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Midwife Apps and Scans Sep 15

Hello everyone! Thought I would start a thread on this as I can't find one!

Just wondered how many midwife apps we had had and who had their scan dates? I am 7+6 today and due at the end of September so presume 12 week dating scans had started!

My booking app is on Tuesday 17th so I shall get my 12 week scan booked then.

Vicci xx


  • Hey icklevickie.

    i'm 8 + 2 today. Due to my history of mc's I've had 2 scans already... The 6 week one it was just a speck with a hb & a yolk sac but the 8 week one i could see it properly & even saw a little arm bud


    good luck for your first scan x

  • I had a 6 week one too because of bleeding. I'm glad they're looking after you xx

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