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The Due in September 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

September will be here before we know it, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in September 2018 Birth Club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and this gorgeous super soft Gerri Giraffe comforter, thanks to those lovely people at Gro Store

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




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    Laelynn  born 14:44 weighing 7lbs 3oz xxxx

  • Well done Michelle - she is perfection! We have our first baby! 

  • Congrats hun!! She is beautiful!!!! 


  • Well done!!! So gorgeous xxx

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    Evelyn Rosemarie arrived 3 September at 6:18am, exactly a wee after her due date. I had been experiencing bad back ache on and off which vanished on the Friday and returned around 3pm on Sunday afternoon. My 7pm I was on my hands and knees and called the hospital who asked me to come in for a check.

    By the time I got to triage at 10pm I was 5cm dilated and fully effaced so taken through to the labour ward (there was actually nobody else in labour so I had the whole place to myself. I started pushing at 6am and gave birth 18 minutes later to a 9lb7oz baby girl. We didn't realise until she was out that she was face to pubes and ended up with 2 small stitches to be safe.

    As there was a small risk of bladder issues, I was advised to stay the first night in the post natal ward. At 3:30am I was woken by 2 paediatricians who had been watching the little one so I could sleep, to say she was being moved across to neonatal as they thought she might have Coanal Atresia, where the nostrils are blocked by tissue or bone and they were looking to transfer her to Glasgow Sick Kids for an operation so she could breathe better. Thankfully further tests showed that the issue was just a buildup of hard mucus which could be sorted without moving us. I don't think I've ever been so scared as seeing her with her little breathing tubes.

    Needless to say, it's been a stressful couple of days but she is worth every second 😍. I might even have another one!

  • What a birth MrsB! It sounded really smooth. And we are so glad Evelyn didn't have Coanal Atresia (which we've never heard of until now!). Evelyn is perfect, congratulations! 

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    Today was this little man’s due date...I can‘t believe he’s 13 days old already! 💙

    Congrats MrsB...she’s gorgeous! 🎀🎉

  • Just realised I hadn’t told my birth story 🤦🏼‍♀️

    So so I was booked in for a c-section on 22/08/2018

    inwent in for 11:30 and taking straight to recovery to be prepared for for my c-section. I was measured for my stockings, and had a set of obs done gave my hospital gown and hubby was sent to be changed. I was 1st down in the afternoon. I was so nervous and anxious about it ( not a fan of the spinal) image

    Around 2 o’clock I was taking round to theatre to have my c-section hubby aswell :) 

    i sat in the table as the dine what they had to do to give me my spinal, Camille in my hand for meds. 

    1st attempt at putting the spinal in they hit the wrong bit I got so much of a fright i swore 🤣

    after that everything went as smoothly as it could took them 30/45 mins to get in due to previous c-sections and everything was a bit sticky. Had to use forceps to get laelynn out. 

    She was born at 14:44 and weighed 7lbs 3oz.

    they delayed cord clamping, gave me her over the drapes straight for skin 2 skin, hubby got to cut the cord aswell. 

    She pee’d on me twice in 10 minutes 🤣🤣 everythingvwas so relaxed the staff were fantastic and I was even sterilised when I was in and held laelynn the whole time.

    i can’t bekieve she is now 2 weeks old 😍😍image

  • Just realised I didn't tell my birth story. 

    This is baby boy Ronnie, his due date was 15/9/18 but was induced on 26th August due to diabetes gave birth on the 31st september at 7.26am via emergency csection. 

    He was estimated larger 8lb10oz at 36weeks but at 37weeks he was delivered with a weight of 7lb2oz.

    Couldn't be anymore happier. image

    This is him picking his nose lol xx

  • Aww lovely piccies everyone! 😊

    I never put my birth story either! 🙈

    I was induced on the 23/08/18 at 38+1 due to gestational diabetes as they said the baby‘s growth was tailing off on the small side and he would weigh around 5lb 5oz at the most.

