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The Due in September 15 Big Birth Announcement thread!


Well, it's not even September, and it would seem September's Birth Club has it's first baby! Congratulatons Vicky2008!!! So we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations – and maybe a little gift!

This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in September 2015 Birth Club We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements all in one place to look back on in Oct and beyond.

Good luck everyone!


  • Hello again. We've got some news for you lovely Due In Sep lot.

    The very nice folk at From You to Me have given us a little stash of Early Years Journals (see pics below) to send as a special gift to anyone who posts their birth story on this thread.

    So please do come and tell us all about it. We can't wait to hear!

  • Well my little one was due on 24th September but he is already here!

    I had been having some backache on Thursday 3rd, at tea time I started getting very mild irregular Brixton hicks. By 11pm I was getting a more uncomfortable and baby's movements had slowed so I called the hospital who recommended I took some paracetamol and had a bath. They were hoping that my aches would either be relieved or encouraged to become regular. Well my bath relieved everything so I went to bed thinking that labour was still a while off...

    I woke up at 4:50am thinking I needed the loo but for some reason I picked up my mobile from the side of the bed, and was very glad I did... I sat on the loo and started to get some contractions so I called my partner on my phone who was still in bed at 5:15. He came rushing downstairs to find me sitting on the loo and quite uncomfortable.

    I called the hospital who said as at this point my contractions were not taking my breath away and although they were regular they weren't long that I should pop in to be checked but expect to be sent home.

    I continued to contract on route to the hospital and arrived at 5:45 where the security guard was taking ages to book me in, I told him I really needed the loo and off I went. Once in the loo I started getting  an urge to bear down so pushed the nurse call button.

    Well I was rushed into a room opposite where I had time to remove my bottoms and get on the bed before I started getting an uncontrollable urge to push. The midwife checked me and said I was ready. I was by now quite uncomfy and asked for some sort of pain relief only to be told there was no time for any.

    Well after a very short while at 6:01am on the 4th September Stanley made his entrance to the world.  

    I managed a very quick delivery without pain relief and without any tears, only a small 'graze' I have recovered very well and even avoided the horrible stinging whilst weeing I had after my last one. 

    However, Stanley had some issues breathing amd was taken to neonatal. Since then I have been discharged and on a roller-coaster of ups and downs. But we have gone from needing breathingassistance, a feeding tube and a drip to breathing on his own, no drip amd breastfeeding.

    The Dr is now planning to move him to a normal cot to see how he copes with regulating his own temp with a view to him being prepared to come home if all goes well over the next few days.

    Sorry this has been a long post but if you got all the way to this line, Thank you for reading and I hope your labour is less eventful and that your little one is just perfect.  

  • Ps meet Stanley 


  • Oh Annie7 - thank you for posting your story - it's made me cry! And Stanley is SO lovely!

    So pleased to hear he might be coming home soon. 

  • Can't believe I'm posting on a September thread! She wasn't meant to make her appearance until mid October but she obviously had other ideas and came 6 weeks early. 

    I didn't think there was anything wrong, went to my 34 week midwife appointment expecting to be in and out like usual. When the midwife checked for baby's heartbeat the room fell silent. It honestly felt like an eternity but realistically was probably only about 2 minutes. Eventually you could hear a faint heartbeat and I can't explain the relief I felt! I got sent to the hospital to be checked over and still her heartbeat wasn't great. After hours of being monitored her heart rate was just up and down and the consultant said it was safer to deliver than to keep her in. Her hesrt rate became steady and so it was decided I would stay in hospital until I had her. The next day her heart rate dropped that low I had to be rushed for an emergency c section. 

