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  • Sorry about the size of the pics - they came up much smaller as I was writing the post, haha! 

    Also forgot to mention the sore boobs!

  • Chamilto congrats Hun and very sorry to hear about your little boy. fingers crossed for a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

    Motherofcats. Congrats to you all well. I'm overweight and have 2 children already. I have had 2 miscarrages as well but your weight isnt a reason on it's own to be at higher risk if that happening. Try not to worry hun. I'm due 8/10 as well x

    davidswife...try not not worry about the spotting. If it gets heavier then do ring epu x

  • Motherofcats congrats! im also obese bmi is 35 it used to be much higher though it was 47 its taken me a long while to accept it but my weight had nothing to do with loosing Jacob so many overweight people have babies dont be so hard on yourself! 

    thank you mrs Lacey congrats to you to xx

  • What's ring e p u x 

  • Early pregnancy unit x

  • Which means what I'm sorry this is my third pregnancy our last was born in 2013 passed 5 days later in NICU I started dilating early was 22 4 when he was born 1lb 4 oz and passed at 1lb 9oz had spotting that's why I am scared badly my 1st boy no problems turning 14 this month and after getting the flu  and nammonia vaxine I've been sick since and that was back December 30th

  • They help with problems before 20 Weeks I think it is so would do early scan. Sorry about the loss of your son if your worried ring your hospital x

  • So sorry for your loss davidswifee x

    epu or epau could possibly give you an early scan. Some hospitals need a gp to refer and others you can call yourself. I'm sure with your history they would see you x

  • MotherofCats - we've spotted your name on the forum, so we're delighted you got your BFP and here you are! Congratulations! 

    Davidswifee1, are you in the UK? We're so sorry to hear of your loss, we understand why you must feel anxious. 

  • So been to doctors thought I had a uti but it was false alarm.

    Booked for midwife on the 1st march and I've booked early scan on the 28th February. Anyone else having an early scan? I'm scared they won't see anything x

  • So found out on Friday when I tested and got a faint positive but did my digital this morning, so how many weeks would I be in pregnancy terms? Put my last AF into a due date calculator and it told me the 24th of October which would make me 3weeks and 6 days image

  • Hi all. How is everyone feeling? This is my first pregnancy (6 weeks now) and I have an overwhelming fear of MC. Is this normal? Got my BFP a week ago and I'm experiencing the odd stretching feeling in my lower abdomen, have tender boobs and am tired all the time (also no sign of blood) but I'm worried there's nothing there or that I'll lose my little bean!

  • Hi Melona - in exactly the same, this is my first and I keep seeing all the risks about first time pregnancies and extra risks for me and baby become of my weight! Add that to the fact I'm only having the exact same symptoms as you and I'm certain we're going to get to  12 weeks and find theres no baby! I think it's fairly normal but the advice we would be given is to relax and enjoy it as stress isn't good for us! 

    Babimama1 that seems about right, I think you're supposed to add 2 weeks to the digi results x

  • I'm now into 6 weeks. I feel exhausted, nervous all the time and having really bad stomach cramps to the point i had to hide out in my work toilets a couple of times last night until the pain passed! I hope it gets better! 

  • I'm only 4 and 5 and having the same cramps I really hope there normal! 

  • Hi Babimama1, welcome to MFM and congratulations on your BFP! How exciting!

  • has anyone had 4 c sectio? I'm scared!

  • Hi loveletters do you mean a c section?  I had an emergency c section with my son, was in a good bit of pain for a few weeks after but when it comes to you and baby's health it has to be done, nothing to be scared of though you'll have pain relief and to be honest every little bit of pain is worth it x

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're doing well today. We were wondering, if you received a Valentine's card, fancy sharing it with us on this thread here? 

  • I went for my first appointment yesterday to see the midwife ,she worked out that I'm 6 weeks 5 days ,due on 6th October , 12 week scan on 24th march .. can't wait 😆

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