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New Date: Fisher-Price Baby Development LIVE Webchat with Dr Weber, Mon 11th April, 2 -3 pm

Worried about how your baby is developing and want to know what you can do to encourage them? Let our EXPERT help you in our LIVE webchat.

Join our baby and child development webchat on Monday 11th April from 2-3pm.

We'll be joined by Fisher-Price Play Lab expert, Dr Deborah Weber, who will be with us live from the US to answer any questions and queries on development you might have.

Don't worry if you can't make the chat on the day leave your question now and Dr Weber will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible on the day...


  • Hi Dr Weber

    My baby was born 10 weeks early and at his 8 month check had caught up on 'alertness' but still a little behind on co-ordination (pincer grip development) and speech and language.

    What would you suggest I could do to encourage both of these further so that he can 'catch up' fully to his birth age, rather than his due date age.

    He is a happy healthy baby but just want ot help him as much a spossible to catch up form his difficult start to life

  • Hi Deborah

    My nephew is two at the end of this month and very well developed, totally aware and talking, beginning to put two or three words together to make a sentence, mid potty training etc.

    I want to get him a gift that will stretch him and he will enjoy, can you recommend any Fisher-Price toys that will do the job?

  • Hi Dr Weber

    My nephew is two at the end of this month and very well developed, he understands everything, beginning now to put two or three words together or sentences and is mid potty training etc. So I want to get him a gift that he will get a lot out of, enjoy and will stretch him. Can you recommend a Fisher-Price toy that would be suitable?

  • Welcome to today's webchat. Dr Deborah Weber will be with us in 10 mins answer your baby and toddler development questions...
  • Hello Dr Weber

    My two boys love Fisher-Price (nearly 3 years old and 5 months old) what new innovations in baby/toddler toys are we to look out for in the near future?
  • Hi - This is Deborah Weber on-line and looking forward to your questions and queries.
  • My daughter is nearly and I am having so much trouble getting her out of nappies. I have tried on two occasions now to do a proper potty training stretch, and have tried to be as chilled out as possible but she will not come out of them. It's almost like it is some kind of security thing now, she wont even lay for long without one on. When I'm changing her I say lets just not wear one for a little while, but she insists on putting on another straight away and gets quite distressed if I don't. she knows when she wants to go to the loo and tells me when she's been but just wont use the potty. Do you have any advice on how I get her out of this 'need' to be wearing a nappy all the time?

    thanks in advance.
  • Thank you jokinguk for your question. Children develop at different rates and go through developmental stages at a different pace. The best way for babies to learn is through their interactions with you. Talk, read, and sing to them throughout the day - use descriptive language because that provides the foundation for learning. In addition, there are many toys on the market which have fine motor skill features integrated into them for a child your baby's age range.
  • Hi Dr Weber,

    Within my group of friends my little boy is the last to walk, he's nearly 18 months and seems to have no interest in it at all, he can crawl really quickly and stand but as soon as you let him go he sits down on his bottom and crawls again, is there anything I can do to encourage his walking development?
  • Sorry I made a typo - she is almost 3 years old.

  • Thank you Miss_Xan for your question. Little People toys are great - because they have themes that are familiar to your nephew, they encourage imagination as well as role play. There are lots of vehicles, for example in our Wheelies toy range, which encourage problem solving and anticipation of what is coming next, and provide opportunities to learn concepts such as in and out and up and down all during the excitement of play. Other toys that would be fun for your nephew are the Geotrax or Thomas the Tank train sets. These provide a rich opportunity for problem-solving and story telling.
  • Thank you Angelaleeuk for your question. For your 5 month old, starting at 6 months the Laugh -n Learn toys provide a great opportunity for your baby to use his imagination. They are early role play toys with themes to introduce baby to pretend play in a fun and familiar way - some examples are a Toolbench, Singin Soccer Ball, Smilin Smart Phone and the Smart Screen Laptop - these toys jump start baby's way to imaginative play and fun learning. For your 3 year old son, our Kid-Tough range that encompasses innovative products such as cameras and media players, are wonderful role play electronic toys, which happen to be actual working items that foster creative thinking and language development through play. The other toy range I would suggest for your son is anything from Imaginext which includes dinosaurs, space ships, castle, etc.
  • Thanks Dr Weber

    We already have the L&L Toolbench - still a favourite with my eldest :lol: I think he'll love the camera for his birthday!
  • Thank you for your question! Keep on doing what you're doing - you are doing a great job by talking and singing to your toddler. The more language she hears the better - she may be taking it all in - that's what is called receptive language, and eventually she will blurt it all out one day and surprise you! In the meantime, toys such as the Laugh 'n Learn Puppy and Laugh 'n Learn Tea Set which have speech, songs, and interactive familiar toddler games embedded in them, provide a rich opportunity to enhance your daughter's language development. Sing along with these toys and invite your daughter to sing along with you.
  • Dr. Weber

    My 2 year boy is obsessed with cd's and dvd's, to the point of taking a cd with him everywhere he goes, we bought him the Fisherprice cd machine which he does play with but can you suggest anything that we might be able to buy to substitute the real cd's?
  • Thank you Hunnie_S for your question. Have you tried introducing a toddler potty seat? Fisher-Price has a new Duckie Fun 3-in-1 Potty that you could try out - it has music that rewards "success" and motivates return trips. Just by making the experience more fun, playful, and pleasant your daughter may be encouraged to lose the nappie (:
  • Thank you summeruk5 for your question. Children conquer the skill of walking over a wide range of ages, and your child is still within that range. Have you tried using a toy walker such as the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker? It gives your child support to walk, but also if he sits down there are still lots of fun things to do. When he pushes it he will be rewarded with music, sounds and lights. A toy walker like this fosters confidence while learning to walk.
  • I haven't and she loves ducks so I will give it a go, thanks for your advice.
  • Thank you Mummy_from_ealing for your question. It's wonderful that your son loves music and taking it along with him! You could look for toys that offer a variety songs and musical content - which are always fun for toddlers to play and interact with. Fisher-Price has several iPhone and iTouch apps that you could download, that have songs and fun activities embedded in them as well. For example, Dance Star Mickey, Little People Farm, See 'n Say, Chatter Telephone, and Big Foot.
  • Thanks everyone - I enjoyed answering your questions. I hope that my responses were helpful! Be on the look out in the near future for some new Fisher-Price toys that we are currently developing for your enjoyment and your child's entertainment and development.
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