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  • What’s are you children’s names Mich? 
  • Lea2018 said:
    What’s are you children’s names Mich? 
    We have Kyle, Amy a lexie so far x
  • Lea2018 said:
    Leo? X
    We liked that and Luke until my gran pointed out it's a bit of a mouthful with lexie and as shes our youngest I'm most likely to be calling those 2 together. Who would have thought I would be so hard 🙄 my eldest daughter suggested Harvey today so at the moment that's the fave and as shes a little gutted it's a boy its quite nice shes come up with a name, bless her xx
  • Hi ladies still a bit sick. I had my 16 weeks apointment and basically questions and more ike 20mn no heart beat nothing so since then i have been a bit worried.i am having my 20 wk scan at 21 wk so in about 20days.i have been feeling some kicks here and there but not much like for my other 2 and it gets me worried its a bit of a nightmare and its my husband 1st baby but i havnt been able to reassure him while am worried not feeling kicks but then i also feel pressure.hubby has been buying lots of cloths and family so i had to stop them from buying till june.
    Wish u all a nice sunday
  • Hi Pam, how many weeks are you? I didn’t feel any consistent kicks until last week so the 20th week so try not to worry. If your concerned, could you book a private scan? I’ve had 2 now and put my mind at rest. 
  • I am 18 weeks now and thank you so much i think i will do just that
  • I really think they’re so worth it. I wasn’t feeling anything really at 18 weeks so try not to worry. My “20 week” scan was at 21 weeks too. Let us know how you get on.  
  • Thank you so much liz will let you if i can book one before 
  • Hi @Pamchou , if it helps, like @Lizbragg35 says, I didn't feel any kicks until I was 21 weeks with both my kids. 
  • Hey ladies how is everyone. Hubby felt baby last night for the first time! It’s gone from a bubbling feeling in my belly now to quite noticeable kicks/punches! But not all of the time, seems to mainly be of an evening xx
  • I don’t think I’ve ever had the butterfly/bubbles/ fluttering feeling! I think it must be due to my placenta being anterior and so I only feel the big kicks. 
    Baby seems to wake up when I eat and I can feel her shifting around if I roll over and change sides in bed. Wish I could feel her all the time, I love it. My husband has only caught her twice. She seems to stop whenever he puts his hand on. I have managed to catch a few kicks on video now though! You can see my belly jumping about. 
  • So exciting! How many weeks are you both? 
    Im 21 weeks and my kicks still seems so small and so low down I think it’ll be a while before my husband can feel it and before I can see my stomach moving 
  • Im 22 weeks today and yesterday was first time hubby has felt her. Was pretty low down so must be her feet as at my scan last week she was breech when they scanned!! 
  • Hi Girls I’m 18 weeks today haven’t felt any movement yet, when did you all start to feel movement? I thought I might have felt something by now x
  • I’m 22 weeks tomorrow, been able to feel her for 3 weeks now :) was very random, only once or maybe twice a day to begin with. Now I’m starting to get a pattern (very food driven! Haha) and feel her 4-5 times a day.
  • I only started to feel kicks about 10 days ago. Mine are low too. 21 weeks now, flying by! 
  • I’m 21 weeks and i started noticing movements more about 3 weeks ago and more of a kick over the two weeks or so. Now he seems to move around mid morning, that’s when I first notice it anyway but that could be because I’m quite busy first thing with walking the dogs etc. And then he’s usually moving about after I’ve eaten in the evening.
    Hopefully this week or next week you will start feeling movement Alice ☺️
  • How's everyone getting on?

    Is anyone planning on having a 3d/4d scan? I really want one, just trying to work out when is best to have them? I'm thinking 26/27 weeks as from 28 weeks I have growth scans so will be nice to see her sooner. Not sure when is the best time though for the best pics.

  • I wanted one done. Hubby is like more scans 🤨 haha we’ve already paid for 2. An early one at 8 weeks and then the gender scan! But I’ve been looking at them and there is an offer on at the moment where we’ve had previous scans so didn’t know whether to book one for July 🤷🏻‍♀️Told hubby he can pay for it for my birthday 😂
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