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Due in October 2019 - Part 5

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in October 2019 - part 4 members, as the fourth part has topped 1k posts. Next stop! Your Baby Thread :blush:

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • Gosh us ladies do chat a lot don’t we 🙈 xx
  • @MissW1997 I was just thinking that. Comparing us to the other birth clubs we certainly do post a lot 😆
  • @Curiosity101 how are you feeling today? How was little Harvey last night? Bet you’re loving being a mummy! How has your cat taken to him?  
    My auntie came round last night and said every girl baby born into our family were sleepers and slept a whole 12 hours from 5 days-2 weeks old. But the boys were nightmares 🙈 Fingers crossed this passes on to my little one! 
  • @MissW1997 Today we're all feeling a bit delicate. He woke himself for a feed outside of his schedule so has now completely thrown the rest of the feeds for the day. 

    I am loving being a mum but some parts of the day are definitely tough.

    One of our cats is very dis interested. The other seems terrified. I think they'll both come round to him given a bit more time. At the moment he's just the strange sounding / strange smelling thing in our bedroom. 
  • @Curiosity101 is your husband still off work? 
    Are you recovering from your c-section okay?
    Sounds like you’re doing a great job! And I’m sure your cats will warm to him and be very protective 
  • Curiosity101Curiosity101 Regular
    edited Sep 11, 2019 9:10AM
    @MissW1997 Yes he's currently on pat leave. We're lucky that where we work dad's get 8 weeks leave so he's taking 4 weeks now then will spread the rest of his leave across the year. 

    I'm recovering ok. Not too much pain, mostly it's just the fact I have to limit what I can do (which is probably the reason I don't have too much pain). I'm looking forwards to being given the all clear and being able to get back to doing whatever needs doing rather than relying on everyone else. ☺️
  • @Curiosity101 8 weeks is amazing! That’s lovely that he will have so much time to bond with little Harvey! 

    Glad you’re recovering well! Won’t be long and you’ll be fully independent again 😊
  • Hi girls we certainly can chat on here 😂 That’s fab news about your partner @Curiosity101 mines is self employed so is only taking a week off as we can’t afford to go to long without his wage but I’m sure I will be fine I just need to be lol I have my mum & dad local
    if I need anything. 
    Im 36 weeks + 1 day now I know I keep repeating myself 🙈 but I’m feeling so happy for myself for lasting this far ! I had dentist this morning as been having some pain in my gum & had a spot on my top gum turns out it’s a bad infection & I’ll need surgery once I have baby that’s only way they can get in to drain out 😭 not looking forward to that ! But I have to suffer until baby as they won’t rather not give me antibiotics while pregnant which I’m totally fine with hopefully it’ll get bit more bearable xx
  • Great news about your scan @MissW97 now you can relax 😊 we don’t get told an estimated weight anymore here 😢 wish we did ! We only get told if they are on track etc on graph at my private 1 though at 27 weeks she was 2lb 6 oz & they estimated if I went full term she would be 6lb something so I’m thinking she’s maybe going to be around that but who knows. I definitely think she will be decent size though she certainly feels it lol xx
  • Shame you done get told about the weights! Even if we don’t get told by the sonographer the graphs they print off with the percentiles have the weights on! Lexie was 3lbs 5 at 29 weeks so I wonder what she’ll be tomorrow 🤔
    they aren’t always very accurate though! As my friends bubs weighed in at 5lbs 13 at 33 weeks but she birthed a 7lbs 14 baby at 41 weeks! 
  • Everything went well at the midwife. Baby's still on the same line, 2/5 engaged now so quite far down,midwife said wouldn't be surprised if baby came early on their own. She said as my sugar levels are controlled she's be surprised if the consultant would want to do anything before 39 weeks. Also only put on 1st 1lb, it's the first time I've been weighed since 8 weeks. Just got to see what the consultant says on Monday now 🙂
  • Great news @Diddlyd! Baby still not engaged yet then! but I’m sure it won’t be long 🥰 some babies don’t fully engage till birth either. Glad all went well 
  • @MissW1997 I know it’s rubbish I wish we did get told but reason they said they don’t is because they are never accurate & I believe that as they kept saying my daughter would be really small etc & she was 5lb 4 oz which is great for 5 weeks early also my friend just had a boy & they kept saying he would be really big & he was only 6lb 12 oz so they aren’t always right but it’s nice to have a rough estimate. Not long now until we all find out 😊 glad to hear your feeling a lot more positive xx
  • Great news @Diddlyd sounds as if babys heading in the right direction how exciting it might be earlier for you xx
  • @Lmc19xx that does completely make sense! And I do agree! Because at 29 weeks I was told Lexie was 3lb 10! And 2 weeks ahead and that’s why I got referred to the nhs consultants. Which ended up being 8 days ahead and weighing 3lbs 5. All charts are different but I will only trust the nhs ones now!
    i was 4 weeks early at 5lbs 6 and mum was told I was tiny too!

    I am feeling more positive! I’m a very happy person. And I was letting the pain take over me which ultimately was making the pain worse! So I just being happy again as I’m going to be a mummy in 4 weeks!! Xx
  • Good on you @MissW1997 as it can’t be easy but you have the best reason to be positive 🥰 we also don’t get copy of graphs they show you but don’t put it in notes as it’s all done electronically now xx
    @Loubeelou just caught up on your post about your 1st birth what a time you had of it ! Your amazing to keep so positive that’s enough to put most people of lol really hope you have a much better experience this time around 💞
  • @Lmc19xx oh really? Do you not have those folders where you are? Here the folder is sacred!! Haha 😂 xx
  • Just having a few lunch time cuddles

  • Such a gorgeous boy @Curiosity101
  • No @MissW1997 we just have a book with our medical booking in notes & any letters with appointments get kept in book but all our notes from appointments are all done electronically which is a pain as I’d like to be able to keep them xx
    looking so content @Curiosity101 xx
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