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  • Thank you @Louloubee ill check the tablets out :-) ill also look into a birthing ball

    @Curiosity101 i feel your pain. Cramps are getting unbareable for me. Although i have discovered if i stretch my knees (takes a while to get used to) rather than my whole leg it can prevent cramps. And ive also been struggling with painful hips and at 3am this morn was reading ideas on how to work round it. Ive read suggestions that if you get a firm pillow and put that behind you and lean against it so your still on your side but pressure is taken off. 

    8 full weeks left at work 😖 getting more and more tired as the days pass. Got a mini break booked in 2 weeks so thats keeping me going for now! 

    Also, would you ladies recommend a baby monitor right from the start? 
  • Everyone's been so busy and seems to be so prepared, we still seem to have loads to do but maybe we're a bit more lapse with it being our second. We've just taken out boy to the Wilderness festival for 4 nights and I'm exhausted. Had a few sneaky treats whilst managing to control my blood sugar levels and also fitted in an afternoon nap. Definitely looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. Bump was also very active, I think baby enjoyed the music.
  • @MrsW92 I've tried all of the different positions unfortunately. I have 3 different angles I use on my left and 3 on my right but naturally I sleep on my front or back so my hips are struggling. Plus some of the pains are internal hip pains, hoping it's ligaments and not the beginning of PGP. 🤷

    It seems to have eased off a bit today and I'm starting to feel a bit brighter but I'll be glad when this heavy humid weather passes.
  • I have a birthing ball never got chance to use it last time but going to give it a try this time. I feel for you ladies with the cramps I have been ok so far but my hands are suffering bad at night with carpel tunnel syndrome I might end up investing in splints if it gets any worse. I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing I am due back at work next Monday that’s our summer holidays officially over ! I’m only due back 3 weeks then due to start my maternity leave on 13th September if I manage that long. I have another growth scan & consultant next Tuesday & I’ll officially be booked in for my section so exciting 🥰 xx
  • Have any of you started going to Antenatal classes? I go to my first one tonight with hubby. I am actually looking forward to it and hope hubby can feel more involved. Also do you like me baby mobile I made 💙

    It does have a little attachment that makes it spin and plays soothing music. 

    (Having a rant) my mother in law is really bugging me, I understand people say that they care and are exited for the baby but ever since we found out we are having a little boy whenever she has bought a couple of things for baby shes buying girls stuff. This is now the second time I have to take something back. When o say girls things she got a baby pink and green baby grown and now a 6 month old baby grow that is navy with a big butterfly on the front that says butterfly kisses. On the receipt it even confirmed to me it's a girls. 
    I know she would rather us be having a girl but it's really frustrating. I don't get on well with her and she isn't a natural loving person to her own son (my husband). She trys to do things to get to me and this is one. 
    To give you a little idea of what kid of person she is, she is that mother in law who wore white to our wedding.  I can't help but want to avoid seeing her, she always looks me up and down makes me feel uncomfortable and even more so now. Anyone else feel this for a person in the family? 
    I just had to rant about the baby clothes, do you think I'm being harsh? 
  • @Jodie93 lovely mobile! I don’t think you’re being harsh at all! There are people in my family that drive me up the walls!! The main two being my auntie and my Nan. 
    My Nan continues to moan about my name for the baby and how she’ll be missing out on the birth. 
    My auntie hasn’t been round to see me in my new house once, near in mind she lives 2 streets up! But I guarantee you she’ll be round constantly when baby is here. 
    Without being rude to her I asked her not to get me the bouncy chair she wanted to.. this is because I had set my heart on my chicco hug me. But she’s so annoyed at the fact I don’t want it, but like you... I’d have to return it because it won’t be used! 
    Unfortunately you can’t pick and choose your family so you just have to live with it... breath and dream about the glass of wine you will be able to drink next time you’re in their company!! Haha. Works for me 😂

    I’ve had some braxton hicks today. Although they aren’t painful they’re very uncomfortable especially with a full 8 hours sitting up at work! 
  • @MissW1997 yes I don't get on with my nan either shes all for my oldest brother and has never once asked me how I am buy text or call. 
    In fact the day we told her I was pregnant I just had my 12 weeks scan and as she said bye when we where leaving she whispered in my ear "looking forward to seeing your bump and you pile the weight on" not what a pregnant girl wants to hear. 
    I don't get one call or text from any of my husbands family asking how am I but like you once baby is here they will all be fussing all around baby, I'm like you didn't care how baby was when in my belly but will care when baby is here. 😡 anyway we don't need them. 

