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Hello! And welcome to Due in October 2021 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • I suppose I will nervously start this thread off!! I’m Jo 31, from Lancashire. I have 2 daughters 11 & 19m. I got my bfp this morning 🙏🏻 I’m hoping this baby sticks. This was our first cycle after losing our baby at 10 weeks in December. So anxious but trying to stay positive that everything will be ok this time! Can’t wait for some other mums to join! 🌈❤️
  • Tentatively joining too after an early loss last month. I’m 37 and live in Hampshire. Got my bfp today. Mummy to a beautiful little boy who turns 4 in February. I’m not sure how many days po I am as I’ve never tested 🙈 but af was due today. 
  • And congratulations 🥳 @Gracesmum89 I’m so pleased for you xx
  • @Lyra1984 HI!!! Congratulations! What will your due date be? How are you feeling? xx
  • it I think my current due date is the 10th October so hopefully quite close to yours 🤞
  • And Thankyou xx
  • Feeling pretty nervous tbh like anything I do might jinx this 😬😢
  • @Lyra1984 ah lovely! My EDD is 11th October. So yes very close! My period isn’t due until Tuesday so I’m still quite anxious.. seeing lines get darker is defo helping and I’m hopeful that this pregnancy will go ok! 🙏🏻🌈 have you had any symptoms? Xx
  • Aww thank you! I needed a positivity boost 🤞🌈✨ I’ve been feeling a bit sick in the mornings but that’s it really and could just be because I’m always in a rush so usually eating as I run to work🙈 how about you x
  • I’ve had a couple of waves of nausea. And really bad mood swings 🙈 will you book an early scan? Will you find out gender? xx
  • I don’t know about an early scan but I do like the idea of one because I’m rubbish at waiting for things I’m excited about 🙈 we found out the gender last time so I think we will again this time I think it will help prepare our little one for a sibling. How about you? Xx
  • Ahh yes I will have an early scan although I don’t know how much it’ll reassure me this time I had 2 scans with the baby I lost in December and it was fine heart beating and wriggling around and heart stopped at 9 weeks. I only found out because I had a cyst they were measuring due to growth. I do still want an early scan though! 

    Ah we had a surprise with our youngest it was so lovely!! But we will find out this time! ❤️

    I’m so impatient too hah xx 
  • Oh you poor thing, that must have been such a shock and so hard 😢
  • @Lyra1984 it was horrible trying to stay positive! 🙏🏻 Xx
  • Any symptoms today @Lyra1984? X
  • Oh bless you! You’re so amazing and positive! Lol I literally cannot tolerate wearing a bra today! Not a problem at home but not looking forward to work tomorrow 🙈😂how about you? Xx
  • @Lyra1984 oh no.. let them hang 😂😂 I feel a tiny bit nauseas today. And tired, literally cannot wait to get in bed later haha! I’ve been trying to keep busy since I found out! Xx
  • @Lyra1984 how was your birth with your son? xx
  • Haha they’re tiny so hopefully it will be ok 🙈😂I’ve been tired to but I work in an SEN school full time (we still have all the children in face to face as they can’t do online) and o have a 3 year old so I’m tired a lot of the time anyway 🤦‍♀️

    Umm with my last birth I had planned to work up until a week before my due date but didn’t make it that far. My waters broke Hollywood style 🙈 but he wasn’t born until about 30 hours later.  I had a epidural which I really regretted as it ended up in failure to progress and forceps but he was heathy and safe so that was all that mattered really and I was ridiculous lucky with my whole pregnancy with him! I literally had no symptoms at all except for a crazy craving to put super hot chilli sauce on everything 🙈 how about you? Are any of your children at school or starting school soon? My little one is due to start a month before baby number two if this pregnancy goes smoothly 😬Xx
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