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  • Seems to be getting Darker at 9dpo. Couldn’t help taken another test 🙃🙃
  • Shanaex said:
    Seems to be getting Darker at 9dpo. Couldn’t help taken another test 🙃🙃
    That's a strong positive for 9dpo so I would think you may have ov earlier than you thought maybe? 

    What's your EDD?
  • @Butsie185 I’m not sure darling. I’ve not booked a doctors appointment as yet. Was thinking to wait till after I’m due to come on, what do ya’ll think?
  • Welp er trip for me.....I started bleeding
  • It could be a minor hunny. Please try not to stress. Is it heavy? If your worried maybe try booking a doctors appointment babe. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about hun xxxxxxx
  • I'm at the ER I haven't had the chance to get my insurance sorted
  • OMG best of luck babe, please keep us posted. Praying for ya xx
  • They r doing urine blood internal ultrasound and pelvic exam
  • Best of luck babe xxxx
  • ok guys :( sorry i will no longer be joining u :(
  • @Bhansen6890 well i started bleeding  n went to the ER when my HCG was really low and they said i was having a miscarriage
  • @Catlady220 I am so so sorry. I am  not sure what to say as nothing will make this better but I'm thinking of you. 
  • So gutted for you hunny. So sorry to hear that babe, we’re here thinking of ya. 
  • @Catlady220 we are so sorry to read your post and have sent you a PM. 
    @WLJ absolutely gutted for you too, and we have dropped you a PM. 

    We would love to welcome our new members, @Fitz2020 @Shanaex @Bhansen6890 and wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy - we have dropped you a PM with some handy forum tips. 

  • Hello! I’m joining the October 2020 club.. due on 10th October. I have a nearly two year old and excited for this journey :) Found this group really helpful before and met some people who were local to me so hopefully it will be the same thing this time round! 
  • Welcome @Hannylou247, great to have you in the group! Glad to have another 2nd timer here too! 

    How are you feeling so far? 
  • Hannylou247Hannylou247 Regular
    edited Feb 4, 2020 9:22PM
    Thanks @Butsie185! I had some cramping around the implantation stage but gone now. I’ve been surprised how I’m feeling as it’s very much early days but boobs are killing me, lower back is sore and not feeling great first thing in the morning.. god help me if this carries on for 35 weeks!! How r u feeling? 
  • I felt horrific from a week before AF was due up until yesterday. It really knocked me for six as I didn't feel any different when I had my DS. I had lots of cramps, nausea, bloated and very tired. Luckily the cramps and nausea have passed but still very bloated and tired. 

    What type of birth did you have last time and have you thought about this time around? 
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