    So baby Aria was born yesterday weighing 3lb 9oz. We still have a long way before she'll be allowed home. She's still struggling to breathe and has a hole in one of her lungs. It isn't big and so we're hoping that it doesn't get bigger. Such mixed emotions at the minute but I'm so happy that she's here. I've not been able to hold her properly yet which is horrible. But holding her little fingers and touching her little toes is amazing ! image

  • She's beautiful toni... Wishing you & aria well & hope she grows healthy & strong

  • Toni23x, thank you so much for posting and sharing beautiful Aria with us. So glad she's being looked after so well, and we hope you are too. We're popping you a PM now x

  • Congratulations Toni23x, Aria is beautiful.

    I know what you mean about not being able to hold her I was the same with Stanley. I relished in the touch of his feet and you'd be amazed the love I felt when I put my hand to my nose after and could smell him on my fingers.

    I hope you are recovering from your c-section well and that your little lady improves quickly so you can hold her. In the mean time take care of yourself, get as much rest as you can as soon you'll have all the sleepless nights and nappy changes to do. But I'm sure like me you won't complain but just be glad she's home to wake you xx  

  • Hello all, so it seems I was the first to have the september baby, due 01/09 born 28/08 so I apologise in advance its taken me so long to post!

    i had been going into hospitial twice weekly for scans and ctgs as she was messauring small! Friday the 28th me and my partner arrived at the hospitial at 7.55 for a ct, after an hour of monitoring and baby's heartbeat kept dipping a consultant advised that it would be better for baby to be out than in and due to a previous c section he advised this would be the best option, my partner rushed home to get hospitial bags and arrived back at the hospitial where were promptly taken to theatre, j was very emotional waiting or the spinal block, 2 hours ago I was expecting to be going to pick up my lil lad from his nanas and take him to mc Donald's for dinner! The spinal block was given and the c section began, I had made it clear I wanted to see baby being norn so before I knew it the man administrating the drugs was lifting my head and shoulders up and there she was! A mop of dark hair and tiny compared to my first son (9lb 6oz). The corn was wrapped around her knock twice which is what the consultant thought could have been the cause of her heart rate dipping She was taken for her  score and promptly given to my partner! I couldn't stop staring at her, she as then taken for her cord to be cut properly and to be weighed, 7lb 9.5oz, as soon as we were in recovery she was placed on me so we could have skin to skin and I could try and breastfeed, I was then take. To my ward where my partner called him mum to bring our son to the hospitial ( at this point no one knew baby arrived) my partner went to get our son so he was the first to see the baby the he went to get his mum who's face was a picture when she looked behind the curtain! Everything was going great, we called her Macie Elizabeth Rose, we had visitors on the fri evening me and baby slept well all night, and was told I could be discharged that day, lunchtime came and I was struggling to stand without having an excruciating headache, it seemed to get worse and was struggling. To sit, midwifes urged me to drink plenty of water and coffee and to stay lying down, a doctor came in and told me I was showing signs of having a spinal rupture, I was devastated I just wanted to go home! It was advised I stayed in hospitial another night, I reluctantly agreed, Sunday arrived and the headaches were still there but I was adamant I was going home, I was told that i might possibly have to go back to theatre for a blood patch, I was discharged and got to go home and rest!headcahes were still there and severe so my amazing partner did everything. Whilst I just lay Down! Thankfully the headaches started to subside on the Tuesday and was 100% by the Wednesday, my daughter is absolutely beautiful and we have enjoyed the last 2 weeks of being a family of 4! Can't wait to see all your baby's and read your stories! Thanks for reading 😊

  • imageMacie Elizabeth Rode at 10days old :-) 

  • Thanks so much for posting Vicky2008 your incredible story and a new pic of your gorgeous girly. If you get a mo, please update or PM me your address over so we can send you a little something.

