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  • Pram shopping again today still hasn’t helped me 🤣 I had a look at the orraco and compared it to the flip xt3 and the orraco is actually much nicer and folds the same doesn’t it. So now I’m stuck between the orraco and the silvercross pioneer. 
    Did the carry cot come in your orraco bundle? One of the ladies working in mothercare said you can have a new born in the pram without using the carry cot as it lies flat. I’ve seen it in light grey today, it’s nice. 
  • Yes it came with the push chair, carry cot, car seat, all the car seat fixtures and a cup holder. That’s the 6 piece deal.

    And i just ordered the matching foot muff off amazon for £59. 

    We had a go at folding it in Mothercare yesterday and it was straightforward and great that you don’t have to detach the seat 😊
  • How's everyone doing? I've been feeling so so so tired the past week! Decided to test my blood sugars as my brother is insulin dependent diabetic and my sister had gestational diabetes with all 3 of her pregnancies and got quite a high reading. Also had glucose in my wee at my last midwifes appointment so I think its looking highly likely I will have it. Have my test for it on the 23rd, not looking forward to that!

    Also still feeling really sick and taking 5 tablets a day. Not fun at all but I'm so use to it now.

    Trying to work out when to start my maternity leave and holiday. I have 21 days to take still. Can't decide if I should go early and use all the holiday or start maternity at the end of August and all holiday before. So hard to know what to do for the best! Just know I'm suffering a little now and work is a struggle :-(


  • Thanks Alice 😊 I ended up ordering the Oracco in grey last night from, I thought it would be a few weeks before delivery but it’s arriving tomorrow! 

    Ahh Liz, what can they do for pregnancy related diabetes? Have you seen your midwife a lot? I have only seen her twice, and my next appointment isn’t until the end of May! 
    Maybe you could take a week annual leave in June to give yourself a bit of a break, and then use the rest to start Mat leave early?
  • I stressed about my maternity leave too. So stressful deciding when to start. 
    Baby is due 2nd September. I break up 31st July and am taking the whole of August off as annual leave. Then my maternity leave officially starts on my due date -Monday 2nd September. 

    I was going to work until 2 weeks before but decided it was best for me to have all of August off. It takes me 50/60 minutes to get to work via public transport as I work in Birmingham city centre. That commute in August when the likelihood is that it will be warm would just kill me! 
  • Did your Pram arrive Jonesy23? 

    Does anyone else’s baby seem to be purely motivated by food?! 😂 Mine wakes up whenever I eat. Especially if I eat something sweet or chocolate!
  • YES Alice! This is so true whenever I eat (especially if it's something naughty)  5 minutes later there's a huge party in my tum haha 
  • Yes Alice, mines a fatty too!! Kicks are getting stronger and stronger now, love it!

    Jonesy - Only seen the midwife twice too, next appointment is next week. If I do have it they try and make you control it with diet first and if that fails its tablets and then potentially insulin injections. I'm hoping I don't have it but looking likely I will.

    Lea - I'm doing something similar, leaving 26/07 and taking holiday until 31/08 and then maternity will kick in. Basically means I will get paid something decent until the end of May and then June/July and August I will only get my car allowance and plan to do my keep in touch days then too.

  • Alice - yes haha sound like we have a load of fatty babies 😂 

    Liz - yeah I have KIT too. I think I have 10 days to use. But haven’t decided when I’ll use them yet, probably when my pay reduces! I’m on full pay for 26 weeks then reduces to SMP for 13 weeks then nothing! 
  • Yes my pram has arrived today! I’m going to get it all out of the box later to made sure it’s all there and isn’t damaged, then I’m going to see if my mother in law will store it in her garage! The boxes are huge. 

    I think my mat pay pay will be basic :( 90% of wages for the first 6 weeks I think and then just SMP after that.
  • I’m going on my baby moon tomorrow morning ladies! Hope everything goes ok and I don’t get munchies during the night in the hotel 😂 I’m packing some packs of dried fruit and mini cheddars just in case.. 
  • Ahh how exciting! Where are you going? I go to Spain for a few days a week on Monday, I’m looking forward to the break now, I need some sun in my life haha.
  • Hello everyone. If you fancy a day out next weekend, we've got 5 more pairs of tickets to The Baby Show happening 17, 18, 19 May in Birmingham. To win a pair, just head to Latest Discussions and post on the thread. That's it! 
  • Ooh lovely! We’re going to Mýkonos! Excited to lie by the pool feeling baby kicks 😂 and eating all the Greek food.. 
  • hey ladies sorry I have been absent here it's been a hectic few weeks! Catch me up on who's having what and how you're doing!!
    I just had my 20 week scan this morning and im having a boy!! So happy!
    Hope you're all feeling well! 
  • Awww Speedy so beautiful, congrats on your boy. Is this your first? How have you been feeling? Your due on my sisters birthday :-)
  • Due Date List:

    Hol2307 - 27th August

    Endoprincess - 1st Sept

    Lea2018 & Lornylupots - 2nd Sept

    Jasmine92 & Alice2801 - 3rd Sept

    Lizbragg35 - 7th Sept

    Jonesy - 8th Sept

    Abbi & Probably crazy - 9th Sept

    Mich03 - 12th Sept

    Wannabmummy1989 - 15th Sept

    Sophiesmummy & Pamchou - 29th Sept

    Speedyace - 30th Sept

  • Added the due date list to this chat, everyone's date still accurate?
  • Awww Speedy so beautiful, congrats on your boy. Is this your first? How have you been feeling? Your due on my sisters birthday :-)
    Yep my first! I've been feeling fine just not getting great quality sleep some nights and some aches and pains but generally good!
    Oh really that's cool! 
    He wouldn't move his hand away from his face 😂
  • Congratulations on your boy Speedy! I’m having a boy too 😊 

    I’m in the process of looking to book another scan, just so I can see him again 🙈 I’m 23 weeks now so I think I’m going to book it around 30 weeks
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