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  • Aww look at him! Gorgeous 🥰 congratulations @Pamchou
  • Congratulations Pamchou! He's beautiful!

    Hang in there speedyace!
    Lmc19xx Friday is not too far, baby will be here soon enough :) 
  • This is my birth story
    I got to the maternity triage at 10:30  got admited and straight at 10:43 I was on the monitor for 30 minutes so at 11:22 got checked and 1st dose of gel applied then monitor again for 45 mn after that i was free for 6 hours so went around walking with partner and got back in the ward at 16:30 go on the monitor at 16:50 then second dose of gel applied at 17:22 then the contractions started around 18:00 but they weren't that regular but at some point baby wasn't happy so around 8 went down to labour ward to have water break but getting there wasn't dilated enough only 1 cm with strong contractions anyway instead of water breaking she did me a sweep it was horrible painful I can't describe the pain which after 10 mn put me up to 2cm then baby heart rate was dropping so decided to break my water which she didnt have to try hard as her fingers did the job then it all went quick from there as baby heart was dropping over and over so dicided a c section just as they got me ready baby started behaving and i was 5cm in like 30 mn then again i started feeling the urge to push so jumped from 5cm to fully dilated in just minutes then and 3 pushes after he was there.being induce wasnt fun but it wasnt horrible like i was thinking.i was on gas and air and pethidine.
  • Wow @Pamchou that all sounds like a really intense birth - and you dilated so fat - that's amazing! @SpeedyAce how are you?
    @Lmc19xx how you feeling about Friday? 

    Don't forget everyone, if you haven't done so already, please come on over to the September 2019 Babies thread... 

  • Sorry for the late reply, I can't seem to get notifications to turn on!
    I am still here big and pregnant with no sign! 
    Due date was yesterday 30th September. 
    Going to have a sweep tomorrow to try and get things going. 
    So fed up now!!
  • Hi @SpeedyAce sorry we (and the baby) missed your due date. 
    We've taken a look at your notifications, and hopefully they should be working now? 
    Please do check your spam folder incase they're not. 
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