Baby care webchat with Megan Faure! Tues 22nd February from 12-1pm

Feeling confused about how you should care for your newborn? Put your questions to Prima Baby expert, Megan Faure on Tues 22nd Feb, from 12-1pm.

Megan specialises in baby's under the age of one and helps parents develop an awareness of how your baby is feeling allowing you to establish a routine which suits both baby and parent.

Don't worry if you can't make the time and date, post your question below and Megan will endeavor to answer as many questions as she can on the day.


  • Babyexpert is delighted to welcome Megan Faure to our live webchat - please post your baby queries for Megan below. Thanks Web Ed
  • Hi This is Meg, I am looking forward to answering your baby questions. Sleep, stimulation, development and crying - all very relevant questions.
  • If any of you are battling with a colicky baby - did you know that colic is more related to overstimulation than tummy troubles? Managed with this in mind you can more effectively soothe a colicky baby.
  • 1/3 of babies are still not sleeping through the night at a year. Healthy sleep habits are very important not only for your baby's development but also your sanity. I see babies every week in my practise who need help sleeping - if this is your problem, i would be happy to give advice during this hour.
  • Hi Megan

    My baby is nearly 3 months old and he cries all the time, if he's not crying he's asleep, I'm at my wit's end. He has reflux and Baby Gaviscon helps a bit but hasn't cured him, he looks like his tummy hurts too and is a bit constipated [hard stools] I can't seem to do anything to soothe him. I've tried Colief, Infacol, all of those, and diluted prune juice. What else can I try? He's bottle fed on Cow & Gate.


  • Hi. I have a 7 month old who has had a good bedtime routine since the age of 3 weeks however she has only just started to learn to send herself off to sleep at night time. But she is still waking once in 12 hours for a breastfeed. My GP says I should ignore her and let her cry it out. GP says that has she is eating 3 solid meals a day now and drinking from me in the day i shouldn't be feeding her at night - is this right? She does seem genuinely hungry when she wakes (generally 3/4am) and goes back into her cot awake, gets herself off to sleep and then wakes at about 6am/7am for the day so i'm sure it's not comfort feeding. the other problem i have is that i'm having problems getting her to nap in the day for longer than 30 minutes unless i take her out in the pram. she has 3 naps a day of 30-60minutes and sleeps 10-12 hours at night is this ok? it's weird though because she'll send herself off to sleep at nighttime but not during the day....
  • my baby has reflux and was prescribed renitidine it worked a treat
  • Hi Lisa, sounds like you have had a rough time so far. Normal early infant crying (also called colic) will abate at 12-14 weeks and your little one will settle quite a bit. However, a reflux baby does presnet an additional challenge. I suggest you try the following tips:

    1. look at changing his formula to an anti reflux formula

    2. make sure you settle him to sleep 1 hour after he wakes as an overtired and over stimualted baby will be more fractious and sensitive.

    3. Raise the head of his matress so the reflux doesn't burn as much

    4. Swaddle him for all sleeps
  • Hi SOP1uk. In terms of her night feed. It is common for babies to hold onto that 4am feed for a while and so i would not let her 'cry it out'. What you can do is increase the amount of protein she has in each meal during the day: at breakfast she can have yogurt and banana in her cereal. At lunch or dinner and in the evening add chicken, meat, egg, white sauce, cheese etc to her veggies. As soon as you up the protein you will find she sleeps a little later until eventually the 4am wakign becomes a 6 am waking.
  • SOP1uk - you ask about day sleeps - now is the time you must encourage her to have at least one day sleep in her cot at home as she will soon develop the habit of only sleeping in the pram for day sleeps. Just be consistent and play white nosie in her room to keep her in a deeper state of sleep to stretch the midday sleep.
  • Hi Megan

    I am expecting my second baby in May, but my 2 year old daughter still wakes several times in the night. I am worried how I will cope with looking after a new baby and a toddler who still doesn't sleep through. Any advice or tips on how I can get my 2 year old to sleep through before the new baby arrives in May? Thanks.
  • Hi LucyLou29, what does she need when she wakes and does she still sleep at midday?
  • Hi LucyLou. Toddlers wake for one of three reasons: they may not have enough nutrition during the day and this will result in a waking for a bottle/feed. To deal with this, put her on a good iron supplement and barley green powder in her juice. The second reason is nightmares - toddler's imaginations can wreak havoc with her sleep. Use a night light, be sympathetic and settle her with some love. Finally, some toddlers are just testing the boundaries. You need to define the boundary and stick to it. If she always tries to come into your bed, a nice idea is to have a camping matress under your bed that you can pull out so she can 'camp' next to you bed when she is scared or just wants to be near you. She will outgrow this soon.
  • Hi Megan

    She sleeps at Midday occasionally, sometimes when she wakes at night she wants a drink and other times she is just quite distressed and needs a cuddle
  • That's very helpful Megan. I'll try all these and fingers crossed!

  • If she skips her midday sleep, she may be waking due to overtiredness - we know that an overtired toddler wakes more. So if she misses her day sleep, bring bedtime back to 6pm. If she is distressed, its probably nightmares (imagination) or night terrors (overtiredness). Make sure she has a comfort object to reach for at night.
  • Thanks for being with me for the last hour. There is a whole lot more information on sense-able sensory parenting in my new book The Babysense Secret. Good bye
  • Hi Megan,

    my little girl is 10 months old. I have noticed from about 3 months that she really does not like being cuddled. She likes being picked up but wil hardly ever put her head down on my shoulder or chest and often pushes away with her arms. At night she also kicks off any type or texture blanket I put over her, but likes to hold onto her towel nappy. She is not really bothered by other tactile input like grass or water in her face, but does however seem to be sensitive to certain food textures. What can I do at home as I sometimes feel rejected by my own child (does that make sense?). I don't want this to lead to any future problems.
  • Our thanks to Megan Faure for joining us today, we hope you found her answers helpful. Danihaw, we'll contact Megan and see if she can answer your query too! Web Ed
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