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  • I’ve jumped over and clicked follow :)

  • Hey  ladies .

    SheffieldSheffieldsteelerfan .

    I'm sorry your having pain in your leg .Sleeping has ,been difficult for me too with my back and flank pain   Hubby's booking me in for a, massage really hope it helps .

    I cant cope with not having decent sleep for next few month. 

    Have you got a pregnancy pillow or do you have any magnesium you could put in your bath that may help hun


  • I’ve got a pregnancy pillow, just can’t seem to get comfy with it to sleep with. I think I’ll try and book in for a massage too as it will help - I’m really moody when I don’t sleep and I know my partner is trying not to say about it but I’m aware I’m being quite moody.

  • I'm the same iv got such a rbf it really gets to hubby he hates seeing me like that .I think it's worth it hun even if you get a decent sleep for a few nights then if you can try book in regular .We don't realise how much pregnancy puts strain on our bodies  with my daughter I didn't feel bad untill 30 weeks .I'm only 16 and have had a tough time already hoping you get a good nights sleep soon hun 💝😘.

  • HI ladies, cheeky Question! Have any of you weighEd your selves? I’m sure I’m putting in to much weight, I have gained 10lb in 20 weeks x 

  • I haven't I keep meaning too I'll check it later , tbh I don't think 10lb in 20 weeks is to much hun at all if you go the same rate it will be just 1stone 6 pounds hun remember the babybaby .Fluid and placenta plus water retention all account for weight gain .Don't worry lovely .


  • I feel like I’ve put a lot of weight on too mummy 246. I’ve not stood on the scales though as I’m too scared to check. I keep telling myself I can loose it all again after the baby 😂 

    Ill have a look tonight and let you know what I’m at. 

    I have my scan on Thursday, can’t wait to find out what we’re having ❤️

    hope everyone’s aches and pains soon disappear. I can’t decide whether to get a pregnancy pillow or to carry on using normal pillows as wedges 😂 


  • Had my scan today 💖 found out I’m having a little princess. Tucked in low down and kept wriggling meaning they lowered my chair to get her to change position 😂 convinced it would be a boy but so happy with a little girl 

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • I’m definitely getting my self some scales🤣I feel like I’ve put on weight around my legs but a lot of people keep saying to me that I look like I’ve lost a lot of weight👀

    2 more sleeps until I know wether I’m having pink or blue, considering it’s my first pregnancy and my first experience i hate being pregnant. Have my days but I’m so impatient just wish time would hurry along... did any of yous girls think that once you got to 20 weeks it went quick or slow x 

  • Congratulations 

    Charlotteeee lovely news .Why was you so convinced about a boy ?

    I really don't have a clue can't wait to find out on Saturday 


  • Was an inkling but I was wrong 😂

  • ThanK you ladies, I’m blaming flying a longhaul flight on Saturday and fluid retention for a few pounds. 

    Congratulations charloteee on your princess. 

    Kayleigh I found the time to drag after I finish for maternity leave. I found first 12 weeks a drag then not to bad Until finishing work ( il be 33 weeks this time when I leave) xx  

  • sorry ladies, slightly off topic..... has anyone found a really good maternity Bra? I didn’t change into them on my last pregnancy but this time I’ve really swollen, so my normal ones are so tight....  any recommendations? 

  • I’m finding time going slowly and I’m only 18 weeks tomorrow but that’s because with work being anti I’ve been off since I was 9 weeks.

    I got my maternity bras from Debenhams and have found them really comfy. Not the most attractive but I feel so much more comfortable.

    On the slight topic of bras my bounty app yesterday had a helpful guide for partners, it said not to comment on the size of your pregnant partners boobs and stomach getting larger as it’ll cause her upset. I’m loving my boyfriend commenting on the increase of size of mine, although he did say it doesn’t say you can’t comment about bum size so he’ll comment on that if I prefer - I do not!

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • I feel you Lotte, I've not been feeling great either, went to the doctors today and had to have an uncomfortable examination as I'd not been passing stools properly and when I was there was fresh blood.

    I started going a bit faint when I think baby is moving, starting to think I am feeling some movements and it's just the weirdness of it happening that is making me feel faint. I'm really sensitive with my body and feel pain so clearly, midwife wasn't surprised when I phoned up to ask if what I was feeling was normal and wasn't concerned. I have said I want all the pain relief when it is time to give birth, not going to pretend to be tough.

  • Iv put on 4.5 pound which is worried me on top of everything else .I suppose I could blame the horrendous sickness  let's hope it gets better . they've already told me I'm risk of having a small baby


  • ahhhh glad to hear your all feeling well ❤️ I’m 16 Weeks and 3 days tomorrow and have my gender scan on Thursday I’m excited!!

    is anyone experiencing arm pains in night? My arms ache so so much and throb all night xxx

  • Anyone else started with braxton hicks, ice had them on and off the past week now. Thought it was to early until google told me it’s normal from 20ish weeks xx 

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