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The Due in September 2016 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's very nearly September and we know we have some babies on the way very soon, so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and well wishes and maybe a little gift for your baby too!

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!


* Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in September 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in 2016 and beyond.



  • So after seeing my consultant at 36 weeks he decided on an induction on 30 august.

    I called the delivery suite at 7am as requested and was told to come in at 8. Because I had so much fluid it was hard for the midwife to get a feel for his position but her view he was head down. His heartbeat was monitored and I had usual Checks ( blood pressure, urine etc) whilst waiting for a scan to confirm his position. 

    At 11 am I had my scan and it turned out our little monkey was bottom breech. After speaking with the doctors and shedding more than a few tears they booked me for an ecv to turn him for the afternoon. 

    Next thing we knew our consultant appeared to say that the lay of the baby was unpredictable and that because there was so much fluid even if the baby was turned he would not stay in that position.  He said he was bobbing around in his own private swimming pool ha ha. He then said the safest thing would be to have a c section and they would be doing it within the hour. That was at 3pm. At 3.24 we were in theatre and at 3.42 oliver had arrived weighing a good 8lb 6oz.

    I am still in recovery being checked as I lost 2 litres of blood and may need a transfusion.  But otherwise everything is good.

    Oliver is absolutely amazing and I have fallen in love all over again. I can't wait for his big brother Joseph to visit tomorrow and meet him.


  • Hooray Earthangel! And so many congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son (saw his pics on the other thread). We hope you're starting to heal up now, and thank you so much for posting your birth story. When you get a mo, please do pop me over your address via PM. 

  • As the responsible owner of an Oliver myself, I can tell you that they're lovely! :) 

    Well done you! Xxxxx

  • Thank you Danielle - I will ping my details to you.

    Ah Kimbo we obviously chose a fab name. Looking forward to seeing your post and pics. Xx 

  • imageI am totally in love with our little bundle. We were scheduled for c-section due to placenta previa on Sept 6th at noon. I vomited the night before and thought it was just a result of coughing (I have terrible allergies this time of year.) I went to sleep around 11 pm and around 2:30 am we got the phone call that my husband's grandfather passed away. He went over to his mother's house to comfort her. About 30 minutes later I was vomiting again. This made me concerned so I checked my blood pressure. I have had some issues with preeclampsia. My blood pressure was high. I called my husband and checked on my mother in law and told him what was going on. He came home and we headed straight to the hospital. When we got there they werent too concerned. They just started IV and gave nausea Med and bag of sugar water. I was told everything would probably go as originally planned. Doctor got there early and finished up on another section so he took me in early. Scariest feeling in my life my legs going numb but still feelin movement but no pain! Husband did great belong to calm me and my sweet love was born 7 pounds even and 21 inches long. He is beyond a good baby!! Only cries when he is cold or needs to be changed! 

  • image Not much of a birth story as we had a planned csection on 9th September..

    So happy to finally meet our bundle of joy Meredith June Hargreaves at 9.15am weighing 7 lbs 7 oz 

    All went smoothly, although never again haha! 

    Cant wait to take her home now..

    Will look forward to reading the rest of the girls stories once the rest of the September club arrive.. Good luck for a smooth birth to all and hoping we all have happy healthy babies and mums xxxx

  • She is just lovely HH88 - are you home now? 

  • Hello! Finally, I'm here! 

    So I went in to be induced on Sunday at half two. Didn't get the pessary until midnight which was really bad but they were shortstaffed. 

    Finally had my waters broken at 12pm and the contractions started almost immediately. 

    I don't know if you all remember but I had a section last time and was adamant not to have another. They said that they'd give me until 4pm to progress. 

    Fast forward to 4pm and quite honestly, I was in a state of euphoria. Agony, but euphoric all the same. It sounds soppy but I felt like the most empowered woman on the planet with each contraction... Go me! Hah! 

    I was examined again at 4and told I was 4cm so I begged them to give me one more hour to see how things went. 

    Well Nancy was totally on my side and I fully dilated in an hour and twenty minutes and within six minutes of pushing, she was here! 

    She came out fists first like superman hah

    Yes it was painful but my god, aren't we just amazing? Like, as women, we do something so incredible? 

    She is as absolute Angel and I can't imagine our family without her. 

