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  • @Catlady220 so glad to hear about your BFP!! Remember chatting with you in the TTC threads, I am excited for you !! I am 17 weeks along now and due in July! 
  • Looks like a bfp to me! I bet it's just super early and your hcg levels are barely detectable. I had a negative home test Monday (Jan. 27) and got a positive blood test at the doctor just a couple of hours later! Good luck! 
  • @SnuggleBunny88 we have the same due date, congrats! 

    Have booked my first appointment with the Doctor which will be in the 13th Feb.

    @Kellly85 congrats, sorry to hear that things have been bumpie to get here but congratulations! 

    @WLJ defo a positive, yours are the same as my tests

  • Eek thank you for the reassurance ladies. Yeah I’ve just watched loads of YouTube about early tests. And loads did clear blue and had a false negative in digital. Which mine was. Then the lines are all showing up mega faint. I’ll check again in few days. All being well I’ll be due 7th Oct. I’m 34, married and live in the UK. Looking forward to hopefully sharing this journey with you all 😄 Jen (WLJ are my initials backwards)
  • Has anyone had implantation bleeding ???? How long did it last for u?????
  • Welcome @SnuggleBunny88 and huge congratulations! Lovely to have you here. 
    Hi @WLJ we remember you! We are over the moon to see you back! How is your lovely little girl doing? 
    Lovely to see this club filling up now!
    @Catlady220 how you doing today? 
  • Ahh she’s doing great thanks Danielle. 28 months old now. It’s crazy how fast it goes. Glad to be back and fingers crossed for this currently strange pregnancy. I feel pregnant but not getting consistency with tests xx

  • @DanielleMFM im doing good just anxious as im only 13DPO (the latest 15DPO, i had a weird chart) test was darker yesterday <3 we are going to confirm it sunday so i can get my prenatal vits <3 it just all seems so unreal 
  • Hi everyone. Congrats on all your BFP I have been getting positives on FRER since 9DPO and currently 12DPO, lines getting darker. Really praying for a sticky bean. I have a 21 month old boy too.
  • Evening ladies, how are you all doing? 

    This pregnancy is so different to my first already. I've had cramping since Wednesday, feel exhausted and constantly nauseous. Last time I had nothing so this is weird and I'm very conscious I'm pregnant. 

    Got my Gp appointment booked for the 13th Feb. 

    How are you all feeling?
  • Hiya ladies, so I’ve been taking trying for a baby seven seas for about 2 weeks, and all I can say is wow! I’m 7dpo and done a test today and within 2 minites I got a faint positive. Excited. Still a little scared to do a clear blue just in case this test was faulty. What do u guys think 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Positive test? I’m nervous it’s not, but if it is, I’m due October 2020! 
  • Congrats hun i  see it  @Bhansen6890
  • Congrats hun i  see it  @Bhansen6890
    Thank you! I haven’t missed my period yet (due for it in 3 days) but I took the test anyway. Fingers crossed!
  • @Bhansen6890 i got my positive at was AF day n no AF <3 im going to get mine confirmed tomorrow
  • @Shanaex @Bhansen6890 both BFP! Congratulations and welcome to the October Club! 
  • morning ladies <3 i am feeling soooo bloated tonight :/
  • Thanks @Butsie185 may take time out today and get a clear blue, but worried it’s to early to detect on a clear blue xxx
  • @Shanaex congrats hun <3
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