    Cramps in my calfs are a bigger at night and I get really restless legs in the day even though I walk alot.  Never know how to ease it if someone knows how to ease them let me know. Xx 
  • @Jodie93 honestly some family members don’t deserve it! But then we’re looked upon as the ‘shallow’ ones 🙄 when my auntie comes knocking I’ll be using many excuses ‘sorry just heading out’ ‘not a good time just got the baby down and going for a nap’ because if she can’t bother with me, she doesn’t deserve to pester me for my daughter!! 
    She was going to be the baby’s godmother originally as I thought she’s appreciate it but she’s been so awful towards some of the family members who have made so much more effort than her so she can forget it! 

    And my Nan is one more name/birth comment away from me screaming literally can’t take anymore! 

    No we don’t! Rants over... we’ve got this without them trying to dampen it for us! 😘

    oh bless you all with the leg cramps! I’ve been okay... I’ve started having a bath before bed every night around half 10/11 and laying there for an hour. Honestly I have no cramps, I no longer wake up for wees in the night and sleep right through! Don’t know if this will help any of you but it’s a godsend for me xx
  • I'd had 0 leg cramps until this morning. And tbf haven't actually had leg cramps as much as I woke up and my calves were killing me and feeling very crampy.

    The pain / ache has definitely eased up over the day so I think regular small walks seems to help. It's probably just one of those things though, it either will or won't happen. 🤷
  • @Curiosity101 oh no, im a back sleeper too. Its such a struggle. 

    I really hope you find some relief. Make sure you mention it to your midwife though incase it is pgp. 

    @Lmc19xx how exciting youll know next week when you're going to have her!! 

    @Jodie93 absolutley stunning mobile!! How did you make it? Im tempted to make my own but itll turn out nothing like yours 😂😂 

    Also, don't rise to you MIL. Shes looking for a reaction, dont give her the satisfaction. Cant understand why people go so far out their way to be so childish! As @MissW1997 says think of the moment you can have a drink! 😂 roll on the gin! 
  • Ooh do you use anything special in the bath to relax you? @MissW1997 thanks for the tip. 
  • @Jodie93 that mobile is beautiful well done 👏
  • @Curiosity101 I’m
    wearing comfy maternity bras already but I will probably wait till a couple weeks before I’m due to get measured for a proper nursing bra. And even then I might go a bit bigger because the boobs swell right up when you’re breastfeeding. 
  • Oh no sorry to hear @Michelleb37 contractions have started again. That baby really wants out!! Hopefully doctors can stop it again for her, bless her heart, must be such a worry! 
  • @MrsW92 I suppose straight away you wouldn’t need a baby monitor as you wouldn’t be leaving a newborn at all. Even whilst their sleeping they’ll most likely be in the same room as you. But from about 4-6 weeks we started leaving Ezra to nap upstairs (with a breathing monitor on him
    too!) and so would look at him through the monitor. By 12 weeks he was sleeping through 7am to 7pm so a monitor was invaluable at that point. We have the Motorola MBP853. It has its cons, like the wire they supply is awful so we bought a new wire, and the fact it would drop connection during the night and we’d be woken up to the most loudest alarm!! But all in all it’s a good one. I like that I can access it on my phone. So when we’ve left him with nonna to go on a date night, we can see him still!! Once we saw my mum didn’t put him down till 9pm!! She said she was distracted by his cuteness and didn’t realise the time 🙈
  • @Lmc19xx also if youre suffering carpal tunnel, please tell your workplace so they can properly risk assess you. They also need to report it to HSE. Just gives you more protection should you end up in further pain. 

