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Help and advice on dealing with colic and crying

Join midwife Nikki Khan here on Wednesday 12th Dec between 12-1pm for a live webchat on identifying, helping and treating colic symptoms and crying in your baby.

Post your Qs here for Nikki to answer on the day.

We look forward to seeing your questions



  • Hi there, I have just changed to exclusive bottle feeding (was part and part before) for my 4 month old baby and I have noticed that he is crying more in between feeds (but is ok during and straight after). Could this be colic? Also is it because of the bottles?

  • Hello Nikki,

    we have just started weaning our 6 month old. He is grumpier than usual, dribbling and raising his legs to his tummy. Just wanted to know if this is weaning or colic or both and how to best help him with his discomfort.


  • I have a 3 week old... she sleeps all day, but around 3am she wakes up. I change him, he eats, but he doesnt go right back to sleep, he fusses until about 5... It's almost impossible  to make him comfortable, I normally feed him again before he'll sleep... The only thing that helps is rocking him back to sleep. Are these colic symptoms?

  • My baby is now 18 months old. She has been diagnosed with colic basically since she was born and now 3 months on she still does not sleep more than 2 hours a night. Doctors have told me that she is in a routine now of only 2 hours sleep.... surely she needs more sleep than that!!!! I certainly do?? Any advice on getting her into a better sleep routine would be so so useful.

  • Hi Nikki,

    Please see below for three more questions posted by our readers:


    A friend of mine baby had colic and she tilted the cot at an angle so her baby wasn’t lying straight, is this ok to do? are their any dangerous sleeping positions?


    My little girl is suffering from a colic I didn't know that helped but she also has a blocked nose an I was told to so the same it seems to of helped as she is currently sleeping in her carry cot I push a small cushion under it so its titled and i personally put her on her side or back although some times on her tummy if she has bad colic and hot water bottle or hot bean bag works wonders hope this helps.


    How long will colic normally last for? I am worried my baby (3 months) cannot get rid of her symptoms. Are there any quick fixes?


    BX team

  • Hi Nikki,

    My baby has recently started furiously crying early evening and I can't seem to comfort him. His face becomes flushed and he seems very agitated. It upsets me so much because nothing I do seems to relax him. Is this colic and what should I do?

    Thank you!


  • I am currently using Infacol, however, my baby still seems in a lot of pain and I can't get her to stop crying.  Can you help please?

  • We have so far refused to practice the "cry-it-out" approach to dealing with our 3 month old, despite the recommendations of others. Is it something worth considering in relation to colic?


  • We are delighted to welcome midwife Nikki Khan to Babyexpert to answer your questions on baby colic and crying...

  • Hi Everyone

    I am here for the next hour from 12 till 1pm, to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding colic and crying in your infant.

    I will answer all questions received by 1pm later in the afternoon if there is not time in the live webchat!

    Looking forward to chatting with you!



  • Hi Pooky

    Colic normally starts to subside around 4 months of age, so it is unlikely to be Colic. It may be that he is gulping in too much air when feeding, so always ensure the teat is full of milk and that you wind him regularly during the feed. Try keeping him upright for about an hour after a feed to aid digestion. Changing teats may also help!

    Good luck!


  • Dear Daddy Patrick

    As your baby is 6 months old , it is unlikely to be Colic, as Colic normally subsides around 4 months of age. Weaning is a difficult time for some babies as they try out new foods. He may be a bit constipated, so check out his nappies. A gentle clockwise tummy massage about an hour after a feed may also help to aid digestion . Alternatively he may be teething , hence dribbling and being more grumpy than usual! If his symptoms of discomfort persist, he may be lactose intolerant and you will need to seek medical advice.


  • We've just had a tweet come in Nikki, does it make a difference if you breast or bottle feed as to how likely colic will be?

  • Hi Nikki,

    My niece is suffering from colic. A friend recommended that a constant noise in the homse such as a vacuum cleaner/washing machine can help as it distract's the baby from the colic?

    Is this true or just a wives tale?



  • Dear Babyexpert

    One recent study concludes that babies who are not breastfed are almost twice as likely to have colic!


  • My neice is 3 months old and does not cry very much at all. Could she still be suffering from a mild case of colic and how can we tell if she is not crying very much.


  • Dear CherylW2

    Colic symptoms are characterised by a high pitched inconsolable cry usually in late afternoon  & evening associated with a bloated tummy and red face and your baby drawing up his knees to his chest. Babies can suffer from colic from 2-4 weeks of age to around 4 months of age. Keeping your son upright following a feed, can help aid digestion and some women find the use of a simethicone based product such as Infacol helpful as it can ensure the trapped bubbles of wind are easier for your baby to pass & so relieve the discomfort! You may have to feed him more regularly throughout the day & he may settle for longer periods at night. The symptoms you describe sound more like mild wind discomfort, so ensure he is latched correctly if breastfeeding or that the teat is full of milk to ensure he does not gulp in too much air when feeding!

    Good luck!


  • Thanks Nikki!

    And thanks so much for your time today! Look out for more chances to put questions to Nikki on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

    Bye Nikki!

    BX team

  • Hi Nikki

    I have had 5 children with my youngest being 4 months. I have never had any issues with them suffering from colic and they have all been very quiet so I am not familar with the symptoms to watch out for or how to ease them. I think that my youngest may have colic as I do not breastfeed how can I tell? and what can I do to help?

    Any advice would be brilliant.

    Thank you





  • Dear Aoife D

    At 18 months old , it is unlikely that your daughter is suffering from Colic.

    If she is presenting with colic like symptoms at this age you should seek further medical advice as your daughter may be suffering from lactose intolerance.

    She will want to remain more alert during the day at this age now, so keep her busy and she should be more ready to sleep longer at night. Ensure you differentiate between day and night feeds (eg night feed in a dark room can sometimes help!)

    Good luck!



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