mrslacey, welcome and congratulations to you. We're so sorry to hear of your loss, but we'd like to wish you a super sticky bean. Please keep us posted won't you?

  • And so the sickness begins.. feels so strange. This is my third pregnancy and the first time I've had pregnancy sickness 

  • My manager told me she was pregnant today! I wanted to shout ME TOO! 

    I'm not really feeling any symptoms at the minute...sometimes I forget until my husband mentions It!

  • Hi everyone! Got my BFP on Tuesday am. Worked out that my due date is 10th Oct and going for my first doctors appointment tomorrow. Really excited and nervous - it's my first pregnancy and it hasn't really sunk in yet!

  • Congratulations!! This will be my 3rd but still so exciting!! So much to do though time to move home no longer big enough!! Exciting times all x

  • Hi ladies,im 6 weeks tomorrow and after 1yr4months  ttc im feeling very afraid about the first trimister miscarraiges rates.i also dreamed that i went to pee and i saw feeling terrified

  • Hi Chrissy congrats hun. I completely understand how you feel it's a very scary time. im just taking  day at a time. Just remember it's very likely to be absolutely fine x

  • Thank you so much mrslacey :) im trying not to think about it.talking with someone makes me feel better xxx

  • Your welcome hun! Is this your first pregnancy? I have 2 boys already. They keep me on my toes. I go though most of the day not thinking about it as so busy. X

  • Ohh its so nice to have 3 kids!i love big family.for me this is my first and we were booked for ivf this last december because we were told that we cant conceive naturally because my dh has extremly low sperm count just a quarter of a milion and i have pcos.for me this is a miracle thats why im feeling terrified about the miscarriages stuff because if i loose this one it will be very hard to fall pregnant again.congrats to you hun xx

  • I'm due October 2nd

  • I have been spotting dark brown and most times when I wipe since I found out I'm due October 2nd was told my hcg did not go above 102 with last test have baby appt on the 23rd but no more cramping is this normal

  • Hi Boycey13, how on earth did you react to your managers news? How much further along is she then you? 

    Welcome and congratulations Melona86! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months. 

    Sorry about your worries christy anne, it can be so stressful, so please try and take each day as it comes. 

    Hi Davidswifee1, welcome to MFM. Have you visited your doctor? 

  • Hey 

    so I got my BFP today! im very very nervous as I lost my little boy last year in May. Im due the 19th October x

  • Next OB on the 23rd had registration on the 9th

  • Hi Chamilto, we are so very, very happy to see you got your BFP. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months ahead, we know it's going to be tough for you having lost Jacob, but hopefully you'll be monitored continuously. 

  • Thank you Danielle and do you no what has put a massive smile on my face out of all the mums you must be in contact with, you still remember Jacobs name. 

    I believe he is keeping his baby brother or sister safe for us 💖

  • We feel like we know you Chamilto. And if it helps, you remember nalc12 who also lost her little boy around the same time as you? She's just given birth to a perfect little girl. image

  • Aww that is great news :) and very reassuring for me that everything will be ok! 

    Thank you i did debate wether to go back on the due in thread as I was worried but I'm glad I have! X

  • Hey ladies!

    I got my first BFP on Thursday after trying for a year! I had had the CD21 blood test this cycle and hubby had a sperm test on Tuesday as we were certain it wasn't going to happen, haha! It's our first baby image


    This was the 1st test done on Thursday evening, it was only a faint line so we then did a digital one:


    Then on Friday morning I did the other digital one (well there are 2 in a pack, it would have been a waste not to, haha!)


    Then I did this one this morning:


    Now I'm terrified that it's going to be a chemical pregnancy or that I'll miscarry as I'm so overweight -  BMI classes me as morbidly obese and of course there's so many more risks involved at this size - I'd started a bootcamp in September so have already lost some weight but now it's just a worry! Fingers crossed all is well at the first scan.

    I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday - not sure why they didn't send me straight to the midwife but I'm sure I'll find out more then...

    No real symptoms as yet apart from tiredness and a bit of a reduced appetite. According to Ovia I'm 5 weeks and 6 days and due on October 8th!

    We've told our parents and a couple of our closest friends, we're not going fully public until we know everything is ok!

    Congrats to everyone else on their BFP's - fingers crossed these are all sticky little bubbas!

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