  • Well I was fine booked in for section thu morning (17th) but little madem had her own ideas lol sat night had some what had been previously called ligament pain or head engagement pain it wasn't contractions but they showed up on monitor as something so said keep me in hosp to review in the morning so hubbie took boys home at 2am I went to ward then small bleed at 3.30 so they wanted a closer monitoring on delivery suit as a precaution due to past history got there around 4-5am prodded and pocked and a quick decision to do emergency section was made and rang and told hubbie having her going down corridor to theater so was in theater for 2hours as it was 4th section all by myself :-( and baby skylar jade was born 07.01 on 13th sep weighing 6lb 9.image

  • Thanks so much for sharing murf - we hope you're healing well and baby Skylar is just adorable. If you get a sec, please update your members details so we have your address, or just pop it on a PM to me so we can send you a little something!

  • My labour story... Due date 10th September 2015

    After being told a week before my due date that I was in early active labour and babies head was down I assumed I would be early to have my little one, but then my due date came and went by this point I had 3 false labours and was so fed up.

    Then on the Sunday night after my due date (3 days overdue) I began to get labour pains which became stronger and I knew were the real thing so I went into the hospital and was put on a monitor and examined and was told I was 2 cm dilated and that due to the distance from my home to the hospital they thought it was best for me to stay in for the night so I agreed.

    By the morning my contractions had spaced out and I was told I was still only 2 cm and that it might be best for me to go home. So I did I got home around 2pm Monday and went sleep for a little while then at around 4pm I went to the bathroom and noticed I had been bleeding but spoke to my mother who said that was probably just my show and not for me to worry just keep an eye on it.

    By Tuesday morning I was still having the contractions but they had spaced out allot but again I went to the bathroom and found more blood which I asked my mother again and she said I shouldn’t still be bleeding as the show is not so much blood as it is mucus and also I hadn’t felt much of the baby moving since the bleed had started the night before so I rang the hospital back and they said that I should go in and get checked over to be safe..

    once I got to the hospital I was put on a monitor and babies heart rate was fine and contractions were not so much there so they were going to send me home as I was only measuring at 1cm at this point but as I had said I would allow a medical student to be present they asked to do a scan just to be sure that baby was happy.

    It was during the scan that they noticed they baby had very little fluid and showed concerns for this right away and I was asked as well as explained that I could wait a week to be induced but the risk of that is if I continue to lose the fluid it could end in the baby being at risk of becoming ill or they could start off my labour and induce me today (Tuesday) or if they had no beds for me to come back tomorrow but obviously I said I was happy for it to be done right away for baby safety so after waiting an hour I was placed on a ward where I began to get contractions after around 2 hours

    them can to examine me and begin to induce me with the pro plus pill but on examination I was 3.5 cm so she said I didn’t need to have the pill due to it starting but she wanted to keep eye on me just to make sure it continues.. so I was placed on a monitor again where it kept eye on babies heart beat as well as my contractions but as I was in back labour their machines don’t tend to measure it and so she didn’t think it would be any time soon..

    about hour or so later my contractions were minutes apart and extremely painful due to it been in my back so I requested pethidin which didn’t stop the pain but I was able to breathe through the contractions a little better

    I tried to walk around but as it was all in my back the pressure was just too much to bare and by this point I was shattered as I hadn’t slept properly since they started on Sunday.

    At about 9ish the pethidin had worn off and again I was in allot of pain but more so now, so the midwife checked me again to find I had gone to 5cm and needed to be moved to delivery ward, once I got over there I was offered gas and air but right away I said I wanted the epidural as I was so tired and with my first it allowed me to get some sleep so they agreed but I had to wait for the doctor who does them and while I did that I was put on the monitor again but this time they found it hard to track down baby without losing her so they said because I am going to get the epidural they would like to put a monitor clip on babies head and to do so they had to break my waters

    after this they did the epidural and which took them 2 attempts due to equipment failure and left me 20 minutes for it to begin to work.. when the doctor came back I was still in full pain dependant on my gas and air so he gave me another dose and said he would return in 20 minutes about 10 minutes later I was feel sharp pain and they were in no way made better with the epidural and when I was examined I was fully dilated and ready to push..

    once baby was out they held her up so I could see her sex but her cord was hiding it yet again so my mum had to tell me I had another girl (she was convinced she would be a boy) I had the injection to get the after birth out and once it was out I began to haemorrhage quite allot

    a flood of doctors came in and were doing all sorts to stop me bleeding it was horrible I remember being in and out of black outs but eventually they managed to stop it and I started to come too, I ended up with a tear as well but didn’t need any stitches.

