Due in October 2018

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

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  • Hi, I’m Charlie, I’m 33 and I’ve just found out I am pregnant! Was a surprise pregnancy but me and my husband over the moon! I have an estimated due date of 4th October. 

    Hope to make some new mummy to be friends who are due a similar time to chat and share experiences with. 


  • Hi my name is Kirat and I’m also 33.... again this was an unplanned surprise but I’m expecting my second child estimated date of the arrival is 10th October! 

    I my husband and I are excited but need to hold back a bit as I suffer with RA and I’m hoping the medication hasn’t effected the pregnancy. We’re waiting to see the nurse so we can get a better idea how safe we are. 

  • Hi Pinkypie and KS09 - welcome to this new birth club and congratulations to both of you! So you're both 33, and these are your second children - how old are your first? 

  • Hi DanielleMFM so my daughter she’s 11 going on 25! its a huge age gap! We had hoped to have a baby sooner but when I ended up being told I have RA the medications I was on needed to be strong to help control it so getting pregnant wasn’t likely to happen! I’m pleased but very nervous about how this is going to go! 

  • Hi DanielleMFM, 

    this baby will actually be my 5th 😬 came as a complete shock but me and my husband are really happy about it. 

    I’m sure our girls will be too but they obviously don’t know yet! 

  • KS09, you're going to have one super helpful daughter there! When do you plan on telling her the big news? 

    Pinkypie - you have been super busy! That's amazing! How old are your kids and have you got a mix of boys and girls? 

  • Mine are all girls! They are 5, 8, 11 and 13 years old. X

  • WOW! They are going to go crazy over the baby! Are you going to find out the sex?? 

  • We have told her now. She’s never been sure about us multipling so let’s see when the reality of it all kicks in she might be a bit more excited about it! 

  • We are definitely going to find out the sex! I’m convinced it will be another girl as that’s all I know lol, id love another girl as I love pretty pink girly things but having a son would also be amazing and would definitely please my husband! 

    I work at the school that my youngest 3 daughters attend so I darent tell them until I’m ready to tell work as they definitely wouldn’t keep it quiet! 

  • Hi everyone, congratulations on all your bfp, I too got mine last night, due date is about 4th October. This will be our 3rd child. Xx 

  • Aww congrats mummy246 same due date as me! This will be our 5th 😬 

    how are you feeling? x

  • Hi Mummy246, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations!How old are your kids?

  • OH  wow 5 that will be a fun house. 

    IM Feeling ok just a little crampy, keep hoping it all good though. How are you feeling x

  • Thank you. We have 2 girls age 5 and 3 x 

  • Aww lovely ages! All of mine are girls! My youngest is 5.  

    I think I will be slightly worrying until my 12 week scan when we actually get to see baby and see everything is ok! 12 weeks seems so far off! X

  • Congratulations mummy246 you have really nice age gaps so it’s not going to be too stressful! How you feeling about it? 

  • Thank you and congratulations to you too. Feeling excited but also can’t  wait for a scan to know all’s ok. 

    How are you feeling , have you told your children x

  • I haven’t told our children yet, I will probably tell our 13 year old - she’s been begging and pleading with us to have another baby recently so she should be over the moon! I am going to try to wait until after the scan to tell the other 3.

    I’m feeling very nauseous but haven’t actually been sick, my boobs are sooooo painful though and I am absolutely shattered but other than that it’s all good! X

  • Thank you! Yeah we’ve told our daughter beacuse she’s our only one and we want her to be involved/included, plus with my RA I don’t know how it’s going to effect me. 

    Yeah initially my boobs hurt they were so tender. Now thats stopped and it’s just the nause.... thankfully no actual sickness for me either.  Cannot handle strong smells. 

    How about you? How are you feeling so far?

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