Due in September 2017

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us!

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  • Hi

    im due early sept - I think (not sure when last period was but i think I will be due early sept)

    looks like im the first here 

  • Hiya Babyo4, welcome to MadeForMums and huge congratulations! You are indeed the first member of this brand new birth club, but please don't worry, we're sure there will be lots of other women along to join you soon with their BFPs. 

    How are you feeling? 

  • Exhausted and bloated but generally ok, this is baby no 4 so busy times

  • Super busy times for you babyo4! I remember that exhaustion well in those first 12 weeks. How old are your other children? 

  • Just turned 6, about to turn 5 and about to turn 3 :)

  • Hi I'm due 5th September! This is my second! Congratultions babyo4!! def with you on the bloated front! other than that ive been feeling good so far...but think im now getting a cold so feeling pretty rotten and exhausted today. 

  • Opps *2nd September I mean! 5th sept is my step sons birthday so have that date in my head!! 

  • Hey

    how old is your little one?

    my belly has expanded crazily, not sure how I'm gonna hide this, haven't felt this bloated for a long time 

  • Welcome Lau2016 and huge congratulations! Sorry you're feeling poorly, but we're so glad to have you here! 

    Babyo4 - when did you start showing with your other pregnancies? 

  • She's 4, can't wait to tell her as she will be so excited, I have 2 step sons 7 and 9 too but worried at how they will take the news! The youngest is quite emotional and a worrier so just don't know if we should try and make it a really positive thing or keep it really calm and casual! 

    Gosh me too, I'm size 10/12 but always had bit of a belly anyway since my lg, so not sure if I'm just paranoid that I look pregnant now that I actually have a baby in there rather than my usual food baby!! 😂 


  • Thanks Danielle! Nothing some honey and lemon can't sort 😊 

  • Usually start to have a belly by about 8 weeks with the other pregnancies, i had lost a lot of weight last year but have put a lot of it back on so hoping I can cover it as podge until the scan! 

  • Hi everyone, we wanted to drop by and wish you all a very happy new year. We also wondered if you've made any new years resolutions, won't you come and tell us about them on this new thread here? 

    Happy 2017 to you all! We hope it's a very happy and healthy one. 

  • Hi number 5 for me!! Due around the 5th ish xx

  • Hello, this is my first one, complete shock still don't think that it is real, the only symptom I have is sore boobs

  • Me too! I am shattered but that could just be other children lol also my jeans are tight but that could be Christmas 🎄 

  • Welcome puddy and congratulations! Wow your house is going to be wonderfully busy - how old are your other children? 

    Hi and welcome to MadeForMums Mami89 too! I remember that shock all too well - sometimes you never really believe it until that first scan or your belly pops! 

  • Hello!
    On the forum today, we're talking about women and mums having to cope with the 'invisible workload'. This means dealing with things like knowing when you're running out of toothpaste, remembering all teacher meetings and events at school, knowing which child prefers what, and those types of things. 

    We were wondering, who does this in your house? Please do come and check out the thread here and let us know what you think... 

  • Post deleted by MadeForMums. 
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  • Hi Ladies, 

    this is my first baby, due 10th September! I can't wait for the rest of my pregnancy! 

    I want to get funny involved in everything! Antenatal classes, pregnancy fitness, and bump to baby shoots and everything! i just want it to be the best ever experience for me and my OH since we've been trying since October 2015! 

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