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  • hi

    my baby is 6 weeks old, but was 6 weeks prem so technically is 0!

    she sleeps all day but wakes most the night, and wont settle after her night feed but settles lovely all day. Any ideas?
  • Hi Jo

    My baby is 12 months old and wakes several times a night with the last number of weeks. we give him a little bottle of milk to resettle him which I know is not correct to do but as we have a 2.5 year old also we don't want him woken up. What's best way to wean him from this? I fear it has become a habit as he eats well throughout the day. Our first did not do this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Eileen
  • Hi Jo,

    My daughter is 18 months and has always been a really good sleeper - she was sleeping through 7pm until 7am at 12 weeks and we have had undistrurbed nights ever since until recently when she started waking at 5am and won't settle back to sleep. We have tried giving her milk but she doens't drink much of it so she obviously isn't hungry - she just wakes up and wants to play. Any advice on getting her back to sleep much appreciated - with the clocks going back her 5am start has become 4am which really is unacceptable! Thanks Gemma
  • Hellooooo

    I have a little girl who is 15 months old. She sleeps through the night and had done from 7 months after doing controlled crying for a couple of nights. We have always let her nap downstairs on the couch but it means turning out the lights, closing curtains, TV off etc. I am due to have another baby in 5 days and want to get her napping in her cot...what is the best way to approach it? Controlled crying, leaving her to learn to settle? Same time every day or wait until she is utterly pooped? I don't know what to do for the best without upsetting her!!!

  • Hi there,

    My baby is nearly 17 months old,and we are having problems with her sleeping at night.

    She will go to sleep on me at night with a bottle,then I place her in to her cot in her nursery,then normally about 2.00am she will wake up screaming,the only thing that settles her is to put her in our bed,give her some water and change her bum,and she still will not give in-so I put her back in to her room,and she will cry for a little while,then I give in,and get her some milk,and put her back in to my bed until she falls a sleep,so this can last for up to 3 hours each night. I really need to break out of this habit with her,so I would be very grateful if you could help us.

    Many thanks

  • How do I see if my question has been answered,also how do I get on to the live web chat-if anybody knows.

    Thanks x
  • Hi Everyone , Sorry about that computer glitch! I am here to answer your questions.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi Mummyisagadgetgeek,

    Your baby will be tired after about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes awake time. So when she shows signs of tiredness yawning ,staring into space .Take her into the Nursery with balckout .Swaddle with a light ,natural material and ssshh her. Out her down ,and listen for 5 minutes .Settle her by shhh and slightly rocking her.

    Jo x
  • Hi Angelheartuk1 ,

    It sounds as though your baby has her days and nights mixed up .Start to wake her for feeds in the day .She should be on a natural feeding cycle of evry 3 hours. Then wake her 15 minutes before her feed by changing her nappy . Then after feeding try and wake her for 15 minutes so you aren't feeding her to sleep. Day= waking for feeds, talking, light, nappy changes. Night= quiet,dark,don't wake for a feed after 11pm dream feed, don't change after dream feed unless dirty .

    Jo x
  • Hi eileeneire,

    Can your toddler sleep okay in the daytime? As you have already said giving a bottle to your abby to get them back to sleep is not the solution. This is because he will continue waking out of habit and expecting this. Putting some costant noise in your 2.5 year olds room for a few nights whilst you stop the bottles will help. A cd or ipod of white noise etc. And explain to your 2.5 year old what you are doing and not to worry if he hears the baby crying.

    When your baby wakes then try and resettle by patting and soothing rather than the bottle.

    Jo x
  • Hi sorry I am very new to this webchat-did you see my post ok? if so where do I see the reply's


  • Hi GemmaAdamson,

    That is great that your daughter was such a good sleeper as it means that she can do it again.

    Around 18 months babies seem to start waking more ,their back teeth are coming through and they also seem to have some kind of separation anxiety.

    Do you have full blackout in the Nursery?

    Stop offering her a bottle,babies can't tell the time ,it is how you react to them that they respond to. So if you don't usually give her a bottle until 7am and are now offering one at that time,she thinks it's morning.

    So always make 7pm-7am night time. Listen for 10 minutes to see if she will settle if she down't go in and lie her doan and pat her shoulder/back /bottom. for 2-5 minutes . If you think it is teeth then offer a ibroprofen based medicine.

