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Midwife web clinic with Prima Baby midwife Nikki Khan, Monday 26th March, 12-1pm

Prima Baby's resident midwife, Nikki Khan will be hosting a webchat here on Monday 26th March, between 12-1pm.

An expert midwife for the past decade, Nikki will advise on all areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn babies.

Don't worry if you can't make the time and date, post your question now and Nikki will answer as many queries on the day as possible.


  • I am 9. Weeks pregnant with my third baby. In Nov 2007 i had my first son at 37 weeks weighing 8lb2. Then in Oct 2009 i had my second son at 40+5 weighing 10lb1. Both naturally.

    I was quite poorly after my second sons birth and had a blood transfusion.

    I am worried about having another big baby. Is this likely? And Will i be closely monitored for this reason?

    Would i have the option of being induced a couple of week early?

    I am worried about the birth.

    Thanks Naomi
  • Hi Nikki

    I wondered whether you could give me some advice on a homebirth.

    I am 34 weeks with my first baby and have had a low risk pregnancy, my midwife has suggested it and its something i am keen on however i just wonder if there is anything fundamental that they can offer me elsewhere that wont be available at home besides stronger pain relief?

    The alternative is a midwife led unit, as i dont intend on going to a main hospital unless its required and as far as i have read the options in the midwife led unit and home are the same.


  • Hello everyone

    My name is Nikki Khan and I am Prima Baby's Expert Midwife and am here from 12pm to help answer any questions you may have about pregnancy and childbirth .

    Looking forward to chatting with you!

  • Hi nikki,

    This is my 2nd pregnancy but had a c-sec with first ds. Really hoping for a nutral labour this time.

    I was wondering about taking raspberry leaf tea. I'm 33 weeks now, when is best to start it and am I ok drinking it given my previous c-sec?


  • Dear yorkiespur1234

    I can understand your concerns! You do not mention if there were any problems in your last pregnancy like gestational diabetes, which can sometimes cause big babies or if you had any problems delivering your son due to the size. However in general terms babies do tend to get bigger but not always. As you had a big baby vaginally last time, it is likley that your obstetric team will let you go that path again despite the fact you needed a blood transfusion last time. However if you are at all concerned you can request to have a growth scan as your pregnancy progresses. At each antenatal visit your bump will be measured and if they are at all concerned about your baby's size you may be referred for a scan anyhow. It is unlikely your Obstetric Team will let you go to term if you do have a big baby on board this time around and they may choose to induce you early but you will need to check with your midwife first as to whether this would be the case.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks nikki

    no diabetes and no problem delivering my son. I was in the birthing pool and suffered a second degree tear. I had a retained placenta and had it removed in surgery.

    Seeing my midwife doesn't first time on Thursday and Will talk to her then. Never measured big enough for growth scans last time even with 10lber on board. I am slim size 8-10. No one thought it was possible although i was worried. Don't want to be fobbed off again!

  • Hi

    I'm 40+4 and my waters went at 6am this morning but I'm not having any contractions. Anything I can do to hurry them along?

  • Dear Pondering123

    A home birth is fine for low risk pregnancies such as yours and a midwife led unit or 'home from home' unit is another alternative that many women opt for. Obviously you will not be able to have an epidural at a home birth or in the midwife led unit. If things do not go to plan at a home birth or in the midwifery led unit, you would be advised to transfer to the main hospital for the safety of you and your baby & it is advised that you have good access to a hospital if it is needed. One of the main comments people do have following a home birth is, ironically the mess, and the positive fact that there is a more ongoing relationship with the midwife attending the home birth than you may perhaps have if you were in a hospital setting!

    Hope that helps!

  • Dear Mrs_RF

    Your obstetric team are likley to be offering you a VBAC, 'vaginal birth after caesarean' if all goes to plan, but they will need to monitor the labour quite closely. However, unfortunately raspberry leaf tea is not recommended if you have had a caesarean section before as you have had. Some other tips to induce labour from 38 weeks are to stay as mobile as possible close to your due date and hopefully labour will start naturally. You will not be booked for induction as you have had a caesarean section before but you will need to discuss your plan of care at your next appointment with your Obstetrician.

    Good luck, hope that helps and sorry about not letting you use raspberry leaf tea!

  • Hi Everyone

    I will answer all present questions that have been posted until 1pm before signing off, so please don't worry!

    Nikki x
  • Hi M2be

    Wow, how excited must you be! Try & stay as active as possible as your baby's hard head on your cervix should stimulate contractions the more upright you remain, but listen to your body & rest too!

    Your hospital have probably told you that you should come in tomorrow morning to be assessed as it will then be 24 hours since your waters have gone and they will want to see how you have progressed, they may be considering inducing you if you have not gone into labour by then.

    Also keep an eye on your temperature every 4 hours and if it starts to go up,contact the labour ward for advice.

    The fluid you are leaking should be clear, if the colour changes to green or blood stained you must let your midwife know straight away. Also contact your labour ward if you are concerned about your baby's movements or if the contractions start & become more regular and painful.

    Good luck!

  • Dear yorkiespur1234

    As you are quite a slight frame at size 8 to 10 , it may be a good idea to request a growth scan later in your pregnancy if your baby appears larger than expected. Have a chat with your midwife about your concerns, so she can reassure you too, explaining that you never measured large last time and had a ten pounder!

    Good luck

  • Thank you to everyone for all your questions.

    Good luck & enjoy the sunshine!

    Check out my website for more information on my Intensive Antenatal Classes.

    Nikki x
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