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Hello, and welcome to Due in October 2022 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Hello, I am currently 2 days late and have had 3 positive pregnancy tests since Saturday. The Clearblue dating one puts me at 4 weeks (which is correct in terms of my period dates). If all goes well I would be due on the 17th October. We have been trying to conceive for over a year and really didn't expect to this time around so we are both a bit shocked! My main symptoms so far have been nausea, headaches and I've been crying at everything.
    We already have a little boy, he's 4 now and he is also an October baby! 
  • @Wanderer88 hi! Congratulations! We have also been trying for about a year and found out at the end of January! Having a history of miscarriage I'm quite nervous to be celebrating this early
  • Hi I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant today. I’d been in the TTC forum for over a year now and we’ve finally got a positive on Sunday. EDD is 20 October 2022. We have a little girl who’s 2 and will be 3 when baby arrives. Wanted to join this forum to speak to other mums to be as we’ve not told anyone yet and although I’ve already got a little girl I still have 101 thoughts and questions flying around my head. 
  • Hello! I’m around 6 weeks pregnant but yet to be officially dated! 
    Me and my partner were incredibly shocked to get a BFP after our first month of TTC. 

    Excited to go through this journey with all of you!
  • Hi October moms!
    Just wanted to check-in and see how everyone is doing?
    I’ve got my first appointment with my midwife on Monday and makes me emotional haha unsure if that’s hormonal or I just can’t believe this is happening still!
  • Hi everyone I am currently pregnant 10 weeks with my 5th pregnancy (2nd child) and could not be happier. We have a 5 yo DD who does not know yet she is to be a big sister. My due date is 17th October which turns out to also be my 11th year anniversary and 5 days after my lil girls birthday. I hope you are all keeping well xx
  • Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on at all, I've been extremely unwell with hg but am finally feeling more like myself again. I'm 19 weeks now and we found out we are having a baby girl!

    I hope you are all well 
  • Good morning, 

    I just want to wish you all luck with your pregnancies, unfortunately we lost our little one 7 weeks ago and baby has been laid to rest in a beautiful garden in our local crematorium so we have somewhere we can go 😢 xx
  • I am so sorry to hear that 😞. I'm glad you are able to go to the garden for times of reflection when you need to. My thoughts are with you and your family xxx
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