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  • Morning ladies. How are we all. I was 24 weeks yesterday which seems to be a massive milestone as baby is officially classed as viable now 💓 can’t believe I have 16 weeks left. It’s going so quickly. 
    How is everyone getting on with names xx 
  • Feeling good got my next scan tomorrow just to check heart as couldn't see it all at 20wk scan but just excited to see him again. My eldest daughter has picked a name and have got quite a stock of stuff now so feeling much more prepared. We are going away in a couple of weeks so plan on hitting the house when we get back. Also got to look at changing the car so that's on my to do list too 🙄 x
  • Congratulations! So exciting! 

    I’m 24 weeks today and last night I had horrendous back pain on my right lower side radiating up to my ribs! I’m on holiday atm and the bed isn’t exactly the comfiest so I think it’s playing havoc with my back.

    I didnt realise that Lea! That’s amazing 🥰  
  • Yeah Alice it was on one of my apps! Saying if baby is born 24 weeks plus then would have a good chance of survival and they would have to resuscitate and do all that they can at hospital! 

    We have decorated our nursery now. Glad we started early as it was our 2nd room/spare room so we’ve had to sell everything out there and have a good clear out. So I’m glad I gave myself the time. Only big thing we’ve got to buy for nursery now is a cot! 

    Weve got to change our car also. 
  • I’m really struggling with nursery ideas! I’m on Pinterest every day trying to get some inspiration 🙈 we are going to make a start on that in June I think and will start having a look at cots/furniture
  • We’ve not gone for a “theme” have just painted it blush pink and light grey with white furniture. Just wanted to keep it simple x 
  • We are going for light grey too, although most of my house is light grey 🙈 and I like mint green rather than blue, I just can’t decide whether to do a feature wall, just paint it or have wall paper etc
  • We are thinking mint green for nursery too but need to move my daughter 1st b4 I can start to redecorate. We still have our mamas and papas nursery set from our youngest so that's done just to pick some bedding to give a colour scheme to work with. Thinking plain with a few bits of interest, have learnt from my others it's a fortune to do it all matching and outgrown in 5mins so now I do feature wall and a bedding set but everything else is a base colour in the kids bedrooms.

    Bit fed up about the car as we technically have a 7 seater (only had a year and spent a fortune in it) so didn't cross my mind but have since discovered we cant actually get the buggy in with 7 seat in use 🤦‍♀️.

  • Yes everything matching will cost a fortune! We’ve just done 2 walls light grey and 2 blush pink. Furniture was Ikea (wardrobe and chest of drawers) just need to decide on a cot! 

    Car is next on our list as we inly have a 3 door. But we have no idea what to go for! X 
  • Also painted the nursery at the weekend, was already white so just redid the white and will add some pics and accessories to make it girly. Very lucky that the room has 2 fitted wardrobes so only needed a cot as already has a white chest of draws in.

    We have a 5 door 1 series BMW and the boot is nice and big, hoping its ok for one child haha as love the car and don't want to get anything else.

    Have the midwife this Friday, she said from this appointment I'll be seen every 3 weeks going forward, already feels so soon its all happening!

  • My midwife appointment is tomorrow! Was wondering how often after this one I would be seen! 
    Its all coming round so quickly now. Can’t believe it. 
  • We got a Nissan qashqai last year, originally got it for the big boot with us having two dogs but it’s ideal now for dogs and baby ☺️

    I have the midwife next Friday, this is only my third time seeing her so I thought it may be more often after this one too x
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  • Hope everyones having a good week.

    My feet and ankles have started to swell already!! They feel all Tingley and weird. Had the midwife this morning and all good, no glucose in my urine this time so that's good. Got to listen to her heartbeat again, so magical.

    Going to Ikea this weekend to get some bits for the house, no doubt I'll end up with some baby bits haha. 24 weeks tomorrow, I've known I' pregnant now for 20 weeks which ius far greater than the time I have left, that's a scary thought :-)

  • Oh no Liz! Hope your ankles and feet don’t get worse. 
    Last day of our baby moon today. Back to reality tomorrow! 
    I’m excited to get home and buy some new bras though! The bands on all the ones I’ve brought with me are so uncomfortable at the top of my ribs now. Think they’ve gotten wider. I keep undoing them when we’re out and hoping no one notices 😂 
    Felt baby loads this week. She’s definitely getting more active 🥰 
    Clearing our nursery out on Sunday ready to paint next weekend and I want to get new carpet ordered. I’m going for grey and white too as I think any pink/lilac accessories will look nice with it. And also works with blue if we have a boy in future! 
    Struggling to find a wardrobe. I want a changing table so not sure whether to get them both separate or to get one of those wardrobes that has one that folds out. 
  • Where are you Alice? Not jealous at all :-)

    I'm with you on bras and clothes feeling uncomfortable, I had a dress on yesterday that wasn't maternity and had a band under the boobs, killer! Couldn't wait to rip it off!!

    I think Grey and White is best, I'm not an overly pink person anyway. Will accessorise too. I went to a baby boutique the other day and got a bit carried away, have said to the husband all her other bits need to come from Primark to compensate haha.

  • Morning ladies. Oh no Liz I’m not looking forward to the swelling 🤭 
    I had my midwife appointment yesterday too, Im 24 weeks and 4 days today! Blood pressure fine and nothing in my urine woohoo also got to listen to the heartbeat again - I never get tired of listening to it! So amazing ! 
    Our nursery is painted and furniture up. We only bought Ikea furnite - a wardrobe and chest of drawers. We considered a changing table thing but was advised by a few people that they never really used them. And thinking about it the likelihood of me walking upstairs every time I needed to change the baby is probably zero lol so we haven’t bothered! 
    We are going to the baby show in Birmingham this weekend to look at all of the prams under one roof. So hopefully will have it sorted after this weekend so it will be a big thing off the list x 
  • Ahh Liz I hope the swelling goes down soon!

    I've been trying to do a lot more walking but my legs get so tired so quickly now 🙈 

    I've notice have a summer sale on cot beds if any of you are still looking for one. I’m going to order one next week when I’m back off hol I think ☺️ 
  • We are in Mykonos! It’s  been lovely, highly recommend it. Just spent the week doing nothing 😂 And it’s not in season until June so it’s been lovely and quiet. 
    Aw so jealous Lea! I’d love to go to the baby show. Can’t wait to get the nursery furniture now. I’ve been storing everything in a box and the box is now full so need to get a move on. 
    I don’t have my next midwife appointment till I’m 27w+2. 
    Still debating whether to have another private scan or not.. or whether to save the money for a newborn photo shoot. I didn’t realise how expensive they are :( the two local ones I’ve found you only get 5 photos and they’re both £200. 
  • Alice I’m debating on another scan too. Hubby not so keen as we have already paid for 2 lol and I’ve booked a new horn shoot too 🙈 but luckily not at those prices. Mines £100 and get unlimited use of the props they have available and also get 10 photos xx 
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