    Continue this ,with as little reaction as possible. Be consistent for at least 7 nights, and you will see her going back to sleeping 7pm-7am.

    Jo x
  • Jo,

    We have a 19 week old. From 8 weeks he was sleeping 7.30pm to 6.30am but in the last few weeks he's started waking earlier- from 5am. He's not hungry, and he's still tired, we feed him after 6. His room is v dark but he seems to be in a much lighter sleep in early morning and stirs if he hears any noise from us. My husband goes unto him straight away which I am trying to discourage as baby's not distressed, any ideas? Also will be taking LO on long haul flight soon any tips for happy plane sleeping and jet lag recovery? Many thanks
  • Hi littlelynsuk,

    Put your daughter doan in her cot at the same time each day It should be about 3 hours after she has woken up. Don't wait until she is pooped as she will be overtired and then won't settle. Put her in her sleepingbag , and try and do the same when you settled her downstairs. curtains closed etc.

    Then leave the room, wait for 5-10 minutes listen for quiet gaps and sleep noises -arrr,mmmm.Go in and soothe when she gets upset.Lie her down, pat her shoulder/back /bottom for 2-5 minutes. Then continue the same. Don't let her get too distressed . When she wakes up after settling herself then make a big fuss of her ,get her to smiel before you get her out of the . This way she will always associate the cot with nice thoughts.

    Jo x
  • Hi Lola1806,

    Teach your daughter to sleep in the daytime in her cot first. When she is tired ,for her age about 3 hours after she woke up. Then take her into the Nursery- blackout- put her in her sleeping bag ,read her a story whilst having abottle. Then put her in her cot and depending on how she sleeps, pat her shoulder/back/bottom for 2-5 minutes. Then leave her for 5-10 minutes lisetning for quiet gaps and sleep noises- mmm, aaarrr . When she is crying wait a couple of mins to see if she will settle then go in and soothe. Do the same at 7pm bedtime and in the night. Be consistent for 7 days and nights and she will learn to sleep through.I do offer email support/phone support to help you-

    Jo x
  • Hi Tashasbaby,

    Have you tried leaving him for longer, usually when toddlers wake up, they are half asleep. So leaving him may just mean he goes back to sleep. If you do go in , no lights just say one sentence of your choice like it's night time,it's ok.Or you can just say sshh and tuck him in. Don't have a conversation, make it as quick and quiet as possible. Don't give in and let him in your bed as this is rewarding him for waking up and it will just encourage him to do so. Start a reward chart for staying in his own bed. Put it right by his bed so he can see it, tell everyone that he is beoing a big boy and is going to stay in his own bed.Lots of praise. Soon he will be sleeping all night.

    Jo x
  • Hi Gemsica,

    It is great that your baby was sleeping through as it means that he can do it!

    Leave him for at least 10 minutes in the morning when he wakes, don't go in unless he is distressed. This time is normal for a light sleep and lots can disturb a baby at this time. They usually have a sing song and grizzle then go back to sleep. Don't feed him ,and just go in and soothe quickly and quietly as though it was the middle of the night. Babies can't tell the time it is the way that you respond to them that they understand. So if he usually has milk and gets up at 6.30/7am if you go in before then and do something you are teaching him that it is morning.

    Try and move the times nearer to the time zone where you are going by 15 minutes each day, a week before.

    Lots of daylight and a long nap when you get there. It should take about 3 days to get to the destination time zone and body clock regulated. Stick to your babies routine as much as possible on the flight to avoid distress and anxiety.

    Jo x
  • Hi Jessicaws01,

    Settle her in her cot/bed . Then sit in a chair next to her , no eye contact. If she talks just say sssshhh. Each night move the chair towards the door , until you are outside. You can have one sentence you use and repeat - it's ok, night time for example. Be consistent and do this for 7 nights.

    Good Luck!

    Jo x
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for all your questions. I do hope I have answered them all, and soon you will be getting some more sleep.

    To the winners of my Sleepytime set,congratulations. You will love them as much as I do, they smell gorgeous ,are natural and really help calm and settle your baby to sleep.

    They are available in all Waitrose stores or on my website

    If you or anyone you know needs any help or support please visit my website where I offer email/home/phone support and also workshops nationwide.

    Best Wishes

    Jo xx
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