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Due in September 2023

Hello, and welcome to Due in September 2023 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Hi! I'm Jen, due 17th Sept with number 2. Looking forward to others joining me! 
  • @Jdoo Well no one seems to be joining the October birth club and since I will most likely be having this little one in September I figured I'll just join you here. 
  • Hi @RainbowJourney, welcome! How is your pregnancy going? 
  • @Jdoo Thank you for the welcome! Everything is going great so far! Starting to feel a little more normal every day. This pregnancy is almost completely different from my last. My last pregnancy I was anemic and severely malnourished so I had gained 40 lbs by this time 😳 I have barely gained a pound so far this time. I guess that's all I can think of for now. How are you and baby doing? 
  • I definitely feel bigger this time as I already have a pronounced bump. My biggest issue is nausea as it hits anytime of day. Worst time was when I was in the process of putting DS1 to bed! Seems to be settling down a bit now though. Had my 12 week scan the other day so all looking good. 
    We have decided not to find out the gender this time, we did last time but didn't tell anyone. I've been started on aspirin due to pre eclampsia with last time. 

  • The constant hangover is definitely draining! That's good to hear that your 12 week scan went well, I'm only 10 weeks 2 days so not far behind. I almost bought a sneak peek test today but decided against it as we will be finding out the gender in a couple of weeks anyway from the NIPT test. This will definitely be our last baby though unless God has other plans. I hope your preeclampsia stays under control for you this time. I had blood pressure issues and diabetic issues last pregnancy. Fortunately it was only due to being on Prednisone for all of the pregnancy so it shouldn't be a problem this time. My blood pressure has actually been lower than normal. 
  • It just shows all the things that change as I remember reading before having my first that if you had pre eclampsia first time you wouldn't get it the next time but now they are saying you can. 
    This is going to be our last as well. My eldest is 4 so hopefully will be a good help. I'm also 4 years older (obviously) than last time I had a newborn so worried about being up at night. 
    Hopefully that stays that way and you dont have any other issues with BP or diabetes
  • Alot of people stop at 2 children. I'm 40 years old. I have 4 children already, 21, 17, 14 and 2. I'm not too worried about the being up all night because when the hormones kick in after birth you can accomplish anything lol. 
  • Wow 4 already! You'll be a dab hand then! I'm 37 so definitely feeling the older mum vibes 🤣
  • Here to help in any way I can. ❤️
  • So I sent some pictures to an online group and the Ramzi theory is predicting girl!!! Beyond excited to find out for sure in 2 weeks!!! 
  • Hi , I’m due 13th of September ,  
      I hope everyone’s pregnancy is going well :) xxx 
  • @Paigekenny24 Welcome and yes pregnancy is going good so far 😊
  • Hi @Paigekenny24 welcome. All good so far. Hope yours is too x
  • Hi ladies , 
     yes so much better now I’m out of the 1st trimester 😂. 
      Is anyone doing an early gender scan ? Xx
  • I'm still waiting for the nausea to completely go away 🤦‍♀️ @Paigekenny24 our gender scan isn't until 20 weeks but we had the NIPT testing done which tells you the gender so just waiting for the phone call with results by Friday or Monday. Are you having an early gender scan? 
  • Aw nausea is horrendous isn't it. Mine seems to be settling thankfully so fingers crossed you aren't too far behind.
    That's exciting you're going to find out soon! Do you have a preference?
    We decided not to find out this time but it is actually now driving me mad cos I want to start buying things 🤣 I could just put myself out my misery and find out but determined to leave myself a surprise. 
    I did keep a load of neutral newborn clothes so will at least be OK for a few weeks. 
  • We don't mind either way just want to know so we can buy clothes accordingly. I'm hoping for one last girl but am fine with another boy. I've always wanted to have the patience to wait until birth to know the gender but 5th pregnancy and haven't done it once so I guess that shows my patience 🤣 That's good that you kept neutral newborn clothes. We unfortunately got rid of all of the newborn clothes from last time as we thought we were done for sure then so I guess we gotta get more 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Ladies.... We're having a boy!!! 
  • Congratulations!!!! I'm now swaying whether to find out or not 🤣
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