    @Louloubee yeah i was thinking for a few months old when hes napping upstairs maybe. I think ill just get one straigjt away at least ill be prepared in advance. I looked at the Motorola! Theyre currently half price in dunelm! I also looked at the BT one which sounds similar to what youre sayinh connecting to your phone etc. And it also connects to alexa which is handy too! 
  • @Louloubee I’m a huge Elemis fan! So I use the Elemis bubble bath, it sends me out like a light!! Haha. I also use there cleanser, toner and relaxation face mask which I’m sure helps too! But for a cheaper option I highly recommend the sleep easy or relaxation one from your supermarket! 

    I’ve had more hassle off baby’s dad Saturday. Didn’t hear from him for weeks, he rang and has been quite nice for the last 2 phone calls then decides to call me on Saturday and preach to me how to look after my baby! Use these nappies, these bottles, you have failed as a mother of you don’t breast feed, use this formula. The list goes on. I’ve blocked him again, I genuinely can’t deal with it! He’s not even going to be around or contribute a penny so why does he feel the need?!   
  • @MrsW92 thankyou, 
    I copied one I had seen online. Just used felt pom poms and stuck them all together to make the balloon. And the animals made from felt. Xx 
  • Ooh I’ve got some Elemis bath milk in the cupboard. I’ll dig it out and give it a go @MissW1997

    About the baby’s dad, it’s so hard as he is technically the ‘father’ so you kind of want him to be involved but if he’s being a butthole/ won’t pay or support Lexie whilst she’s here.... then why on earth would you listen to him now? I’m sorry the whole breastfeeding thing is a bit ridiculous, you can feed your baby HOWEVER you want!! And then deciding what brand nappy.. is he having a laugh? I’m glad you’ve blocked him. Sounds like he just wants to cause you trouble and to be honest you don’t need the stress. Especially not this late into pregnancy. 
  • @MissW1997 I'm totally with @Louloubee here. Unless he's going to be involved then he doesn't get to decide anything. And even if he is going to be involved, if you're the primary care giver your 'vote' will still have to mean more than his as you'll be the main person having to live with the decisions. I hope you figure out something amicable if he is involved though 🙂. I do love the idea of 'you have to use this brand of nappies' 😂 I'm buying a pack of Pampers, Asda, Lidl and Aldi to try out. Then I'm going to stick with whatever works best for us 😆 how on earth could you know what's 'best' without trying a few brands out? 🤷

    I'm sorry to hear so many people having issues with grumpy MILs / family members. It's really not what you need when you're getting yourself ready for your baby arriving. ☺️ Definitely don't feel bad about doing what's right for you, your partner and the baby though. If that means a few carefully crafted white lies then so be it. Keeps the peace and your sanity 😆

    I'm on the other side of this (closer to my in-laws than my family). I'm not close to my family at all. I don't have any contact with my Mother at all (long story but it's 100% for the best), my birth father left the picture a looooooong time ago. I lived with my step dad and step grandma for a good chunk of my life. They're nice people but we have a much better relationship if we stay reasonably distant, so I probably only see / speak to them a handful of times a year. My dad was suggesting he could come and stay with us over Christmas so 'he could drink with his meal' and I was like 'So I get to look after you when you're drunk and a baby? Yeah... That sounds like fun 😂'. 

    My in-laws on the other hand I absolutely adore. My husband has requested that his mum be at the birth which I've happily agreed to, and if she's on holiday when I go into labour then there's a chance we'll get his grandma instead. His grandma is definitely the matriarch of the family and used to be a nurse, she's a formidable lady and definitely eyed me up and down when I first started dating my husband 😂 needed to know I was suitable for her grandson 😆. Fortunately she deemed I was and I adore her so will be happy for her to be there if she wants to / is able.

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