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  • Hello! I’m Ellie - Just found out I’m pregnant with #3 and hasn’t quite sunk in yet. My partner and I weren’t actually trying and I don’t think he’s going to be very pleased (I’ve not told him yet) I always wanted another even if it didn’t make sense work wise and financially so I hope it sticks! I’ve had a couple of days of brown tinged mucus but I’m hoping this is ok as it’s just a little bit - never had anything like it with my first two! Hope more join this thread soon - I used this forum last pregnancy and loved it x
  • Hello, I’m Kayleigh - I found out on NYE I was pregnant so I’m around 3 weeks. This is my second pregnancy, I suffered a miscarriage with my last one back in May 21 at 7 weeks. Happy of course but also terrified after my last experience 🥺 praying this one sticks! 🙏🏼 x
  • Hey Kayleigh! That’s when I found out too 🙂 Fingers crossed for sticky babies for us! I’m surprised this forum is so quiet - when I was pregnant with my daughter these due date groups were so busy 😢
  • Hi Ladies , thought I’d jump on here and join you guys. I found out on NYE also after TTC for 2.5 years. I am not  exactly sure when I’m due yet  but I’m around 6 weeks along. This is my second pregnancy too , had a miscarriage at 4 weeks last time. Finding these first few weeks quite confusing - my symptoms are just minor and come and go which keeps making me question if I’m actually pregnant.  How’s everyone else feeling ? 
  • Hi there, 
    I know it sounds silly but I need help so I am 16 weeks pregnant consistent sex with a partner and had a slip up on Oct 16th and slept with someone else next day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. This can in no way or form be the second guys child can it?
    • Dates say I conceived 18th sept so it’s first guys right? Please someone respond. 
  • Hi @elliesc, sorry for the late reply, I don’t seem to be getting notifications weirdly. 
    I know right, the last time I was in a discussion the chat was constant. How have you been feeling? Have you felt you can tell your partner yet? I have my first midwife appointment on the 28th Jan all being well 😊
  • Hi @Kayleigh-33 🙂
    I’m not getting notifications either!
    Yes, I told him in the evening and it was actually fine thank goodness! I’ve been feeling really good just a little tired, managing to go to the gym and everything until a couple of days ago when nausea and exhaustion seem to have really kicked in! How are you doing? I have my first appointment just the day before you on 27th then I’ll be manically checking the Mail every day waiting for a scan date to come through - longest wait ever!

    Welcome @****kt**** funny we all got our BFPs on the same day! How are you doing?

    @kellybrian98 - if you did the test the day after you slept with the other guy and it was positive then it’s not physically possible it could be his!
  • Hi! Pregnant for the first time, and we found out today! My mum didn’t have any sickness or cravings with my brother and I, and I’ve always functioned in quite a similar way to her, and hope it applies to this too. But I’m a teacher and am terrified the stress of the job will cause me to miscarry partway though a lesson. Let alone needing to pee more. Most days I don’t get a break until 4pm and you can’t just walk out of the classroom mid-lesson. Just waiting for my body to change, and I don’t know what will happen.
    I’m not seeking any answers, but wanted to get my worries out. I hope your pregnancies go really smoothly. 
  • Congratulations ladies. I tested positive yesterday but have yet to visit the doctor and been spotting brown blood since a few days back. I hope the lil bean stick and a smooth sailing pregnancy till due in Sep.

    @SweetTooth91 Congratulations!! Just listen to your body. You will know best. This is my second pregnancy. My first was a very good pregnancy (except for the morning sickness in the first 5 months) I was pretty active and going up and down from one floor to another in the office. 

  • Hi @elliesc . I’m doing great thanks 😊 I don’t really have many symptoms other than getting a bit tired. I had my first scan earlier this week and was only measuring 6 weeks , 3 days so just on 7 weeks now. Was so relieved to see the baby had a nice strong heart beat.