    Wishing you all very happy and safe deliveries ladies xxximageimageimageimage

  • FattyKimbo, what a fantastic birth story - and it felt very familiar to me indeed - very much like my first born birth too, she came out too like superman! Love you birth story, thank you so much for sharing it - and isn't Nancy just perfection. Well done you! 

  • Love your birth stories hh and kimbo. Kimbo am so happy you got the natural birth you wanted. 


  • Lennon Paul O'Neill

    Due: 23rd September

    Born: 16th September @ 39 weeks

    Weight: 8lb

    My birth didn't go to plan but it was all worth it. 

    Here is my Birth Story.

    My waters broke at 3:38am Thursday morning, a real movie moment gush. Tried to call birthing centre/labour ward a few times but no answer so tried to go back to sleep. Couldn't sleep, had about 7 contractions between 4-7am so called again and was told to go in and get checked. Confirmed waters had broken and went home until contractions became more regular. After 24 hours if I wasn't in established labour I would be induced so clock was ticking.

    Contractions finally picked up around 5:30pm Thursday so went back in. I was only 3cm dilated. They let me start out in the birthing centre but they said if baby wasn't here before 3:40am then I'd be moved to the labour ward and put on antibiotics and would be monitored because of the risk of infection.

    11:30pm I was really struggling with contractions, was checked and still only 3cm (heart breaking) so I got in the bath, which really helped. I really wanted a water birth but wasn't looking likely. 3:40am came and I was moved and strapped up to my antibiotic drip, monitors and also needed fluid. Also started on gas and air. This slowed me down even more. Was checked again at 4:30am and had reached 5cm. I had been awake for way over 24 hours at this point and couldn't cope with the pain. I had the pethidine shot in my butt, which made me so sleepy and gave me and my hubby some rest. It took the edge off the contractions. I was just too exhausted to use the gas and air, I was so out of it. Something was happening with the babies heart rate so I had to move position every 5-10 minutes in my sleepy state, which was not fun.

    At 9am I felt the need to push so they checked and I was 9cm and let me start pushing.

    TMI - every time I pushed I felt real constipation pain but midwife said it was normal. I pushed for over 3 hours and it was so painful. I was screaming. They called the doctor in and he had a look at me and checked my pushes. He said I was so constipated that the baby didn't have room to come out and was putting so much pressure on my bowel. He then proceeded to clear my bowel, which was just awful. I can't believe my husband still loves me after witnessing that. After that I could finally push properly. Such a relief!!

    I was so close to having my boy out but my pushes were getting weaker. They decided to use the suction cap to help with the last 2cms but he still wasn't coming so the doctor cut me and finally his head came out and one more push and he was fully out.

    I cried my eyes out!! The relief was amazing. He is the most amazing baby and wanted to feed straight away. He is super strong too and hasn't cried at all. I love him so much. Even though I can honestly say I completely hated every second of my labour and birth, he was so worth it. 

    We had to stay 24 hours for monitoring after my waters breaking and him not wanting to come out but no infection. Both happy and healthy. We came home Saturday. 


  • image

    this is my favourite picture. I posted the wrong one before. x

  • All of these babies are just gorgeous!! Congrats!!

  • Wow kemma - you went through a lot. So glad lennon arrived safe and sound and hope you are OK.  Gorgeous pic of your little man.


  • Oh KEmma, what a wonderful birth story, and your son Lennon is just so beautiful!  I feel your pain about having the poop incident - same happened to me too! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your birth.

    And to everyone else too who has shared their birth story, please can you drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can sort out your little gifts! 

  • Amazing birth stories ladies! And all so unique, it truly is amazing what we have to go through before we meet our precious babies! 

    KEmma I absolutely loved reading your story, glad you're both at home safe and sound x

  • Teddy Reuben


    13/09/2016 12:30pm 4.290kg :) (40w+5d)

    I've had a sweep at 3pm on the 12th, came back home and that evening didn't feel much different, just the usual 'this baby can't get any heavier' feeling.

