Midwife webchat clinic with PB's Nikki Khan, Tuesday 4th October from 12-1pm

Prima Baby's resident midwife, Nikki Khan will be hosting a webchat here on Tuesday 4th October, between 12-1pm.

An expert midwife for the past decade, Nikki will advise on all areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn babies.

For more information about Nikki Khan cut and paste the following link into your browser bar: http://tinyurl.com/3gnfmx2

Don't worry if you can't make the time and date, post your question now and Nikki will answer as many queries on the day as possible.


  • Hi there, I'm 33+3 weeks with my 3rd baby, and recently the bottom of my bump has been incredibly sore all the time, like my muscles can't take the weight. Its not like round ligament pain, (although I suffer from that too!)And braxton hicks are very uncomfortable, they take my breath away. I did get checked out at 31 weeks after I lost a tablespoon of mucus plug, but the unit was very busy and all they could tell me was that the trace showed baby was fine. This isn't something I've ever noticed with my previous pregnancies, which were both full term.

    Also a quick question, my first labour was 13hrs, my second was 5hrs, can I roughly expect this labour to be even quicker?! Thank you!
  • Hi

    My name is Nikki Khan and I am Prima Baby's Expert Midwife. I am here for the next hour or so to answer any questions you may have on pregnancy and birth, newborns and maternity rights.

    I am waiting for your questions and will be live from 12!

    Looking forward to chatting with you!

  • hi Nikki, was just looking for some info re vba2c. i had an emergency c sec in march 2009 (due to failed induction, failure to progress, and heart rate decels of baby) following that labour/birth i ended up with ptsd... then in december 2010 i had an elective c section, all went smoothly no known issues with it, i had planned a vbac but as it got closer i just got too scared to try... now if and when we have our next baby (will be ttc in around 18m-2yrs time) it will most likely be our last baby (OHs choice) so i would love to try a vaginal birth (althopugh part of me thinks i don't want to risk ending on emergency)... my question is what are the stats for succesful vba2c and also how likely will the hospital support my decision for a vba2c... any info on this would be much appreciated. thank you xx
  • Hi Mummy_Gracie

    Just what you need at 33 weeks! It could be that you have got some symphysis pubis discomfort. The Symphysis pubis is a joint at the front of t pelvic bones and separated by cartilage and held together by ligaments & is more common in women who have had a baby before. The pregnancy hormones soften these ligaments allowing the pelvic bones to open easier for the birth. The pain can be worse when walking & the discomfort is usually felt low & in the middle at the front. If this sounds like your type of pain, it could be you need to be seen by an Obstetric Physiotherapist who can provide a support belt which can help to alleviate some of the discomfort. Alternatively the discomfort could be caused by the way your baby is lying in utero and if the head is not engaged yet you may find the discomfort eases once the head descends into the pelvis.

    With regards to the uncomfortable Braxton Hicks, it could be you are overdoing it, but listen to your body, if they are becoming more regular and not easing when you are at rest you should contact the hospital

    In answer to your third question, there is no rule of thumb but it is often thought that second labours are quicker than the first and the third labour then slows down a little but is always quicker than the first and remember each pregnancy and birth is different!

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi WoWbabies

    I can understand your concerns. First of all you would be booked under Consultant care due to your two previous caesarean sections. Secondly be reassured that there have been successful trials of labour carried out on women who have had three or more previous caesarean sections so this should reassure you but there is obviously a slightly increased risk of the scar rupturing during labour the more caesarean sections you have. However, you will be observed closely by your midwife during labour and your care will be no different from a woman who has one caesarean section before with you and your baby needing to be monitored quite closely. Any signs of scar tenderness and it you would be advised to have a caesarean section. With regards to the hospital support to have a vaginal birth, you will need to discuss this with your Midwife and Consultant at your booking appointment explaining your reasons why you want a vaginal birth which should help to alleviate some of your fears and answer any questions you may have.

    Good luck

  • Hi BunnyMummy2

    First of all huge congratulations!

    You are correct that caesarean sections are quite common with twins especially if it is the first pregnancy and they are not head down! However it is dependent on how your little ones are lying in utero, if both are head down , your Consultant may decide that vaginal delivery will be an option, however if this is not the case it is likley that you will be advised to have a caesarean section. Either way the paramount concern is the wellbeing of both you and your little ones, so talk the options through with your Consultant & Midwife to make a plan for delivery at Booking. The plan can always be reviewed at a later time during the pregnancy depending on how your babies are growing, how you are and how they are lying in utero.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Nikki,

    I really love a good hot bath, I'm worried that it might hurt my baby?

    I'm six months pregnant. :-S

    Thanks! xx
  • Hi Katy

    When you are pregnant your body temperature rises slightly, so the added heat of a hot bath is not recommended for various reasons. If the bath is too hot and your internal temperature rises, this causes your veins to dilate cooling you down but simultaneously can lower your blood pressure causing you to feel dizzy, so when you stand too quickly from a hot bath there is an increased risk of fainting. This in turn can affect the blood flow to your baby hence why hot baths are not recommended in pregnancy! Also as your internal temperature rises so does your pulse rate and in turn so does your baby's, so try a warm bath, not a scalding one!

    Not really worth the risk!

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy

  • Thank you to all those pregnant mums who posted questions.

    I am signing off now and please feel free to contact me by email via my website on www.nikkikhan.co.uk if you have any further questions or by telephone through my Greatvine advice number.

    Good luck !

    Nikki x
  • Hello,

    I am 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Before I got pregnant, I weight 100lbs. Now, I am 120 to 122 lbs. Up and down. Is that a normal weight? Thank you so much.
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