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Due in September 2016 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in September 2016 Birth Club Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hi - hope everyone makes it over to this thread!! I haven't posted for ages but thought I'd update today as we had our 20 week scan! I was so nervous as we had some complications revealed at my 2nd daughters 20 week scan, so was feeling very apprehensive. But over the moon that today's scan was great - everything was heathy and 'normal'!!! So made up right now. Plus, we found out we are having a little BOY!!! So shocked as really thought I'd have another girl. It's the first boy in my husbands side of the family so am looking for ways to 'reveal' it to them. Any ideas?????? 

  • Hi Littlecedar, lovely to see you back again, and so glad everything is good with your little cedar!

  • Yay another boy! Congratulations LittleCedar!

  • Congratulations littlecedar. How about getting a box and putting a balloon inside that says its a boy and letting them open it. 

    i haven't been on for a while as I have been feeling very anxious and worrying all the time that something will go wrong. Am being very looked after though - have my 20 week scan next Friday then additional scans booked for 28, 32, 36 and 38 weeks. given my history and age my consultant said they won't be letting me go to term so at my meeting with him at 36/37 weeks they will be giving me an induction date. 

    Hope everyone is doing well. 


  • Glad you are being looked after Earthangel. Pregnancy is worrying in the best circumstances but if you have a history of things not going the way you hope, it's incredibly tough. i really hope your 20 week scan goes ok. I was so nervous before mine yesterday. At my second daughter's scan they picked up that she was incredibly tiny & thought she may have various diseases and growth issues. After a zillion scans and tests, she was born at 40+4 weighing 4lbs 15ozs. And absolutely healthy. She is now nearly 3 & a cheeky, happy little girl - albeit still small. That, plus previous miscarriage, meant I was on edge yesterday. It is very hard not to worry when you fear something will go wrong. Be strong & I wish you a happy, healthy scan xx

  • I have my 20-week scan tomorrow and I'm taking my mum, husband and daughter. I'm going to ask my mum to wait outside with my lo while all the necessary checks are completed and then invite her in at the end so long everything is OK. I'm sooo nervous but excited at seeing my next little girl again.

    Glad you're all feeling good!

  • Ah good luck tomorrow fattykimbo - hope all goes well.

    thank you littlecedar and I am glad all was ok with your daughter. I am really hoping that I may relax a little after next week. also good luck with choosing a way to reveal to your hubbys family. My son was the first boy in our family and he is absolutely spoiled rotten ha ha. 


  • Hi lovely September ladies, we hope you're doing well! We know some of you have older children, so we were wondering, do they use a comforter in bed? And did you have a comforter too? Please do come and let us know over here.

  • Ha Ha earthangel! This boy will be spoilt rotten too! First grandson among a sea of grandaughters & the mother in law is always saying how she'd love to look at boys clothes!! 

  • Congratulations Littlecedar x

    Hope all goes well on your scan tomorrow Kimbo x

    My scan is on Friday, can't wait to find out what we're having this time, hope everyone is feeling ok :) xxx

  • image

    Hey ladies how is everyone ?!!! I'm back!!!! Good luck kimbo and ethriel with your scans!!! That's everyone 20weeks right?!!! How are you all feeling????

    How are you all and is the baby kicking??? Are you all find out what hour having!!!?

    ive been fine but I'm teency!!!!!! Everyone's telling me I look very small for 20 weeks I'll upload a 19week bump pic but to be honest I was bigger at 12!!!! Anyways can't wait to hear from you all lots of love xxxxx

  • My scan isn't today, it's tomorrow *baby brain strikes again*

    I am massive Clo but looking at you, you're very petite and it's your first. I was so small with my first and now I have zero stomach muscles!!

  • Let me know how you get on tomorrow!!

    your finding out aren't you?!xx

  • I've already found out at a private scan...we're having another little girl!

    Have you had your 20 weeker yet?


  • Wow that's fantastic!!!!!! I've missed so much!!!!

    im 20 weeks today but my scan not until next Thursday!!!!!!

    has anyone heRs of the poco baby hammock?? I was looking at it but concerned how baby monitors would fit in etc xx

  • Ahh, I was looking at those hammocks, they're lush! Baby monitor can just go on the side. What age do the hammocks go up to? I'm sure the it's not old and so it will probably be still in with you?? 

    Are you going to find out the sex Clo?

    I've bought one of those horrendously overpriced Sleepyhead pods! If it's good enough for Giovanna Fletcher...hah!

    I really want a wooden moon baby crib but the joiner who said she'd make it doesn't have the time now so I'm in a huge huff now!

  • What colour of pod dis you get?!!!! I think they are gorgeous!!!!!! My sister in law has one and I love it ! I wanted to stay away from anything wicker (cat temptation) 


    Do do you have two girls already? I was sure it was boys you had!

    how have you been keeping?

    I'm wanting a surprise as its my first! ive been going to yoga and it's been great! I was in agony last week and ended up going to hospital I was in agony buy turns out it was just stretching! Baby has been kicking since 17 weeks!!!!have you felt much movement ?

    how would the camera would sit in the hammock?? It would I need a clip? My mum and dad think it's. Bad idea but I'm  not going to be swinging the baby about in it! Honestly !! Xx

  • Hiya ladies - hope you are all well.

    how did the scan go today erithiel?


  • Closmith so nice to hear from you again. I wasn't showing much at my 20 weeks scan in my first pregnancy. I'll take a picture of my bump soon too.

    My scan went well today! We're over the moon and having a baby boy <3 our soon 3 year old is very excited since he's been saying he wants a brother :) our little 15 months old girl is not bothered 😂 



    :) how's everyone? How did your scan go Kimbo? xx

  • Congratulations erithiel - gorgeous pics. 

    Have my scan next Friday -  am excited to find out what we are having but also feeling so nervous about it too.

    how did your scan go Kimbo?


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