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Due in September 2018

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in September 2018, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

If you're due in a different month and would like to join one of our other birth clubs, you can find them here.



  • Hey! Just found out on Xmas eve I'm pregnant again after my miscarriage back in August! 

    Really nervous but hoping joining a group will help me stay sane. I've worked out my due date to be around the 1st or 2nd September but being my 1st I'm betting it will be more like the 15th! 

  • Hi MrsB639, welcome to MadeForMums and huge congratulations! We're so sorry to hear of your loss, but we're so glad you found us here. Don't worry, there'll be lots of women joining you here soon too... 

  • Hi all,

    I got my first positive test result this morning! Also expecting Baby to be due right at the end Aug/earlySept.

    MrsB639, I also had a miscarriage in September after 6weeks so also feeling incredibly nervous! I know exactly how you're feeling... I've had what felt like cramps for the last week and I thought I was due on my period but then it didn't come and I got a positive test today... but now I'm just worried about all the cramps and am so worried I'm going to lose it again - eeekkk!!

    fingers crossed for the both of us!!!

  • Congrats Kate!

    I know what you mean about the cramping - I've been worrying about it all day but trying to stay positive. It does feel a bit different this time around symptom-wise so hoping that's a good thing! How are your symptoms? 

    Are you going to tell people or keep quiet until the 12 weeks? I really want to keep it quiet but I'm MOH at my sister's wedding when I'll be about 11 weeks so will probably have to tell her - or look like a right grump refusing to have a celebration drink!

  • Hi Kate777, welcome and congratulations! How did your partner take the big news? 

  • I'm pleased you're feeling the same MrsB! How are you feeling different?

    this sounds strange as it's so early... but I feel like I can feel it? Also I'm feeling more nauseous... and my boobs ache! 

    We have decided to just tell a small close group of people - because if it does go wrong again we have the support there. So I've told my parents... but obviously explained that it's very early and not to get their hopes up too high! I'm also a bridesmaid at week 11 for one of my friends - fortunately the dress is very floaty!

    How far along did you M/C?

    He was over the moon thanks Danielle :-)

  • I just feel like I have proper symptoms this time. Feeling sick, the odd twinge, sore boobs and sooo tired! I'm not sure if I'm over tired or just hormonal but the puppy licked my foot this morning and I started crying when she wouldn't stop. It was pathetic! 

    I think I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and then tell my parents. We aren't 100% sure when baby stopped developing last time as my womb had emptied fully before we got a scan, but it was confirmed just before 8 weeks. I feel like we'll probably worry until we pass that mark?

  • Hi MrsB and Kate! I’m joining you on here as just got my first positive test today! Waiting very impatiently for hubby to get home to tell him. I’m 1 day late but have been doing tests every day for the past week and this is the first pos one. Was the same with my first- she’s now 19 months. Boobs are a bit sore but feel normal apart from that. 

    i will probably tells parents and best friend (we hoping to be pregnant together) before 12 weeks but hold out until 12 week scan to tell others. Xx

  • Welcome MrsR416, lovely to have you here and huge congratulations! Please, please do come back and tell us how your hubby reacts when you tell him the big news? 

  • Congrats MrsR! I hope hubby gets home quick for you! :)

  • Hubby is all excited!! Going out for a meal now to celebrate

  • Filled in the online forms for the local midwives this morning - they only answer the phones for 2 hours a day which was making it a nightmare to get through. They got back pretty much instantly and my booking appointment will be 23rd January. Only 3 and a bit weeks but I bet it feels like a lifetime!

  • Ill not see myself be until 12 weeks so will be probably start of march. Will make an appointment with go next week but if its the same as before they will just refer me onto community miswives and they do booking in and 12 weeks scan on same day- such a long wait! 

  • I'm sure 8 weeks is standard her cause some tests need to be done before 10 weeks? Although if they don't want to see you until 12 I'd take that as a positive.

    I've not bothered with GP this time, last time he just looked at me like I was wasting an appointment and gave me the phone number (plus it would probably be a couple of weeks just to get an appointment). Here's hoping time flies for all of us!

  • I'm about 4 weeks and couple days pregnant after 2 miscarriages. But having extreme back pain is anyone else have bad back ache??? 

  • Hi Amy

    Congratulations and Happy 2018!

    Sorry to hear about your back pain. I've had twinges - nothing severe yet but some pain can be a symptom of normal pregnancy. Is it like a muscular pain or something else? Are there other symptoms accompanying it?

    If you're concerned call your EPU, its what they're there for, and better to get checked than get yourself stressed over it! I already know I'm going to be pestering the life out of them and my midwife for the next 7 weeks.

  • Thanks :) I got blood tests tomorrow just very anxious as both my miscarriages I had bad back pain :( I just need to stop googling worse case scenario 🙈 

  • Hi Amy! 


    ive had a few cramps but no back pain. But yea if ur concerned get checked out. do you have any other children? X

  • Yes I have a 2 year old already and that was a healthy pregnancy I don't remember any back pain. hoping everything is ok due date will b my 30th birthday 

  • Hi all!

    I got my BFP yesterday and confirmed with a cb digital. I'm  only 3 weeks and 6 days so really early still. I should be due on 11th September.

    I've also had two miscarriages (one missed mc and 1 chemical) so I am really hoping this is our time. Ive also had cramps though don't remember having them the last 2 times. But over all taking each day as a blessing.

    Congrats to everyone on their pregnancy! 


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