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Due in September 2019 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in September 2019 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Hey ladies. Had my 20 week scan yesterday. All was ok, and definitely a girl lol 
    she was being an awkward madam though so I’ve got to go back next week for another scan so they can complete all the checks they need to! 
    Shes was lying in an awkward position and then kept putting her hands to her face 💓 
    was also told I have a low lying placenta. She didn’t seem too worried about it and said they will look at it again when I go next week. I’ll them need to be booked in for another scan at like 32-36 weeks to check it again to see if it’s moved. She said this was common though and tends to move during later in the pregnancy when the uterus grows and then the placenta moves up with it xx 
  • Morning Lea,
    ahh good, I’m glad everything seems to be ok! And at least you will get to see her again later on in the pregnancy 🥰 hopefully if it’s quite common it’s nothing to worry about 😊

    I've definitely felt a proper kick this morning, I love it 😊 
  • Had my 20 week scan this morning! Everything went well 🥰 baby girl was wriggling around loads and even gave us a wave and a thumbs up! Sonographer managed to get all the measurements they needed. So happy. Officially halfway today 🙌🏻 The funniest part was seeing her little feet! I don’t know why but they were so cute 🥰 proper little feet!
  • Yay lovely news Alice! Glad everything went well ☺️ I can’t wait for mine now. Hopefully this time next week I will know if it’s pink or blue 🥰
  • That's brill Alice! I know what you mean about the feet! We have a picture of a foot and we could probs have it measured for shoes :D xx
  • Hahaha! Brilliant, they’re so cute aren’t they! She’s still measuring smaller than average but I swear it’s because I’m really due on the 8th and not the 3rd! I was doing ovulation tests..  If she’s a week late I’ll know why 😂 
  • We have a foot photo too 😂😂
  • Did either of you ladies feel brusied and sore the next day?! My stomach is so crampy today. It feels pulled and bruised. I swear it’s because the sonographer was pressing around it hard for 20 minutes 😂
  • Yes Alice! I did! I’m glad you’ve said that I felt a bit worried yesterday
  • Oh good! Phew :) I did think it might have been from all the hard pressing!
  • Yeah was uncomfortable and like moving from side to side when lying down could like feel it. Phew 
  • Hi ladies, have any of you had an “off day” over the last few weeks? I don’t know what’s wrong with me today but I’ve woke up feeling different, like I’m not pregnant :/ my stomach doesn’t have the same feeling it usually does, it’s usually quite hard and sort of heavy if that makes sense, it’s not today, food that I usually love tastes weird and I just don’t know what to do with myself 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
  • I was having loads of days where my stomach seemed to have deflated and I was getting worried and frustrated. It seems to have stopped doing that this week and seems to be there even in the mornings which it wasn’t just a week or two ago.
    And I wouldn’t say I’ve gone off anything as such, but I’ve definitely not had any cravings (gutted, I was looking forward to craving something and sending my husband out to get it 😂) and I just seem to have started treating food like a necessity. I was a proper foodie before being pregnant, always imagining my next meal 😂 but now I’m really ‘meh’ about food. I’m hungry a lot of the time but I just look for what’s nearest whilst trying to stay healthy. I don’t really enjoy much :( 
    I’ve also gone back to being super tired this week. Maybe the hen do is playing catch up on me? But I’ve felt really dizzy and feel like I could nap at any time of day. 
  • I’ve not really gone off anything, just today everything I’ve eaten doesn’t taste right 🙈 maybe I’m having a hormonal day! Baby is moving round quite a lot right now  though so I feel a little bit better knowing it’s still kicking around in there. 
    Everything is such a worry isn’t it 🙄 
    yeah it probably is the weekend catching up with you! At least its a nice long bank holiday now so you can relax a bit, and the weather is supposed to be fab 🌞
  • Alice I’m like that too. Not gone off any foods or had any cravings (yet) but I’m like meh with food. Don’t really want big meals anymore. Would much rather snack/graze!! 
  • Hi all,
    Had my scan on the 16th All was fine but part of my placenta is blocking the cervix so have to go back at 32 weeks for another scan and might experience some bleeding.My stomach was painful the next day and crampy as they do have to push quiet hard.I am always hungry so just eat what ever is easiest not always healthy though 🤦🏻‍♀️ haven’t had any cravings really either.
  • As jasmine your the similar to me. My placenta wasn’t blocking my cervix it was just low lying. I’ve got another scan next week as little miss was being awkward so they couldn’t do all the checks they needed to do! So they will be checking my placenta next week and then I’ll be booked in for 32 weeks aswell for another scan to see if it had moved up xx 
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  • Hopefully the little ones move 🤞xx
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