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JENNY SMITH MIDWIFE CHAT: Monday 19th April 12-1pm

Babyexpert's hugely experienced midwife Jenny Smith will be here to answer your pregnancy, birth and newborn questions for an hour 12-1pm on Monday March 29. Jenny hosts a regular monthly webchat on

If you can't be around at 12pm post your questions below now...


  • hey there.

    im currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. and on my customised fundal height chart, im measuring 5 weeks ahead. (have done a few times since 24weeks). Now my first child was 6lb13 when born at 40+3 so she was very normal, im just worried because if i get to 40 weeks this time, im estimated to be having a 10lb baby! and plus, my bump at the moment is a similar size to my last pregnancy at term, so i have been bigger throughout. do u think that women with bigger babys tend to go into labour earlier or depending on the size of the baby would they suggest induction at term?? Im having a GTT and a growth scan on wednesday, so surely will find out more then. i am also getting a lot of lower pressure in my pelvis, and lots of braxton hicks, so i do feel like i could go earlier rather than later. Also, my first child measured spot on on fundal height throughout.

    thank you! x

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  • Hello there

    2 questions if i can image

    This is my second baby and im hoping for a home birth. Im 30 weeks tomorrow and was told at 28 weeks that my iron levels are very low. Now im worried i wont be able to have a home birth if they dont come back up with the iron tablets. Is this something that can go against me for a home birth?

    Also i had a Episiotomy with my first baby, i was pushing for a long time but my daughter wasnt distressed in anyway so im still not sure exactly why it was done.For me it was pretty traumatic, i was badly swollen and in pain for weeks afterwards and sex can still be sore and achy 18 months later! I really want to avoid one this time... is it likely i will need one again as i have had one before? The thought scares me to death and its all i can think about image

    Thankyou x
  • I am approx 36 weeks pregnant and have been having some Braxton Hicks pains, but lately (last day or two) I have been having some very strong period type pains which seem to radiate over the bump and tighten everything. They are very painful and I cannot speak when I have one, although they are not regular. I also have very often a stabbing sensation in my cervix area, very deep inside, and I am wondering if I am slowly starting to dilate or whether this is the standard 3rd trimester aches and pains I should expect? I would like to know if this means I should be on 'red alert' for labour to start in the next week or so, or whether this is totally normal and things will take their time?

  • I am 15 weeks and a couple of days pregnant with 2nd baby and am totally paranoid to find my uterus! I know aproximatelly where it is supposed to be but cant feel it. I have a bit of a belly, but nothing big, most of it bloat and bit of fat from 1st pregnancy ... It is just doing my head in that I cant find it! I thought I would be less paranoid (and I generally am, except for the quest for uterus!!). I have seen the baby on scan so know that it is there, but argh! image

    I have my 16 week appointment on Friday, can I ask the midwife to find it for me? I dont remember when they start to prod the tummy!


    Edite, Hugo 19 months plus bubble.
  • Hi there

    I had my first baby 15 weeks ago. It was a difficult pregnancy as I had severe hyperemesis and was on cyclizine until 34 weeks (without it I would throw up 15 or 16 times a day!). I lost nearly 10kg in my first trimester before I was diagnosed.

    My husband and I are wondering about having more children - is this likely to happen to me again? It was bad enough the first time but I would seriously worry about being able to look after a toddler if it happens next time around.


    Charlotte & Toby (15 weeks today)
  • Hi,

    Im 34+5 weeks pregnant. I have had swallon ankles, feet & hands since 27 weeks-blood pressure/urine are normal. But since turning 32 weeks I have had so much pain in the whole of my legs which over the last fews days is travelling through my back. The pain is becoming unbearable. It hurts to stand, walk, lie in bed and when the pain really kicks in it takes my breath away & I cant help but cry. Im not getting any sleep because of it.

    The registra at the hospital said its due to swelling but its just getting worse every day, could it be anything else? I am having to take regular pain relief just to function. I really dont want to sound dramatic but Im not sure how much longer I can stand the pain.

    Any help would be great. Thank you.

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  • Welcome today's webchat Jenny will be here shortly to answer as many questions as she can from 12-1pm...
  • Hello everyone, Jenny here. Looking forward to answering your questions. I hope your enjoying the wonderful weather!
  • Hi
    I'm 35+0 and suffer from SPD but have been getting other pains in the bottom of my bump for the last few days, today these pains have gotten a lot worse. It feels like my muscles and ligaments can't support the weight of my bump and I get sharp pulling pains eveytime I move or the baby moves, I'm having to hold my bump everytime I move. Have I damaged the muscles in some way? It's really starting to affect my sleep. I have taken paracetamol but it hasn't helped at all.

    Thank you x

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  • Hello I am 37+3 with my 2nd baby and I am hoping to have a homebirth. I have just this morning had an appointment with consultant at the hospital as I had complicated labour/birth previously, forceps delivery, manual removal of placenta and PPH which resulted in a blood transfusion when my baby was 3 days old.

