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The Due in September 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, September 2017 is around the corner, and we know we're expecting some babies soon from the Due in September 2017 birth club, so we thought we'd get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • Exciting!!! 😍😍😍

  • I can't believe this is here, this means we are all so close to meeting out little babies now ladies! eeek!

  • Max Henry was born on 30.08.17 at 2.06am weighing 7lb 2oz. I was induced at 39 weeks and 2 days because of slowed growth and i was GDM. I was given the propess pessary at 12midday and transferred to the ward. My waters broke at 23:45 and I was put on monitoring for half an hour, all was well but no strong, regular contractions. I had paracetamol and codeine. At 1am I had the urge to push and was 9cm on examination! I rang my partner who had been sent home and told him to come back and fast! Was wheeled up to the labour ward and my partner arrived around 1.30 just in time as Max arrived at 2.06! Pain relief was paracetamol, codeine and a little bit of gas and air. The placenta wouldnt deliver so I had to go into theatre to have it removed, had a spinal block and some stitches to repair tears. Finally reunited with my boys after an hour and was able to breastfeed in recovery! Had a lot of skin to skin after birth and was completely in love 😍 Allowed home from hospital after one nights stay 👶🏻 

  • On 25.07.2017 Georgie was born @ 8:45am weighing 3lbs 8oz and Teddy 8:57am 4lbs 10oz. My waters broke at 2am on 25th July (exactly 32 weeks), luckily other half was with me- rang the hospital said the magic word Twins and they wanted me in straight away. at that point I had no pain.. got to hospital within 10-15 mins (thank you uber!!) my pains didnt kick in until 4am but before then they were going to send me home as I was only 2cm.. but I knew my body I knew it was coming.. first time mum so although I was very new to everything I knew the boys wer on their way! I didn't get a chance to go to any antenatal classes so my expetations were all over the place.. no birh plan but knew had to have epidural in case one of the babies going into distress or something going wrong.. by 4/430am I was 6cm and was demanding gas and air or epidural ... 

    They took us into theatre (normal for twins) at 8am, round of introductions from about 12 members of staff and I finished it with hi im Joanna the mummy and this is daniel the daddy lol the labour itself went so so smoothly, lots of pushing and I blanked out everyone else in the room except my partners count down for pushing.. before we knew it Georgie came at 8:45am..I remember seeing his beautiful faGe (and head of hair) look up to the light and he went up and over me I heard his cry behind me. and shortly followed by Teddy 8:57am, the staff said to me to look down just before Teddy came out and I saw his head of hair! then two placentas at 9am!! The staff were amazing and I made a big point at the end to thank them all as being as I also work for the NHS I know we don't always get appreciated for the hard work. 

    I didn't get to properly see my boys until 4 hours later. I was taken off to recovery ward - I only had one stich inside.. don't know how lol..

    When I first saw my beautiful boys it was in intensive care they were in incubators and I broke down with emotion. Only a few hours old we knew they were little superheroes. 

    and now 6 weeks on they are doing amazing!! Xxx

  • Thank you so much for sharing your birth stories.

    Frankie86, that is some amazingly fast dilating you did there! We hope you're doing well now and getting some rest. 

    ChelseaJojo, that's a wonderfully smooth birth, especially considering you had twins - and thank goodness your boys are all healthy and home with you now. 

  • Hey all. 

    I had my sweep at 2pm Thursday afternoon (7th September, 3 days overdue). Friday morning, 3am I woke up with back up and contractions started. My husband woke up 4am, and stayed awake with me. Debating whether he should have the day off work as we didn't quite believe it had started. Both him and my mum ended up having the day off. I phoned the hospital for advice and was advised to stay at home for as long as possible. The TENS machine went on and away we went, managing the contractions very well, timing them noticing them becoming regular and then becoming irregular. 

    At 1pm we decided a trip to the hospital was needed, I was given paracetamol and codeine and sent on my way as I was only 1-2cm dilated and irregular.  

    It got to 4.30pm and the contractions started taking my breathe away & making my eyes water. Mum phoned MLU but they needed to speak to me, after a 4 minute phone call we were into the car heading to the hospital on the advice we still may get sent away. We had a huge downpour and every route possible on our 20 minute journey was a stand still (also in rush hour on a Friday afternoon) the journey took us 1 hour in total with contractions getting stronger. 

