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Pregnancy web clinic with midwife Nikki Khan, Monday 28th May, 12-1pm

Prima Baby's resident midwife, Nikki Khan, will be hosting a webchat here on Monday 28th May, between 12-1pm.

An expert midwife for the past decade, Nikki will advise on all areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn babies.

Don't worry if you can't make the time and date, post your question now and Nikki will answer as many queries on the day as possible.


  • Hi Nikki, 

    My five month old baby is refusing to go to bed for her daddy. I am currently at home all day with her and she is happy to nap and sleep at night for me once rocked to sleep for approx 10min. She loves her daddy and will laugh and play with him, but when it comes to bedtime she will cry until I take over. We have tried (reluctantly) allowing her to cry herself to sleep with him, but after trying this a few times, there is no marked improvement. Is this just a phase that she will get over? Should we persevere through the crying or comfort her and allow her to adjust in her own time?

    Thanks, Sonya

  • Hi, I NEED help ok so on 5/13/12 I started bleeding light light pink for a whole entire week, cramping , my breast hurts, nausea ( I haven't thrown up yet) mood swings! I haven't taken a home preg test yet I should be 6 weeks and 1 day today if I preg! I went to my doctor on 5/24/12 and he sent all my tests off he wouldn't tell me if I was preg, he said something about my uterus being way too tilted I can seem to figure out what's wrong? What other steps do you think I should take!
  • Hi I am currently 18+3 with my first baby. A quick history, I had 3 recurrent miscarriages prior to this pregnancy and had HCG injections to help sustain this pregnancy. I had a scan at 13+4 and all was well and I have heard baby's hesrtbeat on doopler at 15+5 and 16+4..... I'm now really worried as I have felt no movement from baby at all??? Lots of people at the same stage as me or earlier are already feeling movement. I'm terrified that baby has at stopped developing. Should I be feeling movements now??? I have felt nothing at all!!!!! Is it ok not to feel movements at this stage??

    Thank you
  • Hi Everyone

    My name is Nikki Khan and I am Prima Baby's Expert Midwife.

    I am here to answer any questions you may have in relation to pregnancy and childbirth for an hour between 12 and 1pm today.

    Looking forward to chatting with you on this beautiful sunny day!


  • Hi I posted my question earlier as I wasn't sure I would be about at this time... Hope you get to enjoy the sunshine too x
  • Hi Sonya,

    I'm afraid baby sleep isn't Nikki Khan's specific area of expertise. I'm sure she can offer you some tips, but you may find the advice you need in some of our articles on Babyexpert. Try these for starters:

    We hope these help in some way.
    The Babyexpert Team

  • Hi A & R

    The first thing I would do would be a home pregnancy test to help reassure you one way or the other. You can find some test kits in the Chemist that are quite accurate and which you can use as early as the first day of your missed period so check the details on the package before buying.

    A 'titled' uterus can mean a retroverted uterus which some women have but it is not any problem as once the fertilised egg implants and the uterus grows, it tilts forwards anyhow! The pregnancy test your doctor would have done may have been a urine test not a blood test initially, so it is likley he may be checking other things such as your hormone levels, but you will need to check with him.

    Anyhow good luck with the home pregnancy test !





  • hI 3054

    I can understand how anxious you must be having had three previous miscarraiges , but am I right in thinking you have not reached this gestation before? If so most first time mums do not feel the baby move till around 18 to 20 weeks. Second time mums often feel the movements earlier as they know what they feel like. It initially feels like little pockets of wind popping in your tummy or some mums describe it is butterfly wings! Also if you have an anterior placenta  (placenta at the front of your uterus) , this can cushion the baby's movements so you may not feel the movemnts until a little bit later.

    It is nothing to be worried about, although given your history you could always ask your GP or Midwife if they could check the heart rate for you as it is obviously causing you concern. If there has been any bleeding or abdominal pain you will need to seek medical advice, so they can reassure you all is going to plan.

    Good luck this pregnanacy & take it easy!!




  • Hi Everyone

    I am signing off now!

    Thank you for your questions and enjoy the Bank Holidy Weekend & the sunshine!

    Good luck with your pregnancies & I will be here next month for the next webchat!

    Nikki x

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