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Hello - and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here.

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  • Hey! I'm Rhi and we had our BFP yesterday! EDD 6th October. I'm so excited to meet everyone and go through this journey together! X

  • Hi all!

    Pregnant and due Oct 3rd. Had two miscarriages last year so as you can imagine I’m terrified.  

    Congrats to you all and I hope you have a healthy 8 months ❤️

  • Hi Rhirhix94 - welcome and huge congratulations! 
    Hello abmc, we are so sorry to read of your losses, but we'd also like to welcome back to the forum and wish you a super sticky bean.  

  • Hi Ladies I’m pg with #4 due date is 6th October but I always get gestational diabetes so will deliver at least 2 weeks early xx

    sorry to heat of your losses abmc xx

  • Hi Emy0001, welcome to Due in October and huge congratulations - we're so happy to see you here! 

  • Thank you! Hope everything is going okay with you? What are your symptoms so far? X

  • Thanks Danielle, I’m pleased and a bit shocked to be here. Fingers crossed I won’t get the bleeding and Anxiety this time around.

    abmc hope your feeling ok today! My symptoms started before I even tested positive this time, the worst has been the sudden need to vomit but not actually being sick lol. I’ve had lots of food  aversions, back ache and mild cramps / stabbing in my tummy that comes and goes. How about you ? Do you have any other children? Xx

    Rhi how are you feeling? Xx

  • Hi all, I’ve just got my BFP and so according to the forst day of my last period I’m due Oct 8th! My last one was born 06/10/16 so they will be almost exactly 3 years apart. Abit about me: I’m 31, this is my second, and both times I got pregnant on the first month of trying! 

    Congrats Rhi, I’m excited too!

    Congrats abmc, sorry about your losses. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy. 

    emy wow you’re 4th? That’s amazing! 

  • Hi Loubeelou congratulations. Yep number 4 hopefully and most definitely the last, which is what I said when pg with number 3 lol.

    Wow you fell very quickly, my first 3 all took over a year each of ttc. This one we decided to see if fate thought we could handle one more and bomb fell straight away! Considering I’m still breastfeeding my 14 month old too I’m so shocked but so very happy.  Xx

  • Hey everyone, how are you all? I'm in my 5th week of pregnancy and I'm super excited but absolutely terrified because I had a miscarriage when I was 18 I'm now 30 and terrified every time I go to the toilet incase I'm bleeding. I talk to my husband about my worries but I don't want to worry him too much. I'm due 1st October and I can't wait :)
  • Loubeelou2, we are thrilled to see you in another birth club! Hooray and congratulations! And hello and welcome soexcited30 - wishing you a sticky bean, and try not to stress too much, i know easier said than done! Congratulations! 

  • I’m 9 days late , I have been feeling sick but haven’t been sick at all , I’ve been very hormonal just taking everything out on my boyfriend . I did a test yesterday I see a faint line and one this morning another faint line , I would be 5 weeks and 2 days , due in October if I am pregnant . Can u see the lines ? image

  • Hey soexcited  congratulations. Sorry to hear of your loss, it dose make you super anxious when its happed before.  Are you having any pg symptomS, I really seam to be suffering this time around. 

    Mama95 I’m sorry I can’t see much on those tests,  by 5 weeks you should get a clear positive on digital so I would give that a go. Good luck xx

  • Am I allowed to be in this club if I just got a positive on an at-home test? It came up yesterday but I don't have my appointment until Feb 19th to confirm but my due date would be in October.

    First time mama, long time stepmama. Really nervous because I want my "tot" so bad. My boyfriend is super excited and my heart stopped when the "yes" popped up on the test. I've always dreamed of being a mom. I have all the symptoms of about 4 weeks. I'm nervous because I know I can do the mom part but have no idea how to do the pregnancy part. 

  • Thank you @DanielleMFM

    Emi wow you’re still breastfeeding your littlun and now you’re pregnant! It’s so exciting though isn’t it? How are you feeling? 

    Mama95 I def see something, maybe it’s the batch of tests you’ve got. I would probably get a Clearblue and see if it comes up positive there! 

    Emy- how are you feeling? I’ve been feeling fine. I tell you if I hadn’t missed my period I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant at all. The only thing I’ve noticed is the crazy vivid dreams.

    tattedteach6- congratulations. Yeah we’ve all only had positive at home tests. I’m not going to bother going to the doctor to confirm this time, will just book in and wait for midwives to contact me for booking appt. You got this!

  • Hi Mama95, sorry we can't help with your tests but fingers crossed for you. 

    Welcome tattedteach6 and congratulations - you are more than welcome here! 

  • Hi Tattedteach6 congratulations. Dont be nervous about the pregnancy part, maybe get yourself an app so you can see babies development. There’s a few things you shouldn’t eat while pregnant like home made mayonnaise, so maybe Look into that. You have the support on here so if you’re worried about something just ask. 

    Loubeelou yes still breastfeeding my boob monster. I’m feeling quite rough tbh. So full of cold, back ache, mild tummy cramps, dry mouth , so so tired, headacheS and generally run down. I’m still running around after 3 children though and a husband lol.  don’t remember having such strong symptoms with my others so early on. I’m sure with my last I felt like you do now. 

    I managed to completely freak myself out over the past couple of days as I did a clearblue digital to see how things were progressing and it only came up 1-2 week. The one a few days before had been 2-3 so I was expecting to see at least that but maybe even 3+ due to all these symptoms. Tbh I thought it was all going to end and got googling like a crazy person. Found out it’s happened to loads of ladies and beyond confirming pregnancy CBD are not reliable for progression. I did another one the next morning which was yesterday I think and it came up 2-3 again. I’m still a little nervous that things are not progressing well but trying to ignore it and get on with it. 

    have you registered with the midwife yet Lou ? I’ve still got to do that but have choosen to use a different hospital this time so will need to do things a little differently.

    how is everyone else doing? Xx

  • Apologise for missing letters and spelling this site doesn’t work that well on my phone and changes things lol 

  • Emy001- yeah sounds like you’ve got your hands full! I’m sure it’s just because those tests aren’t reliable for progression, don’t freak yourself out. I know you won’t feel better till your first scan though. I’m tempted to do a private scan this time As I don’t think I can wait till 12-13 weeks. 

    Yeah I’ve done the same, I’m not going to give birth in the same hospital as I did last time, so I went on the hospitals website that I’ve chosen and sent them an email to book in. It says as I’m out of area I will get a letter with my 8 week booking appointment and my midwife through the post.

  • Hi everyone, I have had 2 positive tests last night & this morning very clear so I’m thinking I’ll be due around the 6th. I’m going to get a digital not tried that yet. Congratulations to yous all. This is my 2nd I have a 13 year old daughter & unfortunely had 2 miscarriages a lot of years ago with my daughters dad so I’m very anxious. I have been with my partner 2 & half years now we are very excited. Need to contact docs on Monday & find out how to book in etc. Waiting till my scan to tell my girl & my stepson my daughter has been wishing for me to have a baby for years so it’s super exciting xx

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