    I arrived at the hospital at 10:30am where I was monitored and they would attempt to break my waters first and if not I’d start off with a pessary and progress from there and possibly a drop. Midwife managed to break my waters at 12:15 without anything else and said I’d be okay to walk around the hospital in an hours time. I started having contractions at around 12:50ish which were bearable for about an hour before I started with gas and air at around 2:00pm as they were really quite intense and coming quite quickly. The midwife didn’t check how far along I was as she said I’d be a little while yet. By 2:25pm I needed to push and the midwife was quite surprised...2 pushes later and Baby Kolby was born at 2:29pm weighing 6lb 8oz 💙 A really quick Labour again as my first with my daughter was only 2 hours 40 too...phew! 🙈😃

  • so here’s my birth storey 😀

    I started getting pains the day before my due date. My last labour was very long so I decide to continue my day as normal and see how I got on. I took my 2 year old to a play date at the soft play and then met up with family for lunch. By this stage pains were still irregular and not too painful but getting more intense so headed home for about 3pm. I called the hubby and told him not to dilly dally around work and organise that he would be off tomorrow as baby was on its way. My mother in law picked up my little girl around 5 and I was on birthing ball and used breathing techniques and aromatherapy to stay relaxed. We had some pizza for dinner then got ready to head to hospital Around 6.30 as contractions we’re taking my breath away and I could stay focused. Arrived in hospital at 730pm and was 4 cms. Was told I could go to delivery or go for a walk around hospita. I decided to stay mobile and went to canteen for hubby to fuel his tea addiction. He got half his tea before we had to head back to maternity as pain was so intense. By this stage it was handover of nurses and had to wait 15-20 mins before the sent me to delivery suite and I was climbing the bed in pain. Once I got to delivery they had started running the birthing pool and as baby was back to back I used gas and air on all fours while I waited. A lot of back pain but this eased as I got into bath at 8.45pm. I hung over edge of bathing using gas and air, midwife dimmed the lights and put on relaxing music. She left me too it and told me to trust my body when I felt the need to push after each contraction. I listened to my body and pushed when I felt the need and Brooke was born into my arms at 9.11pm. it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I will be forever grateful for the midwife for letting me and my body do it’s thing.  I got to hold her in the bath for ages, delayed cord clamping and natural delivery of placenta. Once I got out of bath I needed a couple of stitches due to a small tear but was able to hold Brooke throughout all of this and she fed for nearly an hour. I got home the following day and are not getting used to becoming a family of 4. 

  • Wow, all these birth stories really are amazing - all so unique, and special - thank you SO much for sharing them. Please do PM me over your name and address so we can send those baby gifts. 

  • Hi ladies.. so Edith decided to join us at 1:11am on Thursday 6th September 


    My birth story.... 

    had my sweep on Tuesday which was my due date, midwife told me she couldn’t get all  way so not to expect anything so I didn’t... woke wednesday morning to I think my plug coming away... decided to go for a dog walk with my sister in law to keep moving around see if I could help the sweep 🙈 walked Round for about an hour and I got too hot .. got back to the sister in laws and my waters went about 2pm! Called the better half to tell him and called the hospital and they said as soon as contractions are closer come in but they wanted me to go in at 6pm just to be checked over

    by 5pm the pains were closer together so we went to the hospital... i was on the assessment ward for about 15 mins and the midwives looked and said I had to go to labour ward... got there and they said I was 5cm! was checked at 1015 and I was 7cm! Midwife said she would check me again in 4 hours... the pain was too much and the gas and air made me feel sick and didn’t really do too much! I was clombing the walls in pain.... an hour later told the better half I needed to push could he tell the midwife...  I was in pain so midwife gave me pethidine whixh I feel also did nothing as pains were still much the same!! Midwife told me to go with my body so decided to push and at 1:11 Am she decided to make an appearance 💕🌸 

    it was all very emotional for us... we left the hospital and was able to come home at about 930/10am!! 

    So in love and emotional!!! 


  • Wow Charleemay! She's here! And isn't Edith lovely - sounds like you had a cracking birth and amazing you're home so soon - how is it being at home with the baby? 

  • Thanks Danielle !! It’s amazing it’s hard work but so much better I’m home and not in hospital means o can start to get used to things... xxx

  • Baby Orla arrived last night at 10:45 safe and sound. Weighing 6lb13oz 💗😍 image

  • Congrats ladies! All these babies are beautiful and loving all their names 😍. Hope everyone is feeling good and babies are settling in nicely!

    I have been reading posts as they come up but never got a chance to reply as Im usually picking them up mid feed. We registered Evelyn today - she's officially a person 😍.

    Charleemay I agree - the gas and air didn't touch the pain, but it did make me a hell of a comedian, I'm cringing as memories come flooding back, poor midwife 😂.

  • Congratulations everyone on the beautiful babies 😍😍

    we are in the process  switching laelynn on to bottle still gets some feeds from me but she is like her sister and always Hungry lol xx

  • Did anyone suffer any tears? ive got a 2nd degree, very sore 😬 xx

  • MrsJade I have a slight tear and a couple of stitches. It’s sore alright- are you putting witch hazel on your pads? It really eases the pain. i also try and have luke warm water in a bottle for when I pee. Paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain and these are fine if breastfeeding. 

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