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Hi I got a letter in from hospital I've to go tomorrow morning and see a Dr about diabetes is this something bad and has anyone else got this pregnancy diabetes


  • My mum's been recently diagnosed with diabetes so I've got to take a glucose test at 28 weeks. I believe that if you have diabetes, you'll be more closely monitored and there are more risks.
  • I had this in my last pregnancy and all I did was test my blood in my finger with a little device 3 times per day and record the results, also one small injection per day but nowhere near as bad as it sounds, totally disappeared after I gave birth
  • I had no problems with the pregnancy with regards to the diabetes either everything was fine
  • Did they say what type diabetes you have type 1 or type 2 x
  • Hi all sorry just getting back to u they said gestational diabetes I have a monitor to test my blood 4times a day and to go back for gloucous test next week they say it can lead to a big baby and the baby can have health issues if it gets to much sugar  so I'm gonna do everything they tell me I even seen the dietitian today and she said just to watch my carbs intake and gave me a sheet and good info
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