     How are you doing ? 
  • Hey everyone I’m Vicky - im new here. Just found out I’m expecting baby number 3. Had a miscarriage in July so praying this little one sticks around. 
    Had one small amount of blood then nothing yesterday and now a little tinge of brown when I’ve wiped today. Anyone else get this? I reckon I’m around 6 weeks x
  • @Vsim86 hi! Congrats on your pregnancy 😍 I haven’t had any spotting myself but had plenty of friends that have and believe it is completely normal. If it was something to worry about , you would know - miscarriages are awful.  Wishing you all the best ! 
  • Hello! 

    I’m new on here. I found I was pregnant earlier this month - it’s my first baby. I’m currently six weeks and since yesterday was getting brown spotting/discharge. Then since this afternoon I had spotting and light flow of red blood. It seemed pretty distressing at the time. I spoke to my GP and she said as long as it doesn’t start into heavy flow like a period I should be okay and would need to observe next 24hours. I just wondered if anyone has experienced something similar? As it’s my first pregnancy, and it’s taken me some time to fall pregnant, my anxiety is slowly starting to get the better of me. 
  • @****kt****
    Thank you. I am 7 weeks tomorrow and have an early reassurance scan booked next Tuesday when I’ll be just over 8 weeks. Praying everything is all good especially after the loss. X

    welcome Shaz! I also had a bit of spotting - try not to worry too much and always speak to your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns. I was told it can be after an implantation bleed or maybe older blood coming out and may happen when period would be due. Hope this helps x 
  • Hi everyone I’m keeley
    just found this forum literally just found out 2 days ago I’m expecting wasn’t planned but can say I’m excited but worried as Iv just turned 41 (have 2 other children 16,10) not sure what the hubby will say 
    Iv had few symptoms sore breasts and tired leg ache but never expected a third child 😳 
    Iv done 4 different tests so it’s a definite ..thinking I’m around 5wks so very early and very worried what with my age..
    hope everyone is having a lovely evening xx 
  • Hey everyone, congrats to you all.

    I am around 6 weeks pregnant (due 18th sept). This is my third baby. Ive been feeling pretty rough with sickness but just trying to stay active as my last pregnancy i ended up with a blood clot. All worth it in the end but i just hope im not sick for the duration this time 💜
  • @Ellie34 we’ve finally gained some people in the group over the last 2 weeks yay! 😊
    I feel okay overall, nausea and tiredness mainly and sore boobs on and off really. First midwife app was okay on Friday and my first official scan came through and is on the 2nd March. I’ve booked in for a private one on the 7th Feb though and I’ll be around 10 weeks by then. Have you had your scan date through yet?

    Hello to all the other ladies who’ve joined us and for the ones who are spotting/bleeding, I’ve been there as I miscarried last year and it’s an awful worry. I started with very light spotting and over the course of a few days it got a heavier like a period, I also started to notice bits of tissue too (sorry TMI). 
    All I would say is trust your gut and if you feel something isn’t right tell your GP and push for your HCG bloods to be checked for reassurance. 
  • Hi ladies
    im making my call to the doc in the morning so hoping to get an early date scan 
    How did you manage to book a private one Kayleigh33??
    do you have to be over certain many wks for this ?
    hope your all resting well!!I feel exhausted today but then we have been on a big walk with the dog and kids 😀
    So nice to finally get to talk to other mums 😊
  • Hi ladies! You have tagged the wrong person….my baby boy 16 weeks old, no more babies for me! Lol. I wish you all..all the best in your pregnancies 🥰
  • @Keeleylou3 there’s lots of companies you can book through in the UK and pay for an “early reassurance scan”.
    I think you have to be 7 weeks from gestation to book them but some do get busy so you can book in advance, I should be roughly 10 weeks when I have mine all being well. 
    Lots of rest for me this weekend I’ve felt really up and down, looking forward to getting my energy back again that’s for sure! 😂
    Good luck with the doctors, hope you manage to get some support/reassurance from them 🤞🏼
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