    I couldn't sleep much at night, wasn't comfortable and kept waking up needing a wee. Woke up to my daughter crying around 6.20am so came downstairs and got her breakfast ready, had one contraction at 6.25am then another one at 6.35am and so on every 10mins.. In the meantime I've sent a text message to my mum asking if she's asleep and letting her know I need her to come and look after the kids (she lives 1h 30mins away) just in case. My son woke up and we were all having breakfast when I realised I need my husbands help so I can call the midwife so they're ready for us coming in.

    When I woke him up (apologising for having contractions this early in the morning) he asked if I'm happy with him having a little snooze 😂 as he only came back from work around 1am and didn't go to bed till about 2am. He did say sorry for being silly!

    So with my mum on her way, husband calling the neighbours to watch the kids until she gets here my contractions changed to every 4mins by 7.30am. Our lovely neighbour stayed with our kids as we left at 8.25am. Arrived at the maternity unit at 8.45am, had a chat with the midwife, I was 5cm around 9.30, the contractions were still not too painful and every 3mins. The midwife filled the pool/bath with warm water and not long after getting in I was ready to push. After 50mins of pushing and thinking this baby is never going to come out there he was 😍 

    Turns out I was pushing his head and a hand together which I guess was the reason why it felt like it's never going to happen. I was totally shocked to have such a chubby little one as my first 2 were 7lb 6oz and 7lb 3oz so 9lb 4oz this time was a huge surprise! 

    Had some yummy toasts and lunch before leaving. Got home at 5pm, kids were very happy and couldn't wait to meet their little brother ♥ 

    I feel very lucky I got the birth I wanted and didn't need any pain relief 😌 

    Keeping my fingers crossed for all the ladies still waiting for their miracles 💕 xxx

  • What a fantastic birth Erithiel - and you really made us LOL when you're husband asked to go back to bed! Teddy looks divine, how have his siblings taken to hm and how are you managing juggling three children now? 

  • imageimageimage

    So september 23rd I was 40+1 I thot I was never going to labour myself.

    i woke up at 5am to realise I was soaked all the way threw my clothes. Thinking to myself surly I've not been dreaming and wet myself (as having never experienced this before) it kept happening and finally woke my husband up and told him  think my waters had gone. 

    I phoned the hospital at 6am and was told to come in at 9:30 due to my contractions s be so far apart. Was started to get excited. 

    We arrived at the hospital with my bags packed and ready to meet our little miracle. to be told my cervix was extremely thin and my waters had definitely popped. Due to having to sections previous I was to be kept in. 

    As I sat waiting to be put onto the ward until my contractions become stronger and regular I could t help but squeeze my husbands hand and say we have Got this.

    I was put up stairs into the ward just after lunch time. i sat patiently waiting for everything to come more regular and stronge. My husband had to leave hospital just after 9 that night as my contractions were not progressing.

    just after 11 I was woke up with severe back labour and was in severe pain. I timed my contractions they were coming every 3-5 mins and last 50-70 second. I was ready for throwing in the towel and asking for a section and the pains were so intens. My husband gave me all the encouragement threw text messages. Telling me I was not fighting for a natural and not following threw with it and I could do this.

     was transferred to labour ward at half past were inohoned my husband and told him he had to come up as I was in being moved to labour suite. 

    my labour carried on until early hours of Saturday morning and only using Gas & air was managing just and no-more. Back labour had to be the worse. My husband was very supportive and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

    7am I asked for an epidural and was refused and told no as was only 2-3cm dialated and not far enough into labour. Even though I was told I could have one. I was offered morphine which I refused.

    consultant came to see me @ 8:45 and was concerned as I had been progressing quick enough and were scared of scar rupture. 9:15 I was rushed for an emergency csection and they tried for 15 minutes to get spinal in as my contractions were so strong and so regular it was a challeng. they eventually managed.

    thertre staff couldn't have been any nicer. Spoke us threw everything and kept us calm. 9:52 my beautiful baby girl our miracl was born Weighing 7lbs 10oz. Daddy got to trim/cut the cord, she was handed to myself straight away after a quick rub.

    i can honestly say for some-one who has never laboured i am extremely proud of my self and my husband keeps telling me how proud he is. I had actually dialated 4cm and was in labour my body just shut down and couldn't cope anymore. 

    my body tried and that was all I wanted. I'm glad my baby  here safe and I am am doing god aswell xxx

  • Ahh, all these beautiful birthing stories - well done gals - you're amazing!!


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