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  • Hi Miriam,

    Sorry I'm posting this so early but my first son has a hospital appt at same time as web-chat - typical!

    I recently found out that I am expecting number 2 and I am concerned about labour. I didn't have a very good labour first time round, I had PROM and ended up being induced, failed epidural and after 3 hour of pushing with no head I had to have a forceps delivery. It is the latter part that worries me, the forceps were horrendous and my son was very bruised and cut as a result, we also had terrible BF and sleep problems that health professionals have attributed to his birth.

    The reason I had the forceps was because after 3 hours of pushing he wasn't moving down at all, his head would come down but go back up. The Dr said that I had a narrow pelvic arch and this was also put in my notes. I assume that my pelvic arch won't change so I am concerned about future deliveries, will I have the same problems? I really don't want another forceps delivery. I haven't booked in yet but I want to be aware of what the midwife and/or consultant might say so that I can prepare myself. So my question is what do you think my options are? What do you think they are likely to say? I would love a natural birth but do you think this is possible given that second babies tend to be larger? Google has not been my friend whilst looking up narrow pelvic arches and stories of brain damaged babies have really worried me so I thought I should ask a pro :lol:

    Many thanks

    Tink x
  • Hi ,

    I am in work so can't really post at appropriate time. My question is about vitamins in pregnancy. I will be starting trying for our second in October and this time there seems to be so much more on market. Will one pregnancy vitamin cover all ie extra folic acid in first 12 weeks and extra vit d towards end or is it better to purchase seperatly? Thanks x
  • Hi everyone, Miriam here. I am looking forward to answering your questions
  • Hi Tink

    i do feel for you, all your hopes of a smooth, happy birth were dashed last time. But that's no reason to be pessimistic or scared about the next time. Just think that your body has had a trial run and I am sure it will be much easier and simpler this time. Every pregnancy is different and I think if you can be confident about your ability, feeling control and stay positive, you'll have a good experience. Towards this end I suggest you give hyno-birthing a try. I describe it in my book Bonding with your Bump if you want to know more about it.
  • My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 2 years now. We've had all the tests, which came back normal, and are on the waiting list for IUI and IVF. The constant trying and waiting is getting us both down now, and I think I might scream if someone else tells me to 'relax an it will happen'! I don't obsessively track my cycles any more, although we do try to make love around the right time of the month - we do still have some hope!

    Have you any advice on how to keep our chins up?
  • Hi Blue Star

    Making sure you get a full compliment of viatmins and minerals is especially important in pregnant women. Most important is folic acid 400mg a day 3 months before you conceive if possible and for 3-4 months after conception. You can get this in tablet, capsule and drink form nowadays. There are two other important nutrients you should have, the first is Omega 3 which you can get in a special pregnancy capsule - Tommys is a good brand. And they now know that Vitamin D is crucial and it's hard to get enough from food so I suggest at least 1000 ius a day and check this with your doctor and midwife.
  • Hi Mrs Doc

    It is trying waiting to conceive. I understand your feelings because when I was trying for my second son, I was desperate and would go crazy each month when my period came. I got pregnant when I said to myself it's in the lap of the gods. One thing you might think about his how often you are having sex. Research has shown that having sex every three-four days throughout the month has the highest conception rate. The sperm count drops with too frequent sex. Good luck!
  • Hi Miriam, I am currently expecting my 2nd child, due in September. My concern is how my current daughter will react to her new sibling as she is very clingy at present. She will be 21mths old when her sibling is due to be born and I would welcome any tips for a smooth introduction and avoiding the jealousy side of things. Many thanks.
  • Hi Kazzie M

    A sibling of 21 months can feel 'dethroned' by the arrival of a new baby who needs a lot of attention and everyone fusses over. She's fearful you don't love her and you can reassure her by getting her to help you make preparations for the new baby, small things like putting nappies in a pile. You should aso start now giving her a full hour of one on one time everyday with you or your partner and continue after the baby's born. First impressions count, make sure when you come home with the baby you are not holding it, but have your arms free to scoop up your daughter and give her lots of attention. Bring her a present from the new baby.
  • Hi everyone for anyone who would like an interactive app to go on their phone with all the things you want to know about your pregnancy, there's my new Pregnancy App available from the i-tunes store! You can feed in you EDD and the app immediately becomes personalised. There are week-by-week videos of me talking to you about what's happening in your body and how your baby is developing, and a huge archive to back-up what I am saying. There's also a bump tracker and a feature called Your Baby's World where you can take photos or record your voice, music, your partner and hear it as your baby actually hears it.
  • Hi everyone, please keep posting your questions as I am here and waiting to help..
  • Hi Miriam

