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  • I had bad hip pain yesterday morning then went onto my app and it said it's normal for now as ligaments are loosening off in preparation for labour - a scary but exciting thought! I have been feeling so stecky and unfit lately though while I've been walking I've been puffed out so easily and had a couple of moments of feeling like i had a stitch but it was to the lower side of my bump as aposed to under my ribs where it would usually be. The body in pregnancy is so strange!

    Joerodie I'm in Scotland too I think we're the only ones! I'm in Fife image

    I had a lovely birthday weekend we went for tea to chiquitos on Sat night then yesterday had a walk & game of bingo with my mum while hubby and dad sat in a local hotel with pints and we won a vtech first steps baby walker I was so pleased! Then had tea in the hotel it was lovely and chilledimage Have today and tomorrow off work so glad! 

    I keep thinking I'm overdoing it now and that I won't last til 36+1 at work so will have to take it as it comes I suppose

    hope you're all well xxx

  • Oh and 4D scan-wise I keep swithering because I want to see him again but have loads of movement which is keeping me happy just now. And I think they can be a bit creepy too😂Will need to think my dad said he will pay if we want one

    I have a doppler which I got at 15 weeks ish well worth the money for the reassurance but rarely use it now that I feel so much movement. I got the angel sounds one after reading reviews/recommendation from other pregnant ladies

  • Quick request! 
    If you've been suffering with heartburn and indigestion during your pregnancy, did anything help it? If so, please do come and tell us on this new thread here. Thank you! 

  • Any of you guys going to do antenatal classes. if so are you doing Nhs ones or paying for NCT ones? ive provisionnally booked a place with NCT as apparently they get full really quick its £184 though. 


  • I know im a little further ahead than some of you but im 24 weeks tomorrow and seem to be extremely hungry all the time! Im eating every hour or so and have breakfast with basically a main meal for lunch and a main meal for dinner. Has anyone else been feeling hungry even after eating? Maybe LO is just going through a growth spurt!! And Kimmi I would stick to NHS classes, theyre much more thorough and run by professionals who have been to university to learn about pregnancy, labour etc. Where as the NCT classes are often run through less experienced people. Just my opinion, also the cost kinda puts me off anyway!! 

  • Hi Kimmi88,I'm going to antenatal classe, the ones offered for free from the NHS, I looked at NCT initially but I was put off by the price, why pay that when I can have it for free.... 

  • Hi Mummy2017, i am 24 weeks on Sunday and I am exactly the same! I sit at my desk at work and constantly snack and meals are always big portions too. My bump is quite big too, im either being really greedy or LO is a big baby!

  • Hi everyone, 

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