    About 2 hours later I was put on the birthing ward were I would be for the night and due to me being so tired, dizzy and sore I said I was going to need help throughout the night so that they were understanding when I buzzed them..

    after I had fed her I buzzed them and they helped me put her back into the crib but I was still unable to sleep as I couldn’t get up to pull the curtain around and by that time it was 4am,

    as she began to cry the midwife came in with the doctor that performed my epidural as he wanted to have a word with me about why it didn’t work so she passed me my baby and left. He explained that when he put the tube of the epidural into my back the wire had creased and ended up blocked so that all the fluid they tried to put in had became blocked and that is why it hadn’t worked because I didn’t end up with any of it going into my system and he apologized about it as you can guess I was understanding but not best pleased as such a high risk in getting it and it hadn’t been done right..

    after this the night staff were quite rude and not understanding at all with me not being able to move as much as I also had to have a catheter in on top of everything else the morning staff were slightly better but again I forced myself to do more due to feeling upset at the night staff I over did it and ended up very dizzy eventually I had my mum come back and help me and get me signed out so I could get home..

    Sorry if this panics anyone but this is my story and it was not the best labour I had hoped for but at the end of it yes I am still sore and yes I am still not myself but I have a beautiful baby girl

    I have named Lyra Anne she was born at 00.29 on the 16th of September 2015 weighing 7lb 10 and she is perfect so I cant really complain as she was more than worth it xx

  • Hi SFW91, we're so sorry sorry you suffered an ordeal, but at the end of your post, seeing the pics of your two daughters together must totally make it worth it. And this is why women say 'we forget about labour' because at the end of it, you have that beautiful baby girl. Well done you - you did brilliantly.

  • Exactly now I have my 2 girls it could have been a better experience but I'm still here and so is she so to me the end result couldn't be any better xx

  • Hello ladies. I have loved reading everyone's birth stories again now I have my own to share. Even the ones that were a bit harder, I am so glad we are all here to share the experience with each other now our little ones have arrived! My story doesn't have an awful lot of drama, in fact it won't be too long either - in the words of the midwife reading my birth notes "they're a bit.... short!" ;)

    So I mentioned on our thread that I'd been having contractions for a week or so but they didn't seem to be doing much. Early Wednesday I was woken up at 2am by my waters suddenly going. Then the contractions got VERY strong VERY fast and I still had to phone my parents to come up and look after our son. Who thankfully slept through the 4 hours of me pacing around our flat in pain!! They got here as soon as they could but I swear if it had been any later I'd have had Wren in our bathroom!

    My husband was amazingly calm and got us to the birth centre out in the forest just after 7am. I was having a huge contraction as I got in the door so the midwife just ushered me straight into the birth room. 5 mins later I was in the pool pushing and Wren was born after 35 minutes or so! (Didn't quite beat Annie's 15 minutes there image ) I hadn't intended to actually have her in the water but I'm so glad I did. Hubby said it was magical seeing her under the surface just looking around. She was born still in the amniotic sac which is meant to be lucky apparently?! And so she was covered in vernix. We had some lovely sticky cuddles.

    So here she is! Now 3 days old and is still sleeping a lot. I'm not used to this at all as her big brother was a bit of a pickle even in the newborn stage. Of course it won't last but right now we're all very happy and coping well as a family of four.

    Wren Florence Clementine, 8lb5oz 7.45am 16/09/2015




  • Ahhhh mrs biffy, thank you so much for sharing - sounds like a beautiful experience, just like your little girl. Don't forget to pop me your address over on a PM please!

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