    Anyway all along I have been very aware of the risks but I really want to have an homebirth my CMW has been very suportive but today my consultant was very blunt and said "I advise that you deliver baby in hospital" and that the manual removal saved my life....maybe its hormones but I burst in to tears. She said that they cannot stop me having a homebirth but it is advisable not too and now I very scared and worried that I have made the wrong decision and at such a late stage I should change my mind! I want a homebirth to the avoid the constant monitoring whilst in labour and also any medical interventions - my last labour was spent on my back strapped to a CTG so not good especially as my little girl was back to back.

    What do you think am I silly to even think I should have a homebirth?
    Your opinion is much appreciated


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  • hi im trying for a baby at the moment, this month i have been felling naueas and discomfort in tummy but ive not due period until 30th april could you please advice me,
  • Hi Jenny,

    This question is probably one you hear all the time I'm going by my dates 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I don't have any aches/pains or anything of that kind in my uterus or that area I had an early scan a few weeks ago and they placed me two weeks back so now I'm worrying that the baby isn't growing? Should I be concered?

    We did see a hearbeat at the scan and they placed me at 5 weeks that day but since all sickness has stopped?

    Thanks very much!!

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  • Hi Jenni

    My daughter is now 3 months old, and for the last several nights, she has been waking in the dark very suddenly and is screaming rather than crying. Once she has a cuddle she is fine, but will wake again a short time later. She sleeps in her cot in the daytime/mornings/evenings fine, its just in the middle of the night. do you think she is just being a bit naughty, or is it something nightmares or no liking the dark (i thought she would be too young for this!)


  • Hi gracie19andpinkbump. It all sounds good. You are having all the right checkups. When the height of your bump is increased it doesn't necessarily mean that the baby is big as it can be due to increased water around your baby or a bit of extra weight on your tummy. The GTT test will show if you have a diabetic tendency whilst you are pregnant. If your blood sugars are raised usually a dietitian will recommend a change in your diet to reduce sugar. If baby size is big it will be detected by head femur and abdominal measurements of baby. Baby even at 28 weeks can lie above the pelvis and aches and pains as the womb stretches are more obvious in a second pregnancy. Hopefully this baby will come at 40 week like your last and if obstetrician thinks at 28 weeks the baby is big they may recommend further scans to check the baby's growth at later stages of the pregnancy.
  • MrsNoname, It is very important to let your obstetrician and midwifes know that you plan to have a home birth so that you are on the right iron preparation to get your levels up in time for the birth. With the iron tablets it is important not to drink tea or coffee with them as it will reduce absorption. Have the tablets with fresh orange juice or fresh fruit to increase absorption Dried apricots, red meat, whole wheat products are beneficial to iron levels. Often episiotomy can be quite tender for a long time and can become more tender with the following pregnancy. If you have sex it is important to use a lot of lubrication and be relaxed. Near the end of this pregnancy it may be helpful for the midwife to have a look at how much scar tissue is there and also to do perineal massage which will soften the scar tissue and help it become more stretchy for the birth.
  • Hi Jenny

    I have 3 boys under 5 and am 31+4 with baby 4. I am finding it increasingly difficult to do things down to tiredness and aches and pains (mild spd & sciatica). Is there any tips you could give me to get motivated and keep my energy levels up during the day? I have moved from my family near to my partners mum and she works so isnt really on hand to help, same as my partner.


  • Hi Fabian79, Very sore pain over your uterus at 36 weeks can be a sign on labour but it can also be due to other reasons such as a little bit of bleeding behind the placenta which would not necessarily be seen vaginally or it may just be an irritable uterus. It's very important that you go to see an obstetrician at the hospital so that they can fully assess where you are feeling the pains in your womb and give you a proper assessment.
  • Hi Jenny,
    My baby girls is 6 weeks old, we started her on formula milk at 4 weeks, initially we gave her cow and gate but she seemed to sleep less and be restless on this and be hungry more so we swithced to aptimel which has settled her sleep, however she now seems to be struggling with wind, she seems to have tummy pain quite alot that is only eased by passing wind (farting) which seems to cause her distress. We are using tommy tippee closer to nature bottles. Can you suggest anything to help - other milk or bottles or something to do with her to ease the pain.

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  • Hi Fooxoo, it can be even for midwives a little difficult to find the top of the womb at 15 weeks. This is because most of the baby is still in the pelvis and if your uterus is lying far to the back of your pelvis the top of the womb is more difficult to feel. It is always important to relax your tummy when trying to feel the top of your uterus and start on the soft part at the top going downwards to find the little harder bit low down which the top of the uterus. When you see your midwife on friday, ask her to locate it for you and then feel it yourself. The fact that you have a healthy scan is good news.
  • Dear CharlotteB, My advice is to ask your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist/ obstetrician pre-conceptually to discuss your previous pregnancy. The causes of hyperemesis are uncertain but there are some triggers such as abnormal thyroid function which could be tested for before pregnancy. Unfortunately women who have a previous history are likely to experience it again in subsequent pregnancy and this is why discussion and planning is necessary. if you are thinking of a pregnancy it is important to take folic acid tablets from now. I have looked after ladies who have had hyperemesis the first time and successfully undergone a second pregnancy with support and increasing where possible rest periods which requires planning with the other child. Best of luck!
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