Super Vivid Dreams during pregnancy

Hi moms, I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. I noticed that my dreams have become extremely vivid and disturbing since i was like 7 weeks pregnant. I read somewhere that this happens due to hormones but when comparing notes with a few mothers i know, they did not relate to this. Well lately I have been having a recurring theme in my dreams whereby my mother hates me. This is not true in real life but my dreams are so vivid that i feel so stressed out when i wake up. Has anyone else experienced this? Any dream interpreters on here.. :smiley:


  • Sometimes hormones in pregnancy makes our dreams more vivid and out Brain accept them and adds up our biggest fears at that moment.... something that sometimes we don't know when we awake (cheating husband, misscaridges, stillbirth, car crash and ect.)
    Basically your dream is taking from deep inside of you as you are afraid of it and shown for you to concentrate on most important thing x
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