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Clearblue fertility webchat, 12-1pm on Monday 23rd May



  • Thanks Dawn!!

    Thats what I thought!

    Good Luck with the New show on Wednesday!!!

    Splashpot x
  • Thank you Splashpot22

    I am going to see the studio for the first time when I finish here so it is all very exciting.

    Hope you will tune in!

  • Already programmed in on series link!!

    Thanks Again!

    I am starting to calm down now ready for work!!

    Thank you

    Splashpot x
  • Hi Splshpot22

    Great! On both counts!

  • Hi Dawn

    I am 34 and have been trying for my first baby for six months now and nothing has happened yet, how long should I wait before my partner and I both get checked to see if there is anything wrong.

    Many thanks
  • Hello Ajaystubbs

    Heavy and painful periods are a really common problem but there are lots of treatment options available. Varicose veins on their own are not an absolute contraindication to taking the combined pill but if you have ever had a DVT (clot in the leg) then that would be. Your specialist will probably organise a scan to check for fibroids and will then discuss options with you and these may include an intrauterine system which is like a coil placed in your uterus which secretes tiny amounts of progesterone into the womb or even a procedure called an endometrial ablation which is day case operation where the lining of the womb is lasered away. the procedure is done through the vagina so no scars on your tummy and you should be completely recovered within a fortnight

    Best wishes

  • Dr Dawn,

    I'm 42 years old and my husband and I would like to start trying for a baby, i'm really worried i may have left things to late. I've heard about fertility tests are they accurate?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello pinkbarbie77

    I don't usually start to investigate until couples have been trying for a year and that is because if you take 100 couples trying to conceive 90 of them will be successful within 12 months. You need to be having sex every couple of days around the time that you ovulate and if you want to know when that is, you might like to consider using a clearblue fertility monitor to accurately identify your fertile days

    Best wishes

  • Hello Mummy_from_ealing

    Unfortunately our fertiity does fall off in our forties but the way fertility monitors work is to accurately identify when you ovulate and take the guess work out of knowing your fertile days. the clearblue fertility monitor is over 99% accurate so it may be something you might like to try

    Best wishes

  • Thank you Ajaystubbs! I really appreciate that. Please tune in to our new live show at 8pm this wednesday on channel 4. We are very excited about it!

  • I agree with Ajaystubbs!! Dawn, Your fantastic!! (and very reassuring!)
  • Thank you - you are very kind Splashpot22!
  • Well folk,

    It looks like we have come to the end of our web chat for this session. I hope you have found it useful. I am going to sign of now and wend my way to meet Dr Christian at the studio for out new show. Very exciting!

    So until the next time, good bye and good health

  • Right. Last time I bled I stopped 12th january, then on the 5th of feb at about 6-7pm I had clear heavy discharge with a streak of red blood in it the streak was probably the size of 1 cm it was like a piece of thread. After that nothing else just the usual clear discharge intill the the 6th at about 12pm lunch time I went to the tiolet and wiped I had heavy discharge with light pink bits in it then about 2 hours later I had clear discharge with the tiniest speck of red blood in it. Nothing on the 7th, on the 8th I had a tiny bit of pink discharge, on the 9th(today) I woke up about 12pm lunch time and straight away had sex so I didn't know if it was like that before the sex or not but after sex I wiped and it was heavy light pink discharge with a dark pink streaks all over then I thought I need to go home and get a pad so 2:30pm I got a pad went to the batheroom and when I wiped nothing! Just a bit of brown mixed with the discharge and it was like that intill about 5 it had basically gone just a tiny speck of brown, since then absoloutly nothing just clear discharge its now 4 am and still nothing also since the 5th iv had a uncomfortable/tight feeling in my lower abdmone on and off and when I'm lying down I need to keep moving to find a comfy poisition, so I don't know what happening anyone got any clues? Or had the same experience?? Thanks.
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