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  • I’ve been looking at that too Liz! Everyone I have spoken to who has one says they are great and they are worth buying, but they can be quite loud apparently. Hubby said there is a new day and night prep machine now which is quieter but is more expensive and doesn’t seem to be in the events on sale 🙄
  • Everything is fine! They did all the checks they couldn’t do last week and good news about my placenta too. It needs to be at least 3cm away from the cervix in order for you to give birth - AND MINE IS 🥳 I’m so happy as I really didn’t want to be scheduled in for a c section xx 
  • Everything ok & we're having a baby girl! Over the moon  :) x
  • Congratulations abbijade 💓💓
  • Lovely news Abbi! Congratulations 💓 
  • Congrats Abbie. Another girl 💗. 

    I have my scan in an hour, already know I’m having a girl so will get confirmation hopefully. Hope she’s doing well ☺️
  • Let us know how you get on Liz 😃
  • All good, still a girl!

    She's a little on the small side but I have a growth scan at 28 weeks anyway so hopefully she'll be a little bigger then. Maybe linked to being so sick.

    I loved the depth they went into, even showed us her lips. Makes it feel so real!!

  • Ahh lovely, glad everything seems to be ok 😊
    i think I am going to book a scan around 30 weeks if I can. It’s such a long time to go without seeing them now isn’t it!
  • Jonesy I would be booking private scans if I wasn't having anymore, I love seeing her and puts my mind at rest. They said I will probably having them every 3 weeks from 28 weeks.

    What have you bought so far Jonesy? I'm going to pop to Mothercare after work and buy my changing mat and maybe start buying some nappies and bits this week.

  • I have bought a few bits this week. I got a microwave steriliser and a tommee tippee bottle set in the Asda baby event. I’ve been to Aldi this morning to buy wipes because they have a box of 12 packs for £5 something in their baby event! Thought I may as well get them while they are on offer. I’ve also ordered a little nappy organiser box thing so I can fill it with nappies/spare clothes and keep it downstairs, then I don’t have to run upstairs every time he needs changing.
    I’ve made a list so I’m just going to start getting a few bits each month. It’s the pram that’s stressing me out! There are too many to chose from.
    Have you bought anything or have you been waiting til you had the scan today?
  • I still need to buy the pram and bedding mainly. People are buying the rest that I don't have. Just not sure on what I need for sure and what is a luxury. Anyone know anywhere that has a list?

    What the organiser thing for downstairs? I was thinking I need something like this but was just thinking of a basket.

  • I’ll take a picture of mine in a sec, it was only £6 off eBay.
    I'm the same as you, not really sure what I need and what I want, we could do with finding an essentials list somewhere couldn’t we!
  • It is just a basket really with separate compartments 
  • Well scan all went well but have to go back in 2wks as couldn't see all the heart but I had the same with my youngest so not to worried as all was well. Happy to be able to say we are most definitely team blue this time 💙 x
  • Jonesy I’ve bought the same basket thing off eBay! 

    Mich I had to do the same. Had another scan the week after my 20 week scan as they couldn’t check the heart properly as she was in an awkward position xx
  • I think it will come in handy Lea! I love a good eBay find 😄

    Ahh glad everything seems ok Mich! I had to go to the loo and move around a bit to get him to move so they could see the heart properly, luckily he moved around a little so I didn’t have to go back. At least you get to see him again 💙
  • Jonesy23 that's what I thought although it's a bit of a pain keep sorting childcare for the other 3 but it's so nice to see him and have been booked for extra growth scans to so in total will have 5 in this pregnancy 💙 now to think of names as had loads of girls bit struggling to think of short boys names that go with the other 3 🙄 any ideas ladies ? X
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