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Welcome to Due in September 2015!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenMFM and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in September 2015, like you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the MFM team, please do shout!



  • Hi ladies, 

    I had a mmc and ERCP on 9/12/14, randomly took a test this weekend and it shows I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant. just wondering if anyone else got pregnant straight after ERCP. As I've been reading a lot about false positive tests :/ I'm so confused and scared. havent had the chance to book an appointment yet with doctors, will hopefully call tomorrow to make one for a blood test. 

    If iam pregnant my due date is hopefully 20th sept. Any advice will help, thanks xxx

  • Hello Sahra1 - and congrats on your positive test!

    So sorry to read about your mmc.

    Completely understand how scared/confused you must be, as it's so soon after your ERCP. There must be an awful lot swirling round in your head.

    Have you done any more tests yet?

  • Hey @HelenMFM

    I took a test on Thursday, another Friday, then a clear blue digital yesterday morning. All came out positive, digital one indicated 2-3weeks.

    I have some of my symptoms back too i.e tender breasts, strong sense of smell etc. all obvious signs but I'm just still thinking what if? :/  I don't want to get my hopes up :( 

  • Hi all, I'm vicky. 24 and had a positive text christmas day! What a present and unexpected one but a now much wanted one, this will be my 3rd pregnancy my last one ended at 17+3 so im super nervous about this one! anyone else really worrying 

  • Hi Vicky2008 welcome to the group and congratulations! How lovely to get a BFP on Christmas day, that is indeed an brilliant (surprise) present! I know how you must be feeling..I had an mc before the birth of my 1st and 2nd and was so worried & nervous with both of those pregnancies and my 3rd too. It is natural to be concerned but try not to focus too much on the negative thoughts and try and enjoy your pregnancy too, as the stress of worrying won't do you any good..(i know!) Wishing you all the best.

  • Hi Sarah & Vicky... Congrats on your pregnancies! & so sorry for both of your losses before... It looks like all 3 of us are in a similar position so hopefully will be able to support each other well through this!

    & also hi to Helen & Emma.

    i'm *very tentatively* joining the due in sept 2015 group!! 

    Hubby got back from his afghanistan deployment 15 days ago, I ovulated 12 days ago & got a faint positive result yesterday @ 11dpo! Can't believe we were so lucky to fall straight away again...I'm so happy & thankful. Should all go well this time it will be a funny story!

    As Helen & Emma will know though I am of course very scared now too! This will be my third pregnancy & my first 2 ended in miscarriage (1st was a mmc at 9 weeks, 2nd baby did great up until I had a massive bleed at 9 1/2 weeks & baby died). i recently saw a specialist who did lots of tests to see if there was anything causing the rpl & all came back fine so I'm hoping & praying it will be third time lucky for us. My specialist also gave me progesterone supplements to take from 3dpo to support a potential pregnancy & i will now continue those all through the first trimester... This is helping to put my mind at ease a little & I feel like I'm doing 'something' to help get to bring my baby home this time.

    I am going to wait until friday (period due date) to test again with another frer & will go get my blood test that day too so I can get the referral straight away to my high risk doctor as he said he wants to see me as soon as I get a bfp. 

  • SW2! Can't tell you how wonderful it is to have you slip on in to the September 2015 Birth Club. We all have everything crossed for you, and please let this be a super sticky bean. We are totally with you in spirit on this one. and of course, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  • Thankyou Danielle! 😊

  • Woop, woop, SW2! So so lovely to read your post.

    Sending super-sticky thoughts your way by the shedload (think that's a mixed metaphor or something but I am MUCH to excited to care!)

  • thanks Helen!! 😊

  • Hello all. I'm this is my 3rd time being a mummy 2 be I have 2 gorgeous girls from my previous marriage and now have fallen pregnant with my fiancè's first child. We are all very excited here. I got my bfp over Christmas when we were in Spain- I was sent some pregnancy tests by made for mums to test when my af was due etc and well I never thought we would be here. 

    I went to see my gp yesterday and waiting to hear from mw for booking in. My dates would mean I am due very early September. 

    Hope all those early pregnancy symptoms are treating you all kindly 😆 congratulations to you all!!

  • Congrats cupcakemummy

  • Hello ladies, and congratulations to you all!

    Well, I got my bfp on Monday :) This is my second, I have a son who is 17 months and barely giving me a chance to relax! Luckily I haven't any major symptoms yet. This early in my last pregnancy I was already feeling really rough. Everything feels so different this time.

    EDD is 23rd September. Looking forward to chatting with you all!

  • Hi cupcakemummy and mrs biffy - welcome to September 2015 birth club and huge congrats on your pregnancies! Oooo it's already filling up nicely in here! Please do keep us posted on your symptoms, and wishing you both well.

  • Welcome & congrats mrs biffy.

    nice that we are starting to get quite a few ladies on here now... i hope this will be a nice chatty group that will keep us all sane!

    i re-tested today (13dpo) and got a very dark bfp so no more *tentatively* joining the group for me... I'm blummin jumping in headfirst!! 😊

  • So when my husband & i talked about trying again after our second mc he said that he had a good feeling that it would work out next time. I replied "third time lucky"... He said americans don't say that; they say "third time's a charm"... So we met in the middle & said "third times a lucky charm"... Hence why I did this to tell him the news! 😊image

  • looking for some advice as 3 days ago I used my first wee of the morning on a clear blue digi test and came back pregnant 1-2 weeks but later went to my doctor and came back neg and other brands I have purchased also neg and another clear blue digi neg this morning , I have had symptoms and also still no signs of my period I am only 4 days late and people believe.  It could just be that my hcg levels aren't high enough to pick up on the pregnancy yet anyone ever known a false positive on a clear blue digi test or should I just test again in a couple of weeks 

  • Amiiemmaa1.... Getting a false positive is extremely rare so unless the tests were out of date or something they are very accurate... & as you used the digi ones its not like you were reading (seeing a line) after the time which can cause confusion As digis show words not lines.

    if the doctors test & your subsequent tests were not with your FMU (first morning urine) it could very well just be that your hcg is not high enough yet as its at its most concentrated with fmu. If they were, it could unfortunately be the case that you have experienced a chemical pregnancy (a very early miscarriage). I really hope this is not the case for you. I would recommend giving it a couple of days then retesting again with fmu. You can also ask your doctor to do a blood pregnancy test which can detect hcg at lower levels than the urine test.

    good luck & keep us posted

  • I did ask the doctor to do a blood test but she insisted that if a urine one won't pick it up a blood test may not pick it up either ' i will try and get another appointment to see somebody different ' the digital one I did with my fmu this morning came back negative also, but I still have no bleeding and just hoping it's nothing but the fact I'm just too early I will re test in a few days and post what happens ' thank you.

  • Best of luck Amiiemmaa1, hope you get some good news.

    And big congrats SW2!! That's a brilliant way to tell your husband :D

    This whole "lack" of symptoms is really strange for me. I have hardly any appetite... surely I should be wanting to eat everything in sight?! We are going to be telling my parents and in-laws this weekend. I think because I've been feeling mostly OK we could hold off a bit but DH is so excited he can't keep it secret much longer, bless.

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