    We arrived and was put into a delivery room (with no bed at first) and was left for 3 hours as they were busy. It all goes a bit blurry from here. I was given oramorph on arrival along with paracetamol which didn't ease the pain at all. 3 hours later I was assessed and still only 1-2cm dilated so they wasn't too happy to keep me, however there was no chance I could go home due to the pain. MLU had 2 emergencies so I was left without pain relief for a while, both mum and my husband by this point were struggling to see me in so much pain so started chasing. In the end I had an injection of morphine and was given gas and air to help relief the pain of the injection .... turns out they can't sent you home when you've started gas and air as it isn't fair. 

    Contractions were coming stronger and regular by this point but still was not dilating. I had another morphine injection around 4am and that was it until 10pm Saturday evening (I'll get to that bit). Early hours Saturday were all a bit of a blur and by 11am Saturday morning we were heading down to CLU to be monitored for baby's movements as I hadn't felt her. They made me walk back to the ward (horrendous) and as soon as I got back I threw up everywhere and at this stage we were transferred to a room with a pool. I think by this point I may have been 4/5cm dilated. 

    Turns out baby was back to back, hence all the horrendous agonising pain even though I wasnt technically in labour. I had to do some exercises to try and get Baby to move. Midwife made me get in the pool which apparently I was a lot more relaxed in here... 

    Time ticking, still not dilating but becoming more and more in pain but it was still a waiting game. My waters officially broke in the pool around 3pm Saturday.... established labour had started. Midwife kept saying the baby would be born before the end of the shift, so I kept clock watching thinking I've only got till 7pm! I can do this! I had an internal, 7.5cm dilated but would be 9cm however she felt a "tonsil" on my cervix which was preventing dilation and softening.

    7pm, staff change over still no baby! Another internal, turns out this "tonsil" was actually vaginal tissue. I was getting and intense feeling in my bum to push, they advised as I was 10cm dilated they wouldn't be encouraging pushing at this stage but they couldn't stop me.... the pushing commenced! 

    The midwives on the night shift were lovely and brilliant (although I wasn't talking and still a blur). Time ticked on, it got to 10pm and I was begging for pain relief (more than gas and air) they advised I was too far progressed and as I had morphine I couldn't have anything else..... turns out they read I had morphine at 4pm not 4am and this is why I hadn't been offered a single thing! I was advised at this stage I could have morphine or an epidural but there was risks. If I had morphine, baby could be born needing resuscitation help but all teams would be in standby... and epidural I'd be transferred care to CLU and the obvious risks for what they advise (back problems, assisted delivery etc). After I discussed with my husband and advice from midwives that they needed to give me something for me to rest between contractions in order for me to have energy to push, a morphine injection was given. 

    This stage I had a catheter put in as I wasn't able to wee, prior to this they emptied my bladder twice. 

    Around 12/12:30am, my husband said she just pushed 6 times within 1 contractions - cue midwife having a look. "Oh I'll be right back, I can see the head". I apparently made them all laugh as I kept saying you're lying her head isn't there, please tell me it is..... 12.38am, Sunday 10th Sept, Nellie Underwood was born and placed onto my chest and all pain was completely forgotten about 💗! I pushed her out with no gas and air as by this point I wanted this baby out. 

    46 hours in total (established labour 9 hrs 38 mins), my world is complete!! It all feels such a blur and I'd do it again in a heartbeat for our beautiful baby girl! 

    We were home by 9am Sunday morning 💜. 

    Currently writing this from maternity ward, as our little princess wanted to test us. Midwife visited today and she has jaundice and not been feeding well so has been under a lamp since 4pm. She's doing so well and her colour is coming back and she's now feeding brilliantly! 

    Good luck to you all 😘! 

    Ps: my first wee didn't sting!!! I did have stitches however apparently they are for cosmetic reasons only and not in the "perinum" area. It's because baby came out in one push rather than head then body!

  • I started having irregular contractions on the Thursday evening, day before due date, my mw came on my due date (18.09) to give me a sweep as that's what happened with my first and he was born on his due date, very quickly, so she told me if it gets more regular to ring the birth centre as my previous labour was so fast. Had the sweep and she said I was 3cm,brilliant I thought this is a good sign! 

    Contractions got stronger after the sweep but still irregular, this continued to happen on the Saturday & Sunday, when I was due another sweep.

    Out she came to do the second sweep & I cried because it felt like nothing was happening, then at about 5pm that evening the contractions started getting stronger & more consistent, my husband rang the birth centre to be told I'd best come down as we live 25 mins away.