    I am 25 weeks pregnant and have recently started developing SPD or pelvic girdle pain. It is so painful and frustrating not being able to move around much. I have been recommended acupuncture do you think this will help? Also are the exercises I should do or should I not aggravate the area at all. I was swimming and I really don't want to stop but it does make me ache further. I'm worried that I will just get really unfit if I can't do anything which wont help me or the baby. I feel like I'm in a bit of a catch 22. Any advice wold be great.

  • Hello...

    My daughter has just turned 5 months and has had a dummy since a matter of weeks old. My eldest never had one, and Im really regretting her having it now. She sleeps through from her last feed at 7pm till 7am without a feed, but come early morning she is in such a light sleep i seem to be forever getting up to give her her dummy back so she'll go back to sleep until 7am. I really either want to stop her stiring or get rid of the dummy so that now she sleeps through, she can go into her own room since she soon will be 6 months. Do you have any tips on reducing dummy use/stopping it with sucha young baby, or am i best to stick it out until shes old enough to understand me 'taking it away'. Many thanks
  • Is there any truth in the rumours that 2nd babies will be bigger/heavier by upto 1 lb? And are 2nd labours/births faster or is that just a rumour too? Sorry if daft question but am getting so many differing stories it's starting to hurt my brain.
  • Hi Miss Xan

    I do sympathise, I think the cause of your pain and discomfort is because the progesterone that is keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy also soften up joints and ligaments this means they stretch, get slack, and are unstable, putting strain on muscles and surrounding tissues. It's this strain that is the root of your problem. Swimming is a great exercise in pregnancy but I woud take it very gently and slowly and stop if you feel any discomfort. If you've always been someone who exercises, I think it will help if you continue, but don't be over zealous. stop as soon as you get out of breath. Also speak to your midwife at your next ante-natal visit, and ask if you can see a physiotherapist who will give you special strengthening exercises.
  • Hi Miriam,

    I saw a story in the papers this morning about how light drinking in pregnancy is safe. I feel the information pregnant women are given about alcohol is very confusing. Some experts tell you not to drink at all, others say the occasional glass is fine. I am 6 months pregnant and have had the odd glass at a family bbq or christening. Have I done my baby any harm?
  • Hi Lea

    Your daughter is doing so well, bless her! I think you are quite fortunate that she sleeps 7-7 at such a young age. Actually I am in favour of dummies. Did you know there's a lower incidence of cot death in babies who have dummies, so I wouldn't deprive her of it. I think your early morning travails will soon be over because by 6 months she'll be able to locate her dummy especially if you show her how to find it without crying and disturbing you.
  • hello

    i am due in a weeks time and i'm getting quite anxious about the birth, my first labour ended in an emergecy section after 3 hours of pushing and failed forceps, i am worried about it happening again as i really want to try for a vback due to my son being 18 months, i have been told i will be moniored frequently but dont really want to be stapped to the bed as my baby is back to back and i dont think that will help, i also would like to stay at home as long as possible, any advice would be much appriecated
  • Hi Kazzie

    No there's no truth in the rumour that 2nd babies are larger than first ones, unless you are diabetic when succcessive babies tend to get bigger and bigger. The answer to your second question is a tentative yes. Successive labours tend to get smoother and quicker, though not always. A first pregnancy 'teaches' the body how to go through labour and the memory of that experience, by the muscles and joints helps to make things run smoothly.
  • Hi jbirch 2

    I am unmoveable on not drinking alcohol in pregnancy. No one knows how sensative each unborn baby is to alcohol. I base my position on the fact that one drink of vodka and orange has been shown to stop a baby's movements for more than 30 minutes. The most recent study looking at pregnant mums drinking 'lightly' different amounts of alcohol didn't stop the baby being damaged. There were 3 cases of foetal alcohol syndrome in this group. I am pretty sure that the odd drink you had will not harm your baby but please don't drink anymore
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