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  • Cant sleep tonight because my back is in bits! It’s aching so bad :( 
  • Hi ladies, how are you all?
    hope you’ve all enjoyed the long weekend! It’s been so warm, I’ve realised I need to go shopping for new clothes, nothing fits 🤣

    I have my 20wk scan tomorrow. I’m excited to see baby again but also feeling really nervous 😔

    Hope your back is better Alice!
  • Alice snap! Have been in agony the last week. But just on the left hand side my lower back 😭 

    I have my second 20 week scan on Wednesday. My standard nerves are kicking in. 
  • Thank you! Yes it feels much better today! Baby has been kicking loads over the weekend. Chocolate really seems to wake her up! 😂 I bought a maternity dress off Asos and I love it, it’s so comfy. I wish they did it in more colours because I’d buy them all! Sadly there’s only one :( 
    Aw good luck with your scans! I’m sure you’ll both be fine. So exciting seeing them move around 😊 
  • Hi ladies, 
    we have had our scan. Everything seems to be going great and we are having a boy 💙
  • Huge congratulations jonesy! Glad everything's going okay x
  • Congratulations!! Aww another boy 💙 
  •  Congrats Jonesy <3 SO pleased everything is ok.

    I have my scan on Friday at 20+6.

    I was so sick and I'll yesterday, I think I'm more sensitive to the sun, was out in it all weekend, normally fine with it but really got to me yesterday.

  • I’ve heard you can be more sensitive to the sun while pregnant though. 

    Congratulations Jonesy on your little boy 💙
  • Congrats Jonesy.

    Counting down to Friday for scan just hoping the can tell whether we r team pink or blue as with my eldest daughter they weren't sure 🙄🤞 this lo plays ball x
  • Congratulations on your 💙bump @Jonesy23
    Anyone else finding out soon? 
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    Jonesy23 !! I have my scan this afternoon so excited! Feel like it's taken forever to get here. Can't wait to make sure everything is ok and hopefully find out if we have a boy or girl!
  • Good luck Abbi! 

    Is there anyone in the group not finding out what they are having? I’ve lost track! A lot of people seem to be :) 

    My baby bump is now officially like a little solid football ⚽️ and I definitely feel baby moving 3-4 times a day now 😊 I’m so happy we’re finally at this stage! It’s nice to get gentle reminders that they’re safe and kicking around. 
  • Good luck Abbi! Time dragged for me yesterday too, and I was so desperate for a wee I couldn’t think about anything else 🤣

    Ahh lovely Alice! I feel mine a lot now but quite low down. My scan document thing says I have an anterior placenta 🤷🏻‍♀️ Annoying every time I put my hand there he stops kicking😂 I can’t wait for my husband to be able to feel it 
  • I have an anterior placenta too! Gutted because it means the placenta kind of shields the kicks so you can’t feel them on the outside until a bit further on 🥺

    ive got my second attempt of the 20 week scan today lol let’s hope they can get the last few checks they need! And also need to check my placenta 🥺
  • Ahh good luck Lea, hopefully they will get everything they need! Let us know how you get on 😊
  • Mine is anterior too! So all my kicks are low down and at the sides usually. I hope I can feel much more soon. I definitely don’t feel any rolling over or anything like that, just the biggest kicks. 
    And my husband has only felt one single big kick. Whenever I say quick get your hand on! She stops 🙈 
    My mum keeps telling me how amazing it is when you see them moving across your belly when you’re having a bath.. I’m still waiting. Hope it happens soon 💕

    good luck lea!
  • I was looking back a messages from my sister as she had a baby last year, and she sent me videos of her belly moving at 23 weeks so hopefully it won’t be that long for us now 😃

    I got a tommee tippee microwave steriliser yesterday in the Asda baby event - I thought I may as well make a start on buying stuff while they are on offer.
  • I really need to check out the baby events, I think boots and Tesco have them too! I've heard that the prep machine is £60 in the Asda event. Not sure if I should get one or not, I thought it made the milk but it doesn't, just acts as a bottle kettle, trying to work out if its worth the investment or not!

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