    Quick phone call to my dad to come to the house as my son had just gone to sleep, so we had to wait for him before we could go, all the time contractions getting stronger & longer.

    Got to the BC and was examined both whilst having a contraction and not, I was now 5cm, they started running the pool. We happened to be in the exact same room as I had been in last year having my son, this must be a good sign I thought!

    11pm came and they decided to start me on the pathway (finally!) and I was allowed in the pool, instant relief as I got in, contractions coming thick & fast but still no urge to push so I was getting frustrated as it felt like I was having pains for nothing, all of a sudden I started to feel like I was going to be sick, so the mw got me a kidney dish to be sick into, then as I was being sick, my waters broke and out came her head, I panicked at this point as the mw had left the room, luckily my husband was a star and calmed me down so I could deliver the rest of our little girl.

    She was born on Monday 18th September at 00:46 weighing 7lbs 12oz just creeping into 3 days late.

    Congratulations to all the other mummies that have given birth this month so far, and good luck to those who have yet to


  • Hi MrsStDunny, so wonderful to hear from you and hear about your birth. 

    And to everyone who has posted their birth story on this thread, please do drop me a PM for your baby gift with your full name and address. 

  • I thought I had already shared my birth story 🙈 my brain still hasnt gone back to normal lol

    So as some of you may of known I requested to be induced. I went in on Sunday 17th. Had the propess put in at 4:30pm.. started getting little twinges about hour an half later.. then by 7:30pm I was getting period type pains so I started rocking away on the birthing ball and also bent over the bed rocking side to side really helped. 

    My oh went & got us some mcdonalds (we thought we were in for the long haul) carried on with little contractions here & there had a little sleep in between watching catch up on the ipad 😂 (we did have our own private rooms with TVs) but there was only 1 remote on the whole ward 🙃

    by 1:30am the contractions felt constant just no break so called the midwife was put on the monitor & I was in fact contracting non stop how I dealt with that pain now when thinking about it is crazy.. they took the propess out as it was over stimulating my womb  checked me at 2am & I was 4cm.. so was wheeled round to delivery.. wasn’t able to have my beloved pethidine as baby’s heart rate Was staying the same.. said she was abit sleepy and the pethidine wouldn’t be good for her now at this point so I carried on with just gas n air.. had her at 4:03am she came out looking at her daddy & the midwives I was so high off the gas I don’t remember feeling terrible back pain considering she was back to back.. my waters were broken & 2 mins later she was born all happened so quick! so she was born after 2 hours of being in established labour.. weighing a chuba 8lb Exactly! She’s now 11 days old and I can’t get enough of her! 😍😍💕

    think my back was a little bit messed up for at least this last week maybe because she was back to back and came out so quickly but feeling much better when we go for walks now thankfully!! xx

  • September 26th I went into hospital to start the induction process after already having mild and irregular contractions for two days.

    After a couple of hours i started getting pains on the sides of my legs and across the bottom of my back yet nothing in my stomach. So I asked for some paracetamol and tried to ignore it. After 4 hours my partner had to leave for the night even though I was hurting, he had to go and could come back at 8 the following morning. I was an emotional wreck once he’d left me in my own and with the pain getting stronger and my body getting weaker I requested stronger pain killers. I was examined 6 hours after receiving the tablet and I was already 3cm dilated. Because of the pain I was in they decided not to give me the second dose and Just gave me a sweep in hope to get things going themselves. 

    Longest night of my life started about then, only falling asleep in the intervals between my contractions - which stayed in my bum hips and thighs. 

    Morning came, michael was allowed to come back and at 9 we were took to the delivery ward and put in our room. At 9.25 my waters had been broken by the midwife and I was already 5cm dilated, it seemed easy at that stage. I was told that if I had not reached 8cm by 3.30 then I would have to be put into a drip to speed things up. 3.30 came and after rocking on the birthing ball and hammering gas and air I was fully dilated! By 4 I was pushing and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t had anything stronger than gas and air! 

    Baby’s heart rate started to slow after every push, it was a race between me and the Doctors who had been called in to deliver the baby quickly. Her head was right there just needed to get over the last little lip when I had to be cut and the suction cup was used to help my baby out. At 1700 exactly, 27th September, Katie Elizabeth was born. The best experience of my life, id do it all again in a heartbeat

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