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  • Hey everyone, so my little man arrived at 37+5 Sept 24th due Oct 10th.... 

    I was having bad period pains and went in on the Friday for reduced movements, all was ok but was told I was in slow labour and cervix was still closed but was having contractions, he was back to back. Spent all day sat having bad period pain and Sunday I was having very painful back ache and back contractions. Sunday 10om my plug went and I called the hosp and they said come in they expected me to get some pain relief and go home.

    Got to hosp and on monitor and was contracting but still felt them in my back. Had my exam and was told 2cm dilated and they want to keep me in and start things off.

    While my mum went and collected my things I was moved and had a lovely relaxing bath to ease the contractions and put back on monitor.  Shortly after we were moved to another room where I finally had pethadine a while later about 4/5 am I was moved to the delivery room where I had my epidural and gas/air.... the midwife checked me again and broke my waters I was 4cm and then went straight to 5cm after. 

    I was medically only allowed to push for 1 hour and babies heart rate was making them worried as was dropping so the decision was made to use forceps and episiotomy. 

    After 7 hours and 15 mins of active labour little Jaxon Alfie Theo was born at 3:10am weighing 6lb4. 

    Such a whirlwind and a difficult recovery so far with 2 infections following this. But we're doing well he had jaundice but hasn't needed treatment image

  • Congratulations Linz86. He's just lovely.  Hope your feeling ok 


  • Well done Linz86, he is beautiful. How are you doing in your recovery at the mo? 

  • Sorry it's late

    Induced on 16/10/18  pessary in At 2 pm contracting at 2 am  thick andand fast by 5 am two fleeting decelerations so pessary out . Contractions eased off by 12 pm had an examination was 1 cm waters got broke,  drip in by 5 pm contractions picked up at 9 pm gas and air by this time this was the only fun part never used it before had quite a laugh, decelerations stated again dtip stopped. Restarted an hour later slowly picking up again this time got ill sick and really hot ended up having bloods taken and epidural pain was immense couldn't get over it. Contractions  got to 4 in 10 by 3 pm and decelerations started again switched the drip off just went with it till 5am  got examined only 2 cm doctors decided emergency section was cat 3 so waited for cat 1s to be seen and baby was fine when drip was off so just waited by 8.09 18.1018 baby Azaan was born weighing 7lb 8oz. Surgery was awful I was being sick couldn't keep my head still open eyes or anything. Came out of surgery managed to breast feed for 45 mins,  then became very ill went into hypo and immense pain couldn't focus or hold Azaan they found we had infection but realized something more my shoulder and chest were hurting it hurt to breathe just my my ribs. Rushed for xray of chest that was clear thought it was just infection trying to work out what infection it is, given private room due to nature of said infection  day by day pain is immense belly is getting bigger I had a ct scan which detected imoavtion gallstone and enlarged gallbladder and lots of gas .Started drinking peppermint tea and took two suppositories didn't work. Next day became really Ill I vomited 4 liters of shit. Rushed to other hospital for emergency surgery my bowel had stopped working due to gunk and blood inside from c section absolutely heartbroken an emergency section and emergency laparotomy all within 3 days of each other. It's safe to say no more kids for me I'm blessed with ones iv got and I'm so glad my Azaan is ok. 

    image xxx

  • image

    It sounds like you have been through a lot bubz😩 hope you’re recovering and feeling better. he is adorable!

    I also gave birth

    on the 26th. my waters were broken at 6pm and I started mild contractions. I had bad sickness and diarhea. By 7pm I was screaming in pain begging for pain relief but they were saying it’s too early and contractions were not close enough. At about 8:20 they took me to delivery room and I was screaming that I will make a complain because I have been begging for epidural for an hour then. One of the midwife said she’s going to get the andstogiologist however I was ready to push by then and my daughter arrived at 8:33pm. 2 n a half hour labour with no pain relief was traumatising but glad its over and my princess is here.

    (My labour plan got totally ignored and I wasn’t provided with no pain relie-going to make a complaint) 

  • anesthesiologist****

  • Congratulations bubz, so sorry you have been through a awful time. Hope your now recoverink well and enjoying time with azaan , he’s beautiful. Xx

  • Congratulations rarity, she’s is adorable, sorry Tom hear your birth plan was ignore. 

    I told my midwife I was ready to push and they said my contractions weren’t close or strone enough. Anyway she had a quick look and sure enough there was His head. You know your own body and believe midei should understand this by now xx

  • Midie! I was meant to put midwife x 

  • Oh Bubz, what an absolute trauma you have been through. Are you guys home yet? How are you healing? Azaan is beautiful and perfect. 

    SO good to hear from you Rarity and your little girl is gorgeous! We are so sorry you didn't get pain relief, how are you feeling now? And what did you name your beautiful girl? 

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