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Due in September 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in September 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hey everyone!!

  • Hey! How's everyone feeling this week? To be honest today I've been pretty good bar a headache but haven't actually been sick things are definitely starting to get a lot better! Bought my first maternity wear this weekend, only 12 weeks but none of my jeans or trousers fit, I have been using the elastic band trick!! Hope everyone is good!!

  • Hi ladies !! 

  • Hi, i was sick this morning as usual then it faded throughout the morning and felt ok for the rest of the day.       15 weeks today  x

  • Hey ladies 


    Ive had a headache all day, just cant seem to shift them... 

    And dry heaving at anything which isnt nice i was expecting it to stop by now, apprentlt not .. 

    Ive got my scan tomorrow be intresting to see what date they come back with as its now changed twice .. 

    When i had the emergency scan on friday, i felt what could only assume was a kick and littraly seconds later baby kicked on the screen .. 

    I wasnt 100% sure so didnt say anything but i forgotten how early you can feel them.. 

  • Hi again everyone! 

    Having a much better day today! I went back to work again as the sickness seems to have settled again, and I couldnt cope with any more daytime TV! 

    Countrywife where did you go for maternity wear? I've been literally living in leggings and dresses for a couple of weeks, as my jeans button was really digging in! 

    Emmaloulou it's going so fast isn't it!

    Mrs G - I hope you feel a little better soon! My dates keep changing too but I can't help feeling my original ones were correct. The latest dates are putting me at 16 weeks today. I have my 16 week appointment this Thursday so yet another half day at work - so glad they have a decent maternity policy and I'll not have to use annual leave to go!

    Is anyone else feeling little kicks? I thought I was imagining things when I first felt it a few days ago but it just keeps happening so I can't really deny what it is - so exciting!

    Just out of interest, does anyone have any advice on what's a better purchase - a bouncer or a baby beanbag? I feel like the beanbag would be a better investment as it changes into a toddler beanbag, but nobody I know has used one! Am I right in thinking the bouncer is kind of useless past 3 months as the baby gets too long? If a bouncer proves the better option I wouldn't be buying an expensive one! I get my bonus this pay so would be looking to start the last big purchases soon!

  • MrsG have you tried the cooking forehead strips for your headaches? I find they give a good bit of relief. 

    MrsB I find ASOS, new look and H&M good for maternity wear. Also Katie Pupper has a lovely range of dresses on I wear dresses to work to have bought loads of her dresses- so comfy and they will be perfect for breastfeeding too. 

    No advice regarding bouncer or beanbag- I couldn’t put Mya down for 3 months haha, she would scream if put in her bouncer so ours is like brand new. The joys of reflux. I love the look of the beanbags! 

    i got a letter from the hospital yesterday to say that I was not immune to rubella and I would need MMR in hospital after giving birth. anyone else had this? I had MMR as a child and was immune in last pregnancy- very strange

  • Our scan is Friday - I feel like Ive waited a lifetime!! Specially you ladies who are now 16 weeks, I’m waiting for my scan so I can join back in haha!

  • Morning ladies. We’ve given in and booked a private 12 week scan for this Wednesday evening. The 27th just seemed so far away. I found some lovely maternity jeans at matalan and my MIL bought me some from mothercare. I’m only 11+6 and have  bump already, is that normal?!x

  • Morning ladies! I can't get over how amazing I feel! Still had no major symptoms whatsoever....I had tingly nipples the other night and I feel more bloated as the day goes on. I'm 12+2 now and quite surprised at how my little bump is coming along! I've bought some maternity jeans as sick of wearing leggings and can't bear anything tight across my belly. Got my scan on Saturday morning at 8.30 when I'll be 12+6 and can't wait to see how much little baba has grown since my 10 week scan :) I was planning on telling my work colleagues this Friday as we have a night out planned on Friday night and would rather tell them than them guess as to why I'm not drinking (I'm usually the drunk one!) But one of my colleagues asked how the baby making was going yesterday (she knew we were trying) and when I confessed to her I was pregnant she was over the moon but then went on to say she actually had an inkling as thought I looked rounder than usual! haha! It made me laugh to be honest, I'm usually very flat stomached as I go to the gym lots! Hope everyone is well xxx

  • ive been the same! In my maternity jeans and leggins now absolutely best purchase I’ve ever made.feels amazing!! 

    However, acid reflux has started today. Wretched this morning cause of empty stomach and then was desperate for apple juice so had that but grapes at work and felt horrendous. Threw it all up! The acid in my throat is horrible. Respect to all of you who have had sickness in early pregnancy !! Will just be careful with what I eat now. 

    Love hearig the heartbeat with my home doppler, just magical! I’ve booked private 16 w one For Easter monday, excited to see the difference! 

    excited to see all your scans coming up! 😁

  • Hi all!! 

    MrsB I was in Dublin at the weekend so went to penny's and picked up leggings and a few blouses. I tried H&M in Ballymena and it was woeful!!! Really awful tiny little section with a poor range if sizes so I wouldn't waste your time going there!!

    After a good day yesterday I have paid for it with awful sickness today but I'm starting to feel more pregnant and definitely look more pregnant- a colleague in work kept staring at my stomach to the point I had to just tell her she apologised for making it so obvious Lol!!

    Big 12 week scan on friday- can't wait to see baby wiggly about again only 3 more sleeps!!!

  • image

    Evening all..

    Scan today all looks good however now 13 + 5 put due date at 13/9 

    Cant deliver in my local hospital, knew that anyway however there is a possibility i can have a home birth which i think is laughable, im going to loom into it as that is the only birth ive not had .. lol

    Couldnt get measurements for downs testing as baby wouldnt co operate.. lol

    Have to go back 27/3 for bloods..

    20 week scan in 7 weeks not far away at all really.. 

    I much preffered the bean bag only because i didnt want baby getting used to bwing bounced and not being able to do it.. 

    I patted one of my kids bottoms to getbthem to sleep as a baby and they then wouldnt sleep without me doing it...till they were about 2 years old !!!! Lol 

    Will check out the forehead strips Mrs R thamks for that.. 


  • image

    Hi everyone, 

    Scan went well yesterday, 12+1 Exactly the same as my dates which hasn't happened before.

    I'm in maternity jeans now as hairband trick was still digging in! 

    It's official now and work know, such a relief! Some at work had guessed, I did say my uniform was tight 🤣

    Feel so much better, starving all the time instead of sick. I'm with you on the headaches though, going to bed with it and waking the next day with it for the whole weekend and paracetamol didn't touch it!

    Hope everyone had a lovely mothers day xx

  • Scans look good ladies!!! Makes me even more excited to get mine!! 

    I am also getting some headaches lately which isn't normal for me but I assume it's just hormones! 

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  • Hello ladies so today was the day for my scan....was absolutely amazing ❤️ 

    Dates have been brought forward so makes me 13 weeks exactly today 🤗


  • image

    how is everyone. 

    Lately ive been extremely tired and my legs are so bad with numbness and ok s and needles :( 

    im 16 weeks tomorrow and have my midwife so going to say to her. I have my gender scan on Friday morning and I can’t wait to find out. 

    My bump feels like it’s going to explode recently as it is getting bigger 🙈

  • Wow you sure you've not got twins in there.     Lovely scan pic Obd.      This is me at 15 weeks, right after getting up. I do get bloated throughout the day when I've eaten. image

  • imageLooks like we have a thumb sucker 😍 due 26th september. So glad we paid for another private one, the place was brilliant. got about 15 pictures and a 5 minute long dvd. And we get to see baby again in two weeks at the nhs scan too!x

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