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October Baby’s!!


So I recently just found out last week I am pregnant.

i did a cheap pregnancy test that turned out positive & then few days later I bought a digi clear blue test which indicatedi was 3+ weeks.

go see doctor on valentines day for comformation!

Me and my boyfriend are very happy and grateful. We recently just had a misscarrage right before Christmas this year, and have been trying since.

anyone else expecting October Baby’s!  


  • Aw congratulations! This is amazing news! I am currently 6 weeks due Sept 29th but chances are it will be an October baby! I’m the same so nervous I don’t want to get too excited incase anything happens in the first 12 weeks I’m so worried, I keep doing tests to make sure the line is getting darker! X

  • Hey,

    I'm around 5+4 I got my first bfp 11 days ago.. due Oct 7th! 

    Lots of symptoms since day before i took my test, nausea, tiredness, dizziness,weeing alot, metal taste, sore boobs, breathless, cramping which seems worse today i think its wind😂🙄so glamorous aye haha..

    This is my 5th baby im 34.. got a scan next Fri as my last pregnancy was awful and resulted in me having my son at 24+4 he sadly passed away at 8 days old...

    That was a year ago so im nervous this pregnancy xxx

  • Hi everyone, welcome and huge congratulations on your pregnancies. We wanted to let you know we have a really love Due in October 2019 thread right here - please do come and check it out, there's quite a few women over there already and they're super nice.

    No pressure though - you're more than welcome to keep posting here too 😊

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