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Due in September 2020 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for those on the Due in September 2020 - Part 2 as the first part of the thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @DanielleMFM thank you! And I agree with the hot statement on the other thread 🤣

    @SmithL35 I keep sneaking over to the August thread to get a baby fix 🤣. Shhh don’t tell them I’m stalking 🙈! Yay 2 down!! The heat can’t be helping, it’s so sad when they don’t realise it’s for their own good. Hope the other 2 go without a drama 
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  • @vrob123 that is a good idea! Will have a look :)
    I was pleased to get home after the two trips x
    Yes @DanielleMFM this heat is too much for my feet! X
  • Morning ladies, 
    So yesterday we went for our last growth scan and consultant appointment. But it turns out our baby boy has only gained 10oz in 3 weeks. Im 37+3 and they think he weighs 5lb10oz which is about 2 weeks behind what he should be, at my first few scans he was measuring 2 weeks ahead. So the consultant has booked me in to be induced on due date 29th. She did want the 22nd but I think I looked shocked and she said they could scan me again then reassess.

    Lot of people have told me that they had their measurements wrong so I'm hoping he's bigger than they think. He's still very active, blood supply was normal as was the fluid so its just his size.

    So I'm having 2 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day and bouncing on my ball lots.
  • My daughter was estimated to be 6lb at birth through a scan but came out 2lb heavier. It must be so tricky to take measurements when they’re all squished up!! Hopefully that’s the case, get bouncing!!!!! Xx 
  • Bless you @Lucy16277 talk about being put on the spot!

    what’s the benefits of raspberry leaf tea? My pregnancy app mentioned drinking it but didn’t say why.

    my midwife called me today to confirm my app tomorrow she has asked for a wee sample - what am I meant to put that in??? lol. Normally you get the little tubes from Drs. xx
  • @CharHughes not sure about the tea - I'm interested in the answer to that too!

    With the sample my midwife normally sends me off with a pot for the next appointment. The one time she didn't I was able to do one at the surgery at the end of the appointment. If you're close to the surgery you might be able to pop by and get a pot beforehand so you can still do it at home?

    Otherwise if you've got any small Tupperware that you hate you could use that and throw away afterwards! 
  • Oh okay @peas_and_love Thanks! lol. 
    I will just make sure I drink plenty before my app so I can give her a sample there, she should be fine xx 
  • Hi Ladies,

    I have been at the hospital most the day. 

    Baby is no longer breach and has gone head down. Glad to hear your little one is playing ball too @SmithL35.

    She is weighing 7lb 3oz already so they’re inducing me on the 23rd of this month. 

    I feel really emotional xx
  • @XOXO1 hope you're ok 💖 
    Aww 7lb 3, I wonder how much more she will put on before she is here. Xx
  • I dread to think lol @SmithL35. She’s such a chunk!

  • Aww 🥰 @XOXO1. So you will have her before your due date? I think I yours was a few days before mine x
  • @XOXO1 exciting to know when she’ll be here. You’re going to be a great mummy!! 
  • Yeah they’re inducing me at 37 weeks exactly @SmithL35 xx

    Ah, thank you so much @VRob123 xx
  • @XOXO1 so exciting!! I can't wait to see her xx
  • Please bugger off intense heat! At least at my house, so hot & grumpy! Can’t stand it 🤦‍♀️

    Hope you’re all coping with the heat! 
  • I’m not coping with this heat atall! So horrible and making me miserable. All I do is moan 🤣
    had a growth scan today am 36+3, baby estimated 5lb 12oz. The lady doing the scan couldn’t get measurements of his head as apparently he’s very low down in my pelvis she couldn’t see it! Just been making me wonder wether that could mean he’s starting to engage? 😬
  • Hey all the heat is killing me I actually got really badly burnt on my bump yesterday and had a growth scan today so that wasn’t fun, little one is estimated about 7 and a half lbs now but had to go over to day assessment again because I kept getting lightheaded during the scan I’m apparently getting protein in my urine so they want to to keep being checked for pre eclampsia, I was also getting some irregular contractions but they checked and my uterus is still very much closed 😫
  • VRob123VRob123 Regular
    edited Aug 12, 2020 2:36PM
    @Claire1234939 it’s quite likely he could be engaged. Little eager man! It must have been nice to see him again. All squidged 🤣

    @Metalchick what a pain about the sunburn. It’s completely unbearable outside now. Sorry to hear about the protein. Hopefully it’ll settle and won’t keep you waiting too long. 

  • @Metalchick sorry to hear about the sunburn. 
    I have been having a few cold baths which I am really enjoying. Saw our new midwife today and was really pleased that she us a fan of hypnobirthing. X

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