Clearblue pregnancy and conception webchat, Wednesday 23rd November

Babyexpert is pleased to welcome back Dr Dawn Harper, Clearblue fertility expert, to answer your questions about pregnancy and conception in a LIVE webchat on Wednesday 23rd November, from 12-1pm.

Don't worry if you can't make the chat on the day - leave your question below now and Dawn will endeavour to answer as many questions on the day as possible.


  • Hello wantingnotowo, first of all congratulations on your weight loss. Achieving a normal BMI will improve your fertility and the fact that your cycles are regular is also a good sign. Using a fertility monitor will helpbyou identify your fertile days and you should aim to have sex every two or three days. The fact that you have already had one child is also a good sign

    Best wishes

  • Hi Dawn,

    Can you recommend any particular foods that are good for increasing fertility levels? I just want to make sure im doing everything i can and i know a good varied diet is key.

  • Hello bunnymummy2

    It is still relatively early days so please try not to worry too much. Maintaining a health weight will improve your chances of conceiving sobaim for a BMI between 18.5 and 25. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilos by the square of your height in metres and try to eat a healthy well balanced diet. You should alsontake a daily colic acid supplement ideally three months before you conceive and for the first three months of pregnancy to reduce the risk of spina bifida. You should also aim to have sex every two to three days and you may like to consider using a fertility monitor to help identify you fertile days.

    If you haven't conceived in the next six months, see your GP who will arrange some tests

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Sorry bunnymummy2, I forgot to say I haven't seen any evidence for acupuncture improving fertility but if it helps you feel less stressed it won't do. Any harm
  • Hi Dr dawn,

    I recently came on period at cd 27 which is 3 dqys early. I had had negative result. I also had spotting prior to this and after a light 3 day bleed I bled on and off since. I took another test and it was positive. I don't know where I am now pg or not. Latest test this morn was positive and bleeding has stopped. I am having some mild cramping on one side. Should I be worried? I am on holiday aat the moment so can't go to doctor until Friday.

    I have also developed thrush is there anything o can take that's safe?

    Thanks x
  • Hello Dr Dawn,

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have noticed some spotting over the last day or so. I've also got period-like cramps - I'm really worried, what should I do? Thanks.
  • Hi Dr Dawn

    I'm 39 and my hubbs is 45, we're TTC and it hasn't happened yet [we're up to about 6 months] I realise we're in an older category but we're still quite philosophical about it and want to conceive naturally [we're lucky we have 1 child already] so I really would like to know if there are any vitamins or supplements we could be taking to boost our chances naturally.

    Many thanks


    PS Love Embarrassing Bodies!
  • A well balanced diet rich in all the food groups is a good start and you should also aim for a good intake of colic acid found in leafy green veg and selenium and zinc are also thought to be good for fertility. For a comprehensive listvof foods rich in these take a look at the food standards agency website and good luck!

  • Hi there, my partner and I are about to go for our first round of IVF and have heard that hypnotherapy can help. What is your view of this?
  • Hello blue_xstarx

    Modern pregnancy tests are very accurate so I think you should assume that you are pregnant but if you having bleeding you should get this checked out by a doctor and you can see a GP locally where you as a temporary resident. You can use clotrimazole cream or pessaries when you are pregnant but bot fluconazoke tablets
  • Hello Daniellewuk1

    Spotting in pregnancy is relatively common and doesn't necessarily mean the worst but it is important that you get this checked out by your GP today to be in the safe side so give your surgery a call and tell them what you have told me and they will see you

    Do let me know how you get vin

    Best wishes

  • Hello MsMc

    It is quite common for it to take up to a year to conceive and we don't normally investigate couples before they have been trying for 12 months although as you are a little older if you wanted to be checked out your GP may be willing to do some tests sooner for you. In the meantime make sure you are having regular sex (every two to three days) and eating a well balanced diet. Aim for a healthy body mass index of 18.5-25 and cut back on alcohol and if you smoke, speak to your GP aboutbhelp quitting. You should also be taking a daily folic acid supplement and selenium and zinc are also thought to be good for fertility

    Best wishes

  • Hello healthster

    It's difficult to quantify what role stress plays in conception but I believe that being stressed certainly won't help and hypnotherapy may help wit stress levels but I don't know of any evidence that it has been shown specifically to help with IVF

    Good luck with your treatment

  • And MsMc

    So glad you like the show. There's plenty more on it's way!

  • Dear Dr. Harper,

    Hope I haven't missed you!

    I've just found out I'm pregnant for the first time but I had a pretty good idea already since the morning sickness has been unbearable. I am so sick!

    What can I do to keep the sickness at bay as it's making me feel rubbish and I'm having to take time off from work at a really busy time of year for us. HELP!!

  • Hello Healthster

    First of all good luck with your IVF. I don't know of any studies showing that hypnotherapy improves the outcome of IVF but I do know that a lot of my patients have found it useful as a way of managing stress which is no bad thing and it wint do any harm

    Best wishes

  • Hello lalalove19

    Congratulations! So sorry to hear about the morning sickness. It can be pretty miserable but should pass after the first trimester. It is usually worse when you are tired so try to get as much rest as you can and snack on carbohydrate based snacks. Ginger is also thought to help and make sure you drink plenty. If your urine is looking very dark you could be becoming dehydrated so see your GP

    Best wishes

  • Well I guess that's it for today folks but I'll be back soon so please log back on and let me know how you are all doing and don't forget, if you are trying to conceive, the Clearblue Digital Ovulation test and Clearblue Fertility monitor can help identify your peak fertile days and take the guess work out of conception. For more information on Clearblue products, visit

    Until next time

    Best wishes

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