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Due in October 2017



  • So exciting! I'm wishing away the days to 12 weeks - I just want to get to my scan and know that everything is ok! I feel like October is SO far away, haha! 

  • I have my first scan month the 28th and booking in appointment on the 1st I'm very excited! 

    i also joined slimming world this morning plan to keep as healthy as possible for my baby x

  • Hi everyone. So exciting to hear that some of you have got scan date appointments already! 

    I've just woken up from a big sleep this afternoon  - so glad it's half term but worried how I'll cope when I'm back at work! 

    Any other teachers out there?

  • I have my first doctors appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll know more then about a scan date! I'm not a teacher Melona86 but my husband is :) 

  • My first midwife appointment is tomorrow morning. I can't wait 😁

  • This is my due date too 😁 

  • Random question here but does decaffinated tea still have the tiniest amount of caffeine in it? I've looked at the packet but can't see anything about it - but I've read in so many places that there is still caffeine in it, but they can call it decaff as its such a low amount!

  • I'm not sure, surely caffeine free is that caffeine free, I mainly drink water but at tea time i like a glass of Diet Coke so have swapped to Diet Coke caffeine free. i didn't realise that caffeine was in chocolate. 

    Im being rather particular about everything when they say reduce your caffeine I prefer to have none, avoid runny eggs I'd rather have none. I didn't realise your not supposed to have much tuna! Although it says limit to 4 tins a week I rarely eat a tin a week but think I should prob just avoid it altogether. Im trying to cut out sugar and processed foods aswell x

  • I'm the same - this is why I got decaf tea but then stupidly I started reading about it just to double check, haha! I haven't had eggs either since I found out and I've only had one chocolate bar - to be honest I'm more of a crisp person so that's been harder to cut out but more important as I don't want to be putting too much salt into my body! We eat fairly healthily anyway as I'd started a bootcamp to try and lose weight before getting pregnant (so I don't have as much off as I'd like to be honest but never mind!) so there wasn't too much processed stuff going in but I'm VERY aware of what I'm eating and drinking now! 

  • I've been on the cambridge diet since August last year and have lost 5 stone I had planned to loose 7 stone before trying but got fed up of waiting and then fell pregnant first month of trying. 

    My bmi is still higher than I wanted but I'm sure it will be fine my bmi is 35! I'm on day one of slimming world today I really recommend it during pregnancy xx

  • I had my first midwife appointment this morning (I'm 7 weeks tomorrow) she booked me my scan for 12 weeks but is sending date time etc through sooner the time. 

    I was surprised to find out my next midwife appointment won't be untill I'm 15 weeks? Is everyone else the same? I'm sure I had them every 3 week with my last daughter who isn't even 2 yet.

  • When I was pregnant with my angel 😇Jacob last year that was the same I saw midwife at 8 weeks and then had scan then midwife at 15 weeks. I'm hoping this time I will be seen a lot more. When are you due violetsmummy xx

  • My due date is on or around 6th October. 

    I was surprised as I am classed as a high risk pregnancy (I had a daughter almost 6 years ago and she went over due which caused a lot of problem which resulted in death at 13 hours) 

    So I am under consultant care from 20 weeks onwards. Last time I was pregnant I was in for appointments every 3 weeks from 6 weeks onwards.

    IiI'm assuming it's changed since then.


  • Ow hun im really sorry to hear about your loss! I lost my little boy last may at full term he was stillborn that's why I'm going to be kept a closer eye on this Time. Maybe because you were ok your last pregnancy they aren't so worried this time? If your not happy with that talk to your midwife about it I'm sure if it's causing you anxiety they will see you more xx

  • I'm not due until the 19th but will be induced at around 37 weeks so likely to be end of sept beginnin of oct x

  • Hi,

    Just got my positive yesterday! Due Oct 20th! Anyone suffering any symptoms yet?

    Good luck to all x

  • Hi Kikislittlesidekick, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations! Is this your first? 

  • No in California and ty for the kind words

  • it goes light heavy and has not stopped since the day I found out I became pregnant

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