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Baby Sleep Webchat, Wednesday 18th May, 12-1pm



  • Hi ruby-shoes,

    Your baby will react to what happens in the morning .I would definately stop feeding him at that time as he will start waking for a feed then .

    I would respond to him the way you would if he was waking at 2 am .Leave him as long as possible to see if he will resettle . If he won't just use my spaced soothing technique (in early posts) .This will give him the message that it is not morning ! Have a time in your head that you think is appropriate for starting the day .So say you are not going respond/ do anything before 5.30am then every day move it on by 15 minutes ,until it gets to a time that is more like morning .It usually takes about 7 mornings to get this sorted but be consistent and do one thing not lots of different things .

    Jo x
  • As I started the webchat late I am happy to take some more questions for another 10 minutes .

    Jo x
  • Thanks Jo - could you have a look at the question we posted above from a BX facebook user please? Thanks, Alison
  • Hi Lauren Morris ,

    I think toddlers sometimes find the transition from cot to bed rather difficult .The cot is a very secure place for them and I think they feel rather vunerable being open .You can get some tent attachments from Ikea among other places that go over the bed .This may make her feel more secure and not have to sleep on the floor!

    Jo x
  • Thankyou so much to everyone who took part in the webchat .Please remember to get in touch with me in you need any help or advice at

    Very Best Wishes

    Jo x
  • I think we'll leave it there, thanks everyone for taking part, and a big thank you to Jo for her helpful replies. As Jo has mentioned she'll be at the Baby Show at NEC Birmingham this coming weekend if you want to talk to her further. Plus don't forget to come and see Prima Baby/Babyexpert and Next on stand R60.

    Thanks again Jo, Web Ed
  • My son is 6 months 3 days old and we are really struggling with sleep nursing. He has co-slept in the bed with me from the beginning and we have failed several attempts to transition him to a bedside cot. He refuses a pacifier and does not self-soothe in any way other than nursing. We are exclusively breastfeeding and he started solids (rice cereal and fruit) about 3 weeks ago. I was hoping the addition of solids would help but it has not.

    We are at the point now that my son wants to have the breast in his mouth the entire night and for all naps. For the most part he is not really nursing but lightly fluttering/comfort nursing. Any attempt to break the latch, even when he is deep in sleep, will wake him up and get him crying, kicking and rooting.

    I am very reluctant to try cry it out as I feel like he is still too young to have this work. My pediatrician agrees that 6 months is too young to have success with this method and suggests we wait until 9 months or later for CIO.

    Can you please guide me in breaking this constant sleep nursing cycle? As my son ages the demand for the breast is getting progressively worse. My husband sleeps in the guest room and I am a walking zombie from so many disruptions. I feel like what my baby wants from me is not humanly possible. Please help!
  • Just to remind everyone that Jo Tantum is one of the experts who work with us to provide a one-to-one telephone service for all your sleep questions. You can find more information, and details on how to contact Jo directly here:

    